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  • Gorgeous Typography Examples in Advertising Design

    Typography, the art of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs, is often considered as a major part of promotional material and marketing. If you use typography properly, you can not meaningfully convey the message, but also strengthen the brand of your company.

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  • 35 Powerful Photos That Tell A Story

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is the motto of a photojournalist. It is their objective to produce direct, truthful and bold images that tell the stories for those who have no voice.

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  • 17 Breathtaking Visual Effects Show Reels

    In the film and motion picture industry, nearly every major release utilizes some form of special effects. Some movies make minimal use of such effects, while others present plots and storylines that depend almost entirely on computer generated images. Examples of movies that have captivated audiences with special effects include the well-known science-fiction film The Matrix and the fantasy-based Lord of the Rings.

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  • 50 Amazing Realistic CG Portraits

    3-D computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most eye-catching and incredible effects, and that’s why we love it. The extent to which 3-D CG can replicate human characteristics is simply unbelievable, It can generate graphic details that could easily be mistaken for live photography.

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  • 60 Marvellous Wall Paintings And 3-D Street Art

    Art grabs your attention whether it is displayed on paper or another material. As long as it conveys its message the right way, it will inspire people, irrespective of the canvas.

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