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  • Painting the Sky: A Collection of Dazzling Fireworks Photos

    The world is a wide and wondrous place, with so many cultures and traditions shaping the world’s people. And with all of our differences, there are universals that seem to govern or guide human behaviors from all over the world. For instance, many countries hold celebrations for various occasions, and one element of these events that pops up all over is a major fireworks display.

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  • Architectural Artistry: Showcase of Architectural Photography

    With so many architectural marvels all around us, photographers often turn their lenses towards these structural models, and the results are often as wondrous as the architectural artistry they are capturing. So much tone and mood can be given to these lifeless constructs through the photographers’ skillful compositions or knowledgeable enhancements. Which is what we are showcasing today.

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  • Colors of Summer: Summertime Photography and Color Palettes

    With summer on the way, and with designers always looking for great color palettes to work from, we have decided to turn our inspirational spotlight towards the colors of summer. As we have done in the past, we went in search of some photos that have perfectly captured this season, and derived color palettes from these rich moments of summertime.

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  • With Can in Hand: Collection of Free-Hand Graffiti Art

    Graffiti art can be found all around us on the streets, on canvases, and walls the world over. At one time, this often breathtaking means of artistic expression was written off as vandalism and never seen as true art. Luckily for so many, the stigma surrounding free-hand graffiti art has begun to fade in light of the remarkable talent that is possessed within the pieces.

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  • Taste in Design: Collection of Inspired Cake Designs

    As we celebrate various life events, one tasty, sweet centerpiece that often makes an appearance is a cake. Over the years, cake designers have really taken their art to decadent and daring new heights. The artistic approaches to cake design have wrought some spectacular examples that not only spark your imagination, but also your appetite.

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  • The Smashing Book #3: A Book Review

    Editor’s Note – Though Noupe is affiliated with Smashing Magazine, this piece is strictly the opinion of the author.

    When I was first contacted with a reviewer’s copy of The Smashing Book #3 I was both excited, and a little bit terrified. I was extremely excited to get a peek at the book before its release, and to get my hands on the content I had eagerly been anticipating since the project was announced…

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  • Creative Construction: A Collection of Crafty Collage Art

    For so many of us who work in the realms of the digital, our creative processes can often come up a bit lacking in the physical, hands-on area. Which is why it can often be so inspiring to take a virtual tour of traditional artists’ works whose processes are often extremely hands-on. These creative constructions possess more than just mere physical presence, they possess the energy of all the pieces that brought them together. Collage is one of those artforms.

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  • From the Unconscious Mind: Gallery of Surrealistic Digital Art

    When most people think of surrealism, they merely think of the bizarre. They think of artwork that somewhat blends the real with the abstract. They do not take into account the movement which sought to unleash the full creative potential of the unconscious mind. This injects a much deeper meaning in to the pieces than what most would think from work often seen as so abstract.

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  • The Notebooks: A Showcase of Moleskine Inspiration

    Given that so many web designs begin as sketches in notebooks, we thought that we would turn our inspirational spotlight towards the artwork that not only begins in the pages of a Moleskine, but that live there too. Often the preferred notebook of so many artists and designers alike, Moleskines tend to be found with each page completely filled…

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  • Explosions of Color: Inspired Collection of Bright and Colorful Vector Illustrations

    With Spring on its way to so many, the landscapes will soon be blossoming with bright, vibrant colors. For those who are not wanting to wait for that seasonal colorful explosion, we have prepared a splash of brighter tones to help. With so many talented vector artists sharing their fine works across the web, we have turned out spotlight their way for an inspirational showcase that is sure to please.

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