Jasmina Stanojevic

  • Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Cute Halloween Ghost

    Use of the Mesh Tool is one of the best techniques for achieving a semi-realistic look for an illustration. Today we will demonstrate how to use this great Adobe Illustrator feature for creating a cute little ghost. The only colors we are going to use are white and different shades of gray. So, It might be little tricky to transform this floating bedding into the cute little ghost.

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  • Create a Corn Cob in Adobe Illustrator

    In this very interesting tutorial we will have the opportunity to create something unusual. We will create a Corn Cob by using Adobe Illustrator. We will use some great tools such as Blend Tool, Envelope Distort and of course the Pen Tool.

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  • How to Create a Knight’s Shield in Illustrator

    Today we will will go through creation process of a Medieval Knight Shield in Adobe Illustrator. We will try to create nice, shiny Shield that can be used as the website icon or a company  logo. Creation process is quite simple. All we have to do is to use simple shape as ellipse, to distort it a little bit and to combine it with other shapes. Beside that we will get the chance to play with nice metal gradients, trying to create an impression of the light reflection on the shiny metal.

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  • How to Create a Circus Tent in Adobe Illustrator

    Today we will be learning how to create a cute circus tent in Adobe Illustrator. Get ready to use some basic tools such as Pen Tool and some quite useful Pathfinder features. We will create colorful balloons and flowers as well. The illustration can be used for multiply purpose such as Birthday invitations, Circus posters, etc. Now let us move from words to deeds!

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  • How to Create a Realistic Soccer Ball in Adobe Illustrator

    In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create realistic Soccer ball in Adobe Illustrator. Creating an illustration like this may seem complicated, but we will try to keep it simple. There are many different ways to create a Soccer ball, but we will use the simplest method – tracing the reference image with the Pen Tool. The main challenge will be to achieve a realistic look of the ball by using simple gradients and just a few details.

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  • How to Create a Cute Piggy Bank in Perspective with Adobe Illustrator

    Many people have difficulty in drawing objects in perspective. Most of the time it helps if you have that particular object in front of you, but we still need our imagination.The most important aspects of perspective are size and distance. If you increase the distance between you and the object you are observing, you need to decrease the size of that object. That way you can achieve a nice depth effect in your illustrations.

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  • Anyone Up for a Cup of Coffee?

    Following along this tutorial you’ll be learning how to use the Pathfinder Panel in Illustrator CS5 with its very useful features. Combining various forms with the Pathfinder tools, we can create nice shapes. Applying the gradients and colors to those shapes, we can achieve great results by creating a nice depth and perspective. Highlights and shadows are very helpful as well and make the artwork look very realistic.

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