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  • Showcase of Wonderful Responsive WordPress Themes

    These days, there are more WordPress themes available than you could even hope to count. However, not all WordPress themes are created equally. Aside from having a quality design and being bug-free, the biggest issue facing web designers is the growing number of mobile and tablet users. That’s where responsive WordPress themes come in.

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  • Top Valentine’s Day Graphic Design Tutorials

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and designers are eager to try out their creative skills. With the holiday comes a time of bright colors, attractive graphics and shimmering effects which can make for some romantic manipulations. We have collected some very useful tutorials, which will help you use Photoshop patterns, brushes and much more to create awesome Valentine’s graphics of your own.

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  • 3D Modeling Tutorials to Ignite Your Creativity

    3ds MAX, Maya, Zbrush, RealFlow & VRay are all highly regarded software solutions that not only model but also animate, render and create realistic designs. They produce mesmerizing results that can take nearly anything that you can imagine, and transform it into a breathtaking reality. These programs have become something of a magic wand for graphic designers as they are equipped to create near life-like creations.

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  • Freebie: Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme Version 1.0

    Blog-O-Folio is a free 2 column Wordpress Theme suitable for any and all of your corporate, portfolio or personal blog needs. With a wide variety of tunable theme options and functionality to merge your portfolio with the blog, it is now ultra easy to maintain your blog and portfolio at the same time.

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  • Useful Tools for Making Your Life Online Easier

    We are on a constant hunt to find some cool and useful tools for our readers all the time. In this endeavor today we have collected some interesting apps as well as websites and services which will suit all your needs as a web developer, designer, project leader, or even the end customer.

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  • 60 Useful iPhone Applications

    Owning an iPhone is a dream for most people nowadays. And why not… it’s equipped with smart apps and softwares that leaves mouths wide open in astonishment. To continue this legacy of the iPhone, we’ve searched for even more applications to make your iPhone your best friend, navigator and adviser.

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  • Useful Photoshop Video Tutorials

    Photoshop is an amazing tool in the hands of Designers. There are numerous tutorials which shows you all tips and tricks to conquer Photoshop. Reading tutorials can be little irksome at times when you don’t want to spend hours and hours on long written steps. Why not try these Video tutorials which give you amazing amusement while learning.

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  • Album Covers with Eye-Catching Typography

    It is hard to imagine the design world without typography since it has undoubtedly influenced the major development and establishment of design trends today. This post includes thirty inspirational examples of famous CD album covers that will surely inspire you with their excellent typography.

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  • Illustrator Must-Know Text Effects

    Most designers use Photoshop to manipulate text as well as graphics but you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the help of Illustrator. Nevertheless, combining the two will undoubtedly help you produce even more wonderful and creative effects for your designs. Typography is surely one of the aspects that should be well considered for you to be able to achieve that successful design you’re striving for.

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  • jQuery Menus with Stunning Animations

    jQuery is a great tool that helps our imagination turn ideas into reality. We can do almost everything we can think of with the help of this useful tool. Apart from being a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that simplifies HTML and Ajax interactions for rapid web development, it also gives sites that sleek look while also representing important data in a very attractive way.

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