• Freebie: Three Noupe Wallpapers in Retina Resolution by WallpaperFX

    Did you ever want to be reminded of your favorite design magazine each time you look at your computer desktop? Don’t deny, we know you did. WallpaperFX, our friends from Romania, took the challenge and created three great wallpapers in full Retina resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels. Use them freely and adjust them to your liking. It’s better to scale a large image down, then to scale a small image up.

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  • 35 Last Minute Christmas Wallpapers of 2012

    Every year’s end we arrive at these special times when something seems to have changed everywhere: in the air, on the streets, in our houses, at work. The atmosphere is different: everybody is buying Christmas presents, Christmas trees, Christmas sweets and so on. Christmas wallpapers have their tradition as well. In this post we have prepared a selection of Christmas wallpapers to pep up your desktop just a bit. After all, it should fit into the overall decoration at home, shouldn’t it!

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  • Festive Spirit 2012: 50 Awesome Christmas Wallpapers To Santa Up Your Desktop

    Christmas Snowmen

    It is December already, and you know what December stands for — festive season! Yes, that’s right. Christmas is just a few days away, and everyone seems to be getting in the festive mood. Speaking of festive mood: We noticed that our older posts, in which we collected Christmas freebies, are much sought-after these days. Thus we decided to not let you stick with the stuff from yesterday and deliver a brand-new set of 50 awesome and fresh Christmas wallpapers.

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  • 20 Awesome Wallpapers For Retina-iPads

    The iPads with Retina display call for a different breed of wallpapers as pictures with low resolutions cannot satisfy the eyes anymore, once you have taken a sip from the cup of high density. The community accepted that challenge rather quickly and has already brought up a wide range of high-grade imagery. I have been checking the offerings, trying to find wallpapers to my own liking. Here is what I came up with.

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  • 20 Unusual Wallpapers For The iPhone 5

    Wallpapers – totally useless, but much sighed-for. I never met anybody who really did not have a more or less elaborate wallpaper on his device. Some do prefer extremely minimal variants though. First started on computer screens, wallpapers are omnipresent on any kind of device nowadays – as long as it features a screen. iPhone users had to wait quite a while before Apple made changeable wallpaper graphics available in iOS. I went and searched for some extraordinary pieces I intended to use on my own brand-new iPhone 5. And here is what I came up with…

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  • Inspiration Blast: 40 Elaborately Designed Photoshop Wallpapers

    The easiest way to decorate your boring computer desktop is with creative wallpapers. It only takes a few clicks to beautify even the dullest workspace. In the following collection you will find little pieces of art, hand-crafted by talented Photoshoppers from around the world. The wallpapers are colorful, elaborately designed and unique at the same time. As they come in a variety of resolutions, we have equipped the collection with the necessary information. Now find your next desktop wallpaper!

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  • Decorate Your Desktop: Fresh Dual Screen Wallpapers

    Finding high quality wallpapers for the dual screen monitor setups is not always the easiest of tasks. Wallpapers are a stylish and simple way to brighten your desktop and decorate them with some colorful and vivid images. In this round up, we are presenting a fresh collection of dual screen wallpapers so that you can choose one that fits your tastes and style.

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  • Desktop Decoration: Collection of Wonderful Desktop Wallpapers

    With designers being such visual creatures, filling their personal spaces with inspiring imagery is almost an act of an instinctual nature. And our personal computers are not immune to this decorative desire. Given that there are an almost overwhelming number of wallpapers available online, this constant demand for fresh desktop decorations is under steady supply. In fact, the web is filled with designs to sort through.

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  • Love in the Background: Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

    With the season of love and romance nearly upon us, we thought that we should roll out the desktop decorations for our readers to get them in the ‘mood’, so to speak, for Valentine’s Day. So we have collected a lovely collection of wallpapers designed in the theme of the holiday. Some of these you have undoubtedly seen, but we are hoping that some of them may not have hit your radar before.

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  • An Inspired Collection of Free Live Wallpapers for Android

    Since we have been compiling wallpapers for our readers, we wanted to turn our decorating eye towards the Android series of devices as we have not had a dedicated wallpaper post for those users. Today we address this with a collection of wonderful live wallpapers specifically targeted at the Android line. These animated backgrounds have been a big draw for users since Android introduced them with version 2.1.

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