• Impressive Typography Sites


    Typography is one of the very important aspects to consider when designing a website. Well-written content finds its actual place and praise only then when it is placed properly in readable and as well as attractive format. Web typography can embrace everything from calligraphy to digital type — it is not only about using an array of fonts, but also focusing on the ‘where’ and ‘why’ when choosing a particular font’s size and color. Here are some of many examples of beautiful, interesting and inspiring typography-related sites out there. Please share with us other sites you’ve found typo-riffic!

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  • How To Use Typography Effectively in Web Design

    Typography is everywhere across the Web, so many different applications and missions all relying on their chosen fonts to cleanly and legibly convey the bulk of our web-based projects over to our readers. However, from time to time, we notice a wrench thrown into the works, gumming things up and interfering with our message transfers. This is something that as designers and developers for the web, that we have undoubtedly experienced, and something that today, we are here with some tips to hopefully prevent from happening again.

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  • Serif Fonts and Their Peculiarities

    Typography obviously belongs to the cohort of the fine arts, where even the smallest details and elements are meaningful and can influence the overall perception of the final creation, whether it is a picture or a text, printed with a particular typeface. In terms of fonts design, serifs are those tiny elements, which add a particular character to a typeface, contributing to the unique feel and look every font is characterized with.

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  • Free and Commercial Script Fonts

    Searching for new fonts, whether they be serif, sans-serif or script fonts can take a ridiculously long time – time that should probably be spent working. This round-up showcases a great selection of script fonts to use in your latest design projects. Most of the fonts are premium fonts from as low as 8.95 USD, although there are a few free fonts among the pack.

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  • Web Typography: Font Embedding Services

    There are a lot of options out there for using other-than-websafe fonts in your website designs. Dynamic text replacement methods or resorting to very long fontstacks (where most of your visitors won’t see the font you wanted anyway) have long been the standard for using anything other than websafe fonts.

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  • 45 Outstanding Free Vintage Fonts

    In his famous 1908 essay, ‘Ornament and Crime,’ modern architect Adolf Loos wrote: “The evolution of culture marches with the elimination of ornament from useful objects.” This pronouncement banished many of the frilly, decorative fonts of centuries past from the realm of High Design. Fast forward to the present day: Web 3.0 is awash in enough sleek sans serif and classic roman typefaces to make designers long for the typographic indulgences of yesteryear.

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  • 7 Rules for Mixing Multiple Fonts in Good Web Design

    Typography can be one of the most creatively rewarding parts of web design, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Working with just one or two fonts can be challenging enough for most web designers, yet some still insist on using three, four, seven, or even more fonts in their designs. Some people excel at creating sites with complicated typography, while others fail miserably. Read on to find out tricks to creating fantastic website designs with complicated type, as well as some great examples of sites that get it right, and those that get it wrong.

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  • Typographic Madness: 30 Brilliant Piece of Work

    We cannot escape typography; it’s everywhere on the web. In most modern designs it is used to not only present information but also be read by the users. Designers use type to create breath-taking designs to communicate their ideas through their works.

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