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  • Six eCommerce Design Trends for 2015 to Level up Your Online Shop

    Just like any other type of web design, eCommerce design is subject to certain trends. If you have been planning to change your design, this is the right time. The trends of 2015 can turn your eCommerce website into a beautiful sales machine. You can put our examples on the next meeting agenda with your designer. With these trends, your site will be well-prepared for the next two to three years. And the big advantage is that they are not only beautiful but also user-friendly and perfect for mobile use.

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  • Looking Into the Crystal Ball: The Ultimate Web Design Trends 2015

    Web workers wonder where web design is heading in 2015, as it is also subject to a trend – which is not a bad thing. Otherwise, the internet would still look like in its beginnings in the 1990s. This is surely not what we want, is it? So, what is the trend for 2015? Let us have a look into the crystal ball and see what the future holds.

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  • Titania Foto: Free Photo Collections, Made in Germany

    This is a rarity. We often introduce you to free commercial-use photo providers. Rarely any of these stem from Germany, the country were the Noupe world headquarters happen to reside. Of course we have the great resource coming from here, but besides that, needle in a haystack and such. This new entry we found a few days ago is one of this rare species. Titania Foto, maintained by Tania Timpone, which actually does sound Italian, but anyway, offers quite a few photos and doesn’t cost a cent.

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  • Magic.css: CSS3 Animations on Steroids

    It is almost a year ago, that Christian Pucci from Italy introduced his stylesheet-project Magic.css. Magic.css lets you build CSS3 animations with special effects. Last year, Christian, better known as miniMac, had only a handful of effects to show. Up until today, this number has grown to 55. All the effects come in a single stylesheet, prefixed for all modern browsers. Magic.css is published under the terms of the MIT license, and can be used freely.

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  • CSS Vocabulary: Definitions for Beginners

    Even experienced designers are not constantly keeping CSS vocabulary in sight. Or are you permanently rattling off commands with your eyes closed? If so, people might start to avoid you. Did you notice such signs, now you probably know where to search. Thank me later. Probably it helps to know that there is a very conclusive technique to avoid running around murmuring CSS properties. Simply visit the project "CSS Vocabulary" and free your mind.

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