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  • Mindblowing Photoshop Masterpieces

    Quite a number of tutorials on Photoshop have been posted here on Noupe to provide our readers with information on how to use Photoshop creatively. Today’s post is also a series of our Photoshop-related posts in which we have compiled some amazing and inspiring Photoshop artworks that will mesmerize your brain and perhaps inspire you to design more on a daily basis. So without a further ado, here we go…

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  • 35 Wallpapers Themes for Your Desktop


    Desktop wallpapers have always been a great source of inspiration and the best way to spice up your dull desktop. Usually, Microsoft Windows includes some really nice and cool wallpapers with every new release of its Windows Operating System, which are based on the Windows version by default. But here, we have gathered 35 very classic and free of cost Windows 7 Wallpapers which you can download and add beauty to your desktop. Enjoy!

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  • 50 Stunning Examples of Photo Manipulation Art

    Now almost everyone knows that Photo Manipulation is art with which you can create digital miracles. Yes, you got me right! If you know how to manipulate your pictures, you can do whatever you want. Photo manipulation is one of the most creative art forms today, but it requires skills and precision. Here we present some examples of photo manipulation related to nature, photography, objects, illustrations, HDR, abstract and fantasy-related concepts.

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  • 40 Superb Photoshop Tutorials For Attractive Photo Effects

    Photoshop is the basic requirement of a designer and that’s why designers all around the world regularly look for the tutorials that can help them in polishing their Photoshop skills. Since the demand for Photoshop tutorials is too high these days, we prepared a post that can truly help you in achieving amazing results with your Photoshop skills.

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  • 30 Brilliant Photos That Look Like They Are Photoshopped But Are Not

    Photomanipulation techniques have become so much common that some time we wonder if the image is real or Photoshopped; and our today’s post is the example of this dilemma. In this post we have gathered some real photos that have not been photoshopped but look like that. These photos are the result of incredible artwork of photographers who used their creative in somewhat very bizarre manner to produce such a wonderful artwork! Please feel free to share your comments with us and share this post with your friends, colleagues, co-workers and family members.

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  • 40 Beautiful And Amazing Aquatic Life Photos

    About 70% of earth surface is covered by water. Aquatic life is quite adventurous and is vastly diverse. Life under water is full of many beautiful creatures which are rarely seen and many people can’t even name them.

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  • 35 Awesome Digital Portraits of Women

    This post showcases the beauty of digital painting portraits. As an art lover, I always admire and enjoy painting portraits as they require more skills and time. Capturing female beauty and emotions in a portrait is a very difficult task that requires talent and skills.

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  • 35 Amazing Traditional Art Paintings

    Traditional art has always been the source of inspiration for many artists and designers. With its conventional look and feel, it appeals your visitors and let them amaze on your creativity and artistic skills. In this post, we have piled up an inspiring list of some great Traditional art and paintings for you.

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  • 45 Stylish and Beautiful Fashion Photos

    In this post we showcase some extremely charming examples of Fashion Photography. This kind of photography is usually used for advertisement purposes, but now with the advancement of fashion industry it has now become a field of its own. We hope you’ll like this collection. Kindly feel free to express your views on Fashion Photography and do let us know if we have missed your favorite one. We would try our best to include it in our next post.

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  • Beautiful Wrapping Gift Designs For Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s just about time to give presents to your beloved ones. We took a look around and selected some memorable, eye-catching and appealing gift packages and wrappers. We also present some Saint Valentine’s Day inspired photos.

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