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  • Design in Motion: Inspiring Speed Art Videos

    When designers use YouTube, most times they are looking for a great tutorial or looking to learn about the basics of a new topic as quickly as possible. Some of the most popular places to turn are speed art videos. Speed art videos are an overlooked source of inspiration for many designers in the community, though. Something we hope to change with this post.

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  • Fall & Autumn Inspired Illustrations

    Fall is a very special time for people because it means a chance to enjoy family and enjoy the holidays. It isn’t too cold or too hot and we get the joy of knowing a new year is right around the corner. The leaves falling and the cold coming in can sometimes be off-putting but for many artists it is a great source of inspiration.

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  • Artistically Inspired Urban Album Covers

    Music is probably the number one inspirational source for a lot of artists and designers. Music can express great emotions that will often move its creative listeners to try and capture and convey and those feelings in their own art. Regardless of your favorite genre, music is sometimes key to the creative process.

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  • Focusing on Good Design, Not (Just) Good Decoration

    Time and time again, we mistake good decoration for good design. When we are looking for inspiration, we go to the same websites and the same showcases trying to get that added push necessary to create something we love. Now this isn’t a huge deal (especially if we are looking for a creative kick), but if we aren’t careful, we can end up focusing mainly on the decoration and beautification of a web site.

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  • Flash Isn’t Dead Yet!

    It’s been really popular lately for many professionals to dismiss the use of Flash. Many designers and developers push the idea to discontinue use of the almost 20 year old technology. There are a range of what seems to be problems from the heaviness of Flash projects, the inability to frequently update without tearing everything apart and the difficulty in creating a Flash website with great search engine optimization.

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  • 20 High Quality, Extraordinary & Free Web PSD Templates

    No matter who you are or what your business may be, you will always want your website design to stand out. Having an extraordinary website allows you to stay on the mind of most of your visitors and can help translate how unique your product or service is to someone.

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  • The Keys to Making Fresh, Forwardly Aesthetic Web Designs

    Great graphics. Beautiful typography. Clean design. These are all things designers typically think of when creating stunning websites. But is it really just that combination of elements that produces something that can take your breath away? Of course it’s much more than that; but what?

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