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  • 50 Beautiful Blog Designs From All Over The World

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    Blogs have become one of the primary sources for daily updated information around the web. This has developed to such an extent that major newspapers and magazines, which are the primary sources of public information, have all upgraded they websites to blogging systems. Blogs are a very convenient way of offering fresh information due to the fact that they are extremely flexible and updating the content is fairly easy. Besides content, which is and always has been king, blogs need to attract their readers through looks. A good-looking website with great information is way more comfortable to read than a uglily user-unfriendly one with the same quality of information. To reflect that fact and to give you a good idea of what your creativity should come up with, we decided to inspire you with the following collection. Below there are 50 beautiful examples of inspiring blog designs.

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  • Get Your Form On: Modern Web Forms Tutorials

    This article is designed to show you (through tutorials) how to create and better understand CSS forms. With a proper understanding of each element (radio buttons, checkboxes, textareas ..), CSS know-how, a little patience and some creativity you can create beautiful and appealing forms.

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  • From Head to Foot: Showcase of Beautiful Header and Footer Designs

    Studies show that the website header is one of the first things a visitor sees on your website. That is mainly due to the way we are used to browser information on the computer presented from top to bottom, and due to the way HTML is built with the header being the first thing it’s loading on the page. Thus the importance of the header.

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  • Origami, The Art of Designing and Manufacturing Masterpieces

    Nowadays there are so many forms of art, where it is really hard to distinguish real artistic value from kitsch. But when comes to a form of Japanese artistic expression, Origami, which is hundreds of years old we can be sure there’s no room for bad taste.

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  • Lasting Impressions: Unusual Business Cards That Will Definitely Be Kept

    As a designer creating a good business card for yourself can be quite task. The need for a visually appealing business card design is greater than in other work fields. There are 2 steps to giving a business card, not only as a designer, but as a business individual in general. The first step, and most important is ensuring the business card is kept. The second step is, of course, getting the project.

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