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  • A Look into a Web Designer’s Toolbox – Today: John Siebert

    As a web designer, you must be well aware of how even a minuscule designing mistake can result in the failure of your website. One of the ways of avoiding the various pitfalls related to website design is using the right set of tools. The idea is to use such tools to simplify some of the more time consuming tasks related to web design and ensuring that you get them absolutely right. There are plenty of web design tools available on the market and you will be hard-pressed to choose the right one for your needs. This article aims to make your job a bit simpler. It’s a curated list of 8 tools that can help you get the most out of your web design process.

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  • Mandatory: 15 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

    Web design resembles a tough survival course for designers. A single wrong step can lead to disaster. As a designer, you will be designing sites for extremely picky and impatient website visitors who will scream blue murder if the website doesn’t meet their expectations. This state of affairs puts web designers under tremendous pressure as they have to deal with demanding clients and discerning target users. In such a pressure cook situation, there is every chance of designers making errors and in certain cases these errors go unidentified and end up on live websites.

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  • Clients From Hell: The Art of Not Giving Way to Unreasonable Demands

    “I hate that client”, how often have these words come out of your mouth. Often enough! Don’t worry; most web designers have a list of clients they’ve absolutely hated working with. These are clients who made working with them an agonizing experience, with no redeeming features whatsoever. Collaboration with such clients becomes a torturous exercise, which means you don’t enjoy working on their projects. This is a real tragedy because designers must feel invested in their web design projects, in the absence of which their designing decisions will be found wanting. Some clients are just plain difficult, others are rude and abrasive, there are a few who are penny pinchers and there are others who arrogantly assume they know way more about web design than you do.

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  • Ten Golden Rules for Choosing the Right Website Images

    Images are the single most critical design element designers implement on their website. Yes, even in a world of web design that swears by design minimalism and flat web design, images still play a very important role in determining the success or failure of a site. To put it simply, you cannot afford to go wrong with them.  A perfect image selection strategy can help you differentiate your website from its competition.

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  • Time to Give Your Website Some Spring Cleaning – 7 Reasons for That Redesign

    Take a very close look at your website. Is it delivering the results you are looking for? Are the conversion highs your website experienced in the recent past being replaced by terrible lows? Is your website experiencing a downturn in traffic? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, you have an ailing website on your hands. You’ll need to arrest the creeping malaise affecting your site by cleaning it of all the driftwood. Read on…

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  • Is your Responsive Design Mobile Website Delivering Acceptable Load Times?

    Google wants your mobile pages to load under a second! Yes, that’s how fast the load time of your website must be, irrespective of the fact whether it is a dedicated mobile site, responsively designed website or it isn’t optimized for mobile at all. So one thing is certain – it’s not enough to have a website with responsive website design that renders effectively on desktops, as well as, the smartphones and tablets of your target users. You must make sure that the site is fast and loads on their mobile web browsers in the blink of an eye. Google considers page load speed as an ideal marker for judging the user experience of a site. If your site has an acceptable load time, it is delivering the ideal user experience, which is taken into consideration when Google ranks your site.

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