• No Ordinary Website Builder: Rukzuk Stands Out from the Crowd

    Rukzuk out of Konstanz, Germany has come on the site-building scene and wants a piece of the ever-growing pie. To that end, Rukzuk doesn’t aim directly at individuals who want to build their own website. Instead, Rukzuk seeks to make a name for itself as a serious tool for professional web designers. Competition in this segment is certainly scarcer, but it exists nevertheless. We’ve put Rukzuk under the microscope.

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  • Blogging with Ease: Best Resources for Ghost

    Finally! A new blogging service that can compete with WordPress! It’s called Ghost and was just released this year on October 14. So far, it has proven to be exactly what the founder, John O’Nolan, envisioned – a simple, clean, easy, no-nonsense publishing platform for bloggers and writers. Yet more than just content creators are using Ghost. Some of the recently released themes work beautifully as a clean portfolio website for photographers and other artists. But an easy-to-use platform isn’t the only perk: Ghost is an open source platform, meaning that it is completely free. And so are many of the themes and resources.

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  • Pico: Free, File-based Content Management System for PHP-Developers

    Pico is the name of a fairly new CMS, which doesn’t need any database connection at all. Its developer Gilbert Pellegrom calls the system "stupidly simple". I’d object and say, that this is only true for developers. If you are a PHP aficionado and like to write your posts using Markdown, Pico might just be the CMS for you.

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  • Ionize CMS: Multilingual Developers Dreams Come True

    Moving on with our series of CMS reviews, today we will be focusing on another developer-friendly Content Management System: Ionize CMS. Ionize CMS is a flexible open source CMS, that uses PhpStorm and CodeIgniter. Managed by Studio Partikule of France, it has its own module engine and can be used to power a wide plethora of websites. Also, Ionize CMS is equipped with the very liberal MIT license.

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  • Full Throttle: Rapid Development with CodeIgniter and FUEL CMS

    In the last two installations of my CMS review articles, I had focused on CMSs such as ImpressPages and CouchCMS that catered primarily to designers or end users, that is, folks who are not developers. In order to have a balance of power, we shall now shift our attention towards a Content Management System that is entirely meant for web developers and coders. In the following article, I will be taking a closer look at FUEL CMS, a modular-based framework and Content Management System.

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  • Picking The Ideal Open Source eCommerce Option: 5 Major Players Overview

    With the number of active users on the internet ever on the rise, more and more people are turning towards online shopping as compared to regular market shopping. As a result, several e-stores are coming up, including ones that function entirely as a web-based eCommerce store, or others that have both physical outlets and eCommerce solutions. If you are planning to start your own eCommerce website, or intend to sell your products and services online via your site in an easy manner, you have come to the right place. In this article, I shall be evaluating the pros and cons of some of the most popular and well-known open source eCommerce Content Management Systems and solutions.

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  • Potato-Proof: Content Management Uncomplicated with CouchCMS

    Back in June, I did a review of ImpressPages CMS, a popular drag and drop Content Management System that has been designed with the end-user in mind. Carrying from ImpressPages, today I shall be taking a closer look at another CMS meant for the end users — CouchCMS.

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  • ImpressPages CMS: Drag and Drop All the Way!


    Last week, we covered ProcessWire as part of our regular CMS feature here on Noupe. Today, in this article, the CMS under consideration shall be ImpressPages. ImpressPages is an open source Content Management System with a drag and drop interface, designed with the end user in mind. We will be discussing its mode of operation, followed by additional details such as community, documentation and pros and cons.

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  • ProcessWire: CMS With A Difference


    If you have been following the previous CMS instalments here at Noupe, you must already be aware that every once in a while, we review a Content Management System. Today, we shall be taking a look at ProcessWire, a very straightforward and nifty open source CMS.

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  • Joomla! Does WordPress Spell Doom For It?


    Today we will discuss a question, fans of Joomla! will not want to investigate to far into. Joomla! tries to get on its feet again, yet shows weakness in doing so. Is there still a chance for the CMS or will WordPress sink it into oblivion? What is it that WordPress does so much better? Sufyan Bin Uzayr thought things through…

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