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Deal of the Week: Marigold, a Collection of 8 Beautiful, Hand-drawn Fonts

July 1st, 2015

Hand-drawn fonts have that personal touch. Whenever you need to express things outside of the machinery, with reminiscences of nature, beauty, and real life, you will turn to fonts that transport positive emotions – warmth, sympathy, good mood. Our Deal of the Week has just that for you. Designed by the well-known font designer Laura Worthington, you’ll get a collection of eight truly unique...

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Deal of the Week: Beautiful Hand-drawn Calligraphy Font Makes You Wonder

June 16th, 2015

This is a promise. Our beautiful hand-drawn calligraphy font will really make you wonder. It will make you wonder how you could get along without it for all these years. No wonder that its name is Wonder, too. Find a classic modern calligraphy font crossed with a sexy style to offer you an alternative to those everyday fonts. Besides 400 glyphs, two icon packs...

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Deal of the Week: Panton Font Family for (Almost) Free

June 5th, 2015

Constantly looking for great fonts? If so, you should check out this Mighty Deal. Dozens of possibilities to support your next Material Design or other modern geometric design project are there to explore. This great font family at this great price is a no-brainer. As with any Deal of the Week make sure to be quick to decide as it is for a limited...

(Free) Services

Cybrary Online Training: Sophisticated IT Learning Made Easy

June 1st, 2015

Training routes can be long and winding and sometimes lead to nowhere. At the very least conventional training routes in the field of information technology are time-consuming and demand your undivided attention. In our world of tomorrow, learning methods from yesterday will no longer work effectively. We need ways to qualify that don’t make us sit down in a classroom on questionable furniture while listening...

Business Online

Online Marketing Basics #6: Introduction to Email Marketing

May 23rd, 2015

The sixth part of our series on Online Marketing Basics deals with email marketing. We will discuss its main aspects and how to do it. Furthermore, we explain some regional legal aspects that come in handy if you want to do a campaign in Europe. Email marketing is by definition very appealing – after all, this marketing tool gets you right into the inbox...

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Deal of the Week: 150+ Vintage Logos and Photo Mock-Ups at 80 Percent Discount

May 18th, 2015

Are you in need of a heavy load of icons to fill up your stock? If so, you will love this Mighty Deal, packed with a double dose of awesomeness. First up is a fantastic collection of 96 vintage logos, which are simple to edit and scalable in size. In addition to those high-quality, professional logos, badges and labels, you’ll also get a fantastic photo...


Bon Appetit: Beautiful Premium WordPress Theme for Restaurants and Cafés

May 13th, 2015

It’s nothing new. Companies benefit from the web. Still not all make use of it. There are whole industries underrepresented; even after 25 years of website development. The food service industry is such an underrepresented niche. Before you disagree, you’re right, there are loads of websites with food-related content out there. But look around you. How many potential website owners are there directly within...

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Online Marketing Basics #5: Best Uses of Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

May 2nd, 2015
Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The fifth part of our online marketing series discusses another branch of search engine marketing: Search Engine Advertising (SEA). There, you pay for ads that match certain search queries. If you’re good at creating those ads, you will be able to generate traffic on your website, as well as collect data, to better optimize your page. What is SEA? SEA is short for Search...


WordPress Plugins for Image Editing: Regenerate Thumbnails and Photon

April 26th, 2015
Regenerate Thumbnails and Photon

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you wish to have a little helper that solves your problems in a heartbeat. There’s one situation probably every WordPress user has come across already: You change your theme, and suddenly none of the thumbnails fits anymore. Too big and your theme loses its effect, too small and the CSS might upscale them to the...

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Online Marketing Basics #4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beginners

April 25th, 2015
SEO for Beginners

Search engine optimization is part of search engine marketing, aiming to direct visitors from the search engine to your website. There, search engine optimization (SEO for short) focuses on so-called organic rankings. Part 4 of our online marketing series will talk about what SEO means, and we will introduce you to some ways to affect those rankings. You certainly know a couple of search...