• Web Design Trends: Testimonials Design

    Testimonials from happy clients are an important part of any service business’s website, lending trustworthiness and experience to a business. Showing those testimonials in their best light is important, as you want visitors to see them without allowing them to dominate your site’s design.

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  • The Ultimate Ugly Showcase of Current Government Websites

    Something a little different today: a showcase of government websites. The biggest difference between this showcase and others you see here at Noupe is obvious; the majority of the web ‘designs’ (if you can call them that) in this showcase are tremendously awful and poorly coded. And, well, let’s be honest here: butt ugly!

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  • deviantART: 30+ Breathtaking Artworks

    Let’s take a close look at 30 of the most breathtaking deviations we’ve found on deviantART.

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  • 30+ Unusually Awesome Freshly Created Designs

    We enjoy observing fresh ideas and creative design solutions, thats why we wanted to start this month with some inspiration. Today we got you some incredibly awesome website designs that is freshly created with unique ideas, graphics and layouts.

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  • Stunning Designs Using that Piece of Wood

    It’s not hard to design a website, but it gets harder when you try to achieve that unique design using Wood pieces and integrate it with the design elements to make the whole design part of that piece of wood.

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