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    Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Negotiating With a Late Paying Client

    Have you ever been paid late for a freelance job? Chances are, it’s happened at least once, and that caused major headaches for you. You might very well have a contract that spells out payments, percentages, deadlines, milestones, and even penalties for late payment, but, in the end, the client pays when they want to pay, and you have little recourse… or do you?

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  • Design Contests: The Pros and Cons

    One of the biggest hot buttons for designers is the subject of design contests. The mere mention brings murderous comments from most, and the belief that these contests are devaluing the entire design industry. So, are these contests the death rattle for the average freelancer? Is there a bright side to the dark side, or does the design industry have to change to meet the same fate retailers faced when online shopping started gaining popularity? Here’s the pros and cons of the new crowdsourcing.

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  • McMarketing: McDonalds Marketing And Advertising Hits And Pits

    It’s not good for you but every now and then, we all hit the drive thru for something quick and easy. The golden arches are the most recognized brand in the United States, if not the world. When my family moved from Brooklyn to St. Louis, my three-year old son saw the St. Louis arch and yelled, “McDonalds!”

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  • Massimo And Lella Vignelli: Designs That Will Outlive Mankind

    There are two major things that had to be overcome in writing this spotlight on Massimo and Lella Vingnelli: One was how approach the subjects in a different way as they’ve had so much written about them? Two, as with writing about other designers who are still living, one runs the risk of being told by them that the article is wrong or even worse, moronic. Admittedly, I’m more concerned about the first as the second is nothing new to my writing career.

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  • Turning 2D Into 3D: Seeing The New Angle

    If you haven’t seen the viral pictures of English artist Julian Beever’s work, then you aren’t on the web enough. Mr. Beever started as a street artist who figured out how to make his pastel chalk drawings on hard sidewalks turn into three-dimensional scenes that amazed and delighted passersby. Beever started out with traditional paintings but soon figured out how to give his work a three-dimensional twist and those pieces became a web sensation.

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  • Matthew Hawkins: Toying Around With Paper Engineering Creativity

    When I was with a former employer there were rumors of upcoming layoffs (obviously the rumors ended up being true or I wouldn’t be referring to it as a FORMER employer). The company denied the rumors, which sent employees a message to be nervous. Sure enough, layoffs started. First it was some forced retirements. Then the sales force got hit hard. Naturally, the creative department, which…

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  • USB Drives That Make You Jump Drive For Joy!

    In the Stone Age of computers and digital storage, there were little “floppy disks” that promised holding an entire megabyte of space… although it was really only 978 kilobytes. AOL would send these little plastic disks to every household each and every month, hoping computer users would sign up for that now antiquated and laughable hook up to the internet. They made great drink coasters or building blocks for the kids.

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  • Piet Zwart: The Rebellious Type

    “Among the few I have indicated, is there no dynamic man of action, the rebel who will help determine the aspect of the collective expression of tomorrow? Ponder this question and know that to make beautiful creations for the sake of their aesthetic value will have no social significance tomorrow, will be non-sensical self-gratification. Every era contains the conditions for providing a rebel.” – Piet Zwart

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  • Peter Max: Peace, Love and Inspiration

    As young kids, we all had our favorite posters adorning our rooms. From motorcycles to kittens to Justin Bieber photos… for which the coming years will hold guilt and embarrassment. Thanks to my hippie parents, I had Peter Max posters. In fact, I had a Peter Max room! While I loved the Beatles and Yellow Submarine (which was inspired by Max’s work but not done by him), sleeping in a psychedelic room made me the man I am today and please withhold the wisecracks, my longtime friends!

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  • Paul Rand Will Change Your Life!

    Paul Rand (August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996) lived a lie when he was young. Born Peretz Rosenbaum, in Brooklyn, New York, he was Orthodox Jewish. As Orthodox law forbids the creation of graven images that can be worshiped as idols, he must have felt a yearning and creative turmoil that ate away at him… and strengthened his resolve and character.

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