• It’s a Rat Race: 40+ Free SEO Tools Any Site Owner Needs to Know

    Free SEO tools are a great way to get closer to that number one position without paying too much upfront. Dirty little secrets: even the average SEO specialist uses free tools, so why shouldn’t you? We have researched the following big list of free SEO tools anyone should at least know about. Even if you may have used one or two from the list already, we are sure you’ll find more than one gem you haven’t seen before. Let the race for the top spot begin…

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  • Google Web Fundamentals: Free Handbook for Multi-Device Web Design in the Making

    A few days ago, Google released a beta version of a stylish and comprehensive new online handbook for web designers and developers to the public. The project is a work in progress and will lead to a more polished version 1.0 in June. Yet, you shouldn’t wait until then, as Web Fundamentals is a fine collection of best practices in multi-device, responsive design just now. Work on the handbook is coordinated via Github, while the product itself has its own shiny website – a best practice example in itself…

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  • Common UX Mistakes That Are Killing Your Design

    When it comes to product design and user experience, many companies are heads-down in the process. A good design is achieved due to a combination of multiple factors, such as the hard-work of the designers and the supportive collaboration across multiple teams within the firm. However, more often than not, many UX design projects suffer from some common mistakes. In this post, we shall be taking a look at such mistakes and discussing ways to avoid them.

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  • GA Dash: Newcomer teaches Newcomers HTML5 for Free

    Online-learning resources are great ways to gain knowledge at your own pace and in topics you are truly interested in, unlike typical school education. There are quite a few institutes promising to help you evolve your skills in whatever field you like. If you are about to embark the web design or development ship, just recently a fresh alternative came to life. It’s name is Dash. It was created by General Assembly, NYC-based course provider of real-life classes with online attachments. Dash works project-based and can be used for free.

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  • Webdesigner’s Basics: 10 Questions You Need To Be Able To Answer


    Wouldn’t it be fun to let our readers test their knowledge through a quiz once in a while, we thought over here at Noupe HQ. As we like to play these kinds of games, we assume you might too. Our first quiz covers some of the basics of HTML from past to present. Don’t expect full coverage, we only got 10 questions to go. Have a try!

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