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  • Typography rules: Eye-Catching Headlines with slabText for jQuery

    Typography in web design has long been treated as an orphan. With the rise of web fonts the situation changed and thanks to jQuery we have loads of elegant little helpers to make our sites prettier. The more advanced plugins even introduce possibilities formerly only known to print designers. Today we are going to take a look at slabText.js. This tool will split longer headings into two or more rows and set these rows to full justification, where each row is scaled individually, which guarantees for an eye-catcher.

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  • Freebie of the Day: Photoshop Action ‘The Wise Watson’

    The nice folks over at want to promote their yet to be finished collection of fresh Photoshop actions. Of the announced four actions only one is already available by now. Good for all of us, they give it away for free. Who wouldn’t appreciate a professional photography effect? And that’s exactly what you get for giving away your mail address.

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  • tiltShift.js: Tiltshift-Effects with CSS3 and jQuery

    tiltShift.js is nothing short of a little sensation. Using the new CSS3 Image Filters, developer Noel Tock realized a tiltshift-effect for any image you’d want to apply one to. It has of course to be said, that at the time of this writing only Chrome and Safari 6 are able to visualize the effect. Furthermore the pictures have to be generally qualified for the use of tiltshift. But this proves true for all possible fake tiltshifts, as can be achieved by Photoshop and others.

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  • jQuery Socialist: One-Stop Shop for Social Media Stream Aggregation

    Life can be easy. With the brand-new jQuery plugin Socialist you’re able to aggregate a plethora of streams stemming from different social networks into one, modern and elegant grid-based layout. If you haven’t been living under a stone lately, you’ll have a strong deja vu looking at Socialist’s default output. Yes, you’re right. It does look like Pinterest. If you’re not into Pinterest though, you can have Socialist display the various streams in plain old-school list view.

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  • Sosa – 121 Icons in One Free Webfont

    Ed Merritt, Designer from Bournemouth, took a pragmatic approach. Sosa is a tailored icon font, which carries all the symbols he needed most frequently in his daily development work. As Ed is a designer, just as probably most of you are, it seems not far-fetched to expect, what Ed needs most might be identical to what you need most, too. Since Sosa is free for both personal and commercial projects, why not take a closer look?

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  • Typicons: Free Icon Font with 88 Symbols

    Stephen Hutchings from Australia undoubtedly brought forward an intelligent new term when he called his icon font Typicons. Nevertheless, Typicons are just that, an icon font, but a good one with 88 pieces. Typicons are especially useful in app-design as most of the symbols relate to user interface aspects typically needed for controlling functionality. I guess, Hutchings had development for mobile clients in mind when he created the symbols.

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  • Darktable: The free Alternative to Photoshop Lightroom goes Mac OS X

    Photographers considering using a computer based on Linux not seldom have exactly one reason to do so: Darktable. Darktable is an open source project, best compared to Adobe Lightroom. It is a photo editor following the workflow of photographers, thus having them easily feel familiar with the app. Beginners will be overwhelmed by its feature richness. Now there is another option, if you don’t want to use a Linux-system. A few days ago, Darktable has been made available for Mac OS X

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  • Brand-new Firefox 16 Beta lays a sharp focus on web developers

    It’s been merely a few days, since Firefox 15 has seen the light of day in its final version. But the Mozilla crew isn’t lazy and has already pushed out the beta of Firefox 16. Since August 30th Firefox 16 can be downloaded for all the usual platforms. Even a version for Android is already available. This time Mozilla doesn’t only target the enduser with some shiny new functionality. This time Firefox is all about the web developer. Improved developer tools, including a brandnew commandline, and the unprefixing of several important CSS properties will have the community cheer.

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