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  • The Hunger Games: Are Designers Cannibals?

    Sure, many designers scream that speculative work is bad. The major creative and design organizations have written articles out the whazoo about how bad it is for the industry and even have white papers, books and entire conference programs dedicated to the “NoSpec!” movement. Still, it’s increasing and guess who’s to blame? The very people it hurts!

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  • Bad Client Dealings: What You Want to Say and What You Should Say [IMHO]

    Everyone loves the stupidity spilled out on sites like Clients From Hell and stories of designers telling off large companies that “invite” them to participate in crowdsourcing contests and the like. Unfortunately, if all clients were that stupid and sleazy, there would be no reason to keep working in the creative field. Now, I’m not saying the entries on websites, or self-generated stories of professional heroism are fake, although there are those who claim they are figments of creative writing, but what goes on in the real world? What are experienced, working creatives saying to clients who make incredible faux pas when it comes to working with designers?

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  • Sex success

    Up All Night to Get Lucky? Why Having Sex with a Freelance Client is a Good Idea…

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve had sex with a lot of my clients (female). Maybe it was just being young, in New York City where dating is strange, or it was the looser morals in the design and advertising world. I wasn’t alone, either. My peers seem to be having a shtupfest, also. We did question the possible problems sex with a freelance client might cause, just as someone would think twice about an affair with an office coworker. The thing is that it WAS a good idea!

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  • Freelancers, Here’s Why Your Clients Hate You

    Some freelancers are fast, clean, follow directions, and are on top of the freelance project every minute of every day. So why is your client so angry and upset with you? The truth is, THEY are not efficient and your abilities, which should be welcomed to make a project run smoothly, is just a reminder how screwed up the client side is and how you’re making them work harder to try to show you they are in charge… and smarter than you. It’s an odd power struggle but what can you do to make sure the project isn’t affected but not have the client feel like a total douche?

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  • Brain Damage: Why Art Directors Hate Freelancers

    Believe it or not, there are some freelancers who are morons, and I don’t mean that in the good way. In the ranks of creative children who see other possibilities, color outside the lines, make their own lines and blended two or three crayons to create new colors to captivate the senses, there were some who experienced something that set them apart from other creative children. While the schoolyard beatings of we “different” children made most evolve inner strengths that made them incredibly sensitive, and insightful adults, I suspect some suffered brain damage.

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  • I Hate Parallax Scrolling – Here’s Why You Should Too

    Parallax scrolling for websites is the new hotness! Then again, so were glitter unicorns and type for MySpace pages and websites galore. The web moves fast and there’s a difference between a fad and a trend. So, is parallax scrolling a good addition to your website? Here’s a look at the top parallax scrolling websites, their strengths—and weaknesses.

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  • Why Having a Blog is so Important for Freelance Designers

    With competition rising among designers, using social media is more important than ever, especially having your own blog to help spotlight your talent and abilities. A blog can not only show your work but your thought process, knowledge and professional demeanor… if it’s done correctly!

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  • Weird Stock Photos You Wish You Could Use — Here’s How!

    I’m dedicated to weird, so when a client complained the images I was using on business articles “looked like boring stock images” I decided that only those images that used metaphor and allegory would be used for his website. The weird and wonderful appeared in a simple Google Image search and my mission to find “not boring” stock images for my client was orgasmically realized! Some that I found are just too weird to ever be used on anything, which makes me all the more determined to find uses for them!

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  • noupe.businesscard.featured

    Best Practice: How to Make Your Business Card Work

    We all love articles that show cool and amazing business cards. They are creative, well-designed, and inspire us to do better with our own cards. The problem is; do they work? Do people keep them, share them with others, but most importantly — do they encourage clients to call you?

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  • jmhc.featured

    Street Creativity: The Art of Japanese Manhole Covers

    Of all the complaints you’ll hear from creatives about disrespectful clients, on all of the websites dedicated to crazy, and rude clients, you’ll never see the name of a Japanese creative, complaining about a client. Why is that? Perhaps because in a country that values creativity, that entitles creatives as “living treasures,” clients don’t try to talk jobs worth thousands, down to $50, or come up with excuses to not pay for work done. Before you pack up and move to Japan, enjoy this collection of street art, an outdoor gallery of manhole cover art, and dream of a place where you are worshipped for your creative abilities.

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