• Amazing Portraits Drawn With… Cassette Tapes!

    This post is our first of the series “Talented Designers and Artists” where we feature creative and beautiful artworks produced by designers and artists worldwide. Today we feature Erika Iris Simmons (@iri5 on Twitter), is a kind of artist that you won’t usually meet on an occasional art exhibition.

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  • Mindblowing Sand Sculptures from Around the World

    Sand sculptures can be very creative and beautiful sources for creativity and imagination. We all have enjoyed our childhood in making sandcastles and sand sculptures on the beaches as our favorite pass time activity, but we never realized that these sandcastles and sculptures can be huge and represent our artistic nature. Let us have a close look at these creative and attractive sand sculptures.

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  • 35 Ingenious Examples of Footwear

    To be honest, I am very fashion conscious and spend immense amount of my earnings on trendy clothes and shoes. Whenever I shop an expenive outfit, I end up buying a matching pair of footwear as well.It is well said that a man can be judged by the shoes he wears. Good shoes certainly make a style, a statement.

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  • 45 Humorous Examples of 3D CG Creatures Artworks

    Here is a funny collection of some interesting, beautiful and well-designed 3D CG Creatures Artworks. Although we have already posted some articles on computer graphics, this post is unique and original. In this post, we have compiled a list of CG Creatures Artworks that are very attention-grabbing and just nice to look at. Let’s have a look at these artworks in detail.

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  • The Intrigue and Allure of Fire

    Fire is a double edged sword that has enabled the survival of mankind, yet caused massive destruction, destroying everything on its path. This element has the potential to delight or devastate from the first flickering spark. People are hypnotized and fascinated with the fire dancing on the end of a matchstick. In our hands we hold a fleeting power, to be transferred quickly within a few seconds. In this post we feature beauty of the birth of fire.

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  • Funny Examples of Celebrity Caricatures

    Caricatures have always been the great source of fun for almost everyone as it represents the essence of a person or a thing in a very exaggerated manner, a manner that creates a unique and very amusing visual portrait. In this post we are going to present some famous celebrity caricatures.

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  • 35 Awesome Digital Portraits of Women

    This post showcases the beauty of digital painting portraits. As an art lover, I always admire and enjoy painting portraits as they require more skills and time. Capturing female beauty and emotions in a portrait is a very difficult task that requires talent and skills.

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  • 50 Unusual Examples of Concept Art

    Today we are going to explore some of the unique concepts in the form of Concept Art which has become the most enviable form of art over the internet these days. Concept art is basically the visual depiction of a design or an idea with the help of illustrations. The challenge of Concept art is to create a visual representation of a design that does not exist yet, and it is mostly achieved by Photoshop or by traditional means like oil paints, pencils and others.

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  • 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography

    Reflection Photography can spice up an otherwise lifeless photo and turn it into amazing shots. And the good thing is that this kind of photography can be explored on easily available things like Glass, Water or any shiny and reflective surface. Reflection photography is an art because you have to dig deep into your imagination to see the hidden beauty. It is also a science because you should know the right angles and techniques and must be more than familiar with your camera to capture a perfect shot.

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