• The Themes of Summer 2013: 18 Fresh Free WordPress Themes

    It’s almost a full year now that we showcase the freshest WordPress themes on a monthly basis. If you follow Noupe closely, hardly any new, free WordPress theme should slip your radar. This makes it easy not only to keep track of the latest and greatest, it also helps you decide for contemporary themes, where the official repository is dominated by thousands of outdated designs. Today we show you the new (and some re-issued) entries of August 2013, the themes of summer, all of which are free…

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  • How To Stay Cool When Your Client Wants To Maintain Their Own WordPress Site

    So your client doesn’t want you to maintain their website for them. I encounter this a lot working with DIY-minded small business owners, and I used to dread it – I mean really dread it. Back in the day, allowing your client access to a website meant constantly fixing it after they broke it. Or worse, they would break it then try to fix it themselves after 3-hours of researching the error code on Google. Yikes.

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  • Genesis 2.0 — This WordPress Framework Manages To Impress

    When it comes to frameworks for WordPress themes, the options are plenty but few names stand out from the crowd. One such name is Genesis. Genesis is an extremely popular and well-loved WordPress theme framework from the stable of StudioPress. It has its own share of loyal followers and users, which range from theme creators, designers and developers to even the casual end users. Recently, Genesis Framework came out with its latest release, Genesis 2.0 In this article, I shall be taking a look at some of the salient features of this newest version of the popular theme framework.

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  • 20 Fresh WordPress Themes: Edition July 2013

    WordPress keeps being the favorite content management system for startups. This has many reasons, not the least because it is a robust and easy to handle system. Also, you can show your content in a very elegant way with low or no budget required. No wonder, this sounds appealing to a lot of people. With more and more websites being powered by WordPress, theme developers go pedal to the metal to satisfy the needs even of those not easily satisfied in terms of design. Here are the new entries in the WordPress theme arena from the month of July 2013. Enjoy!

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  • Summer 2013: The 25+ Best WordPress Themes of the Season

    A key factor to designer’s success in the internet is to be always at the forefront of – well – design. In this post we will be showcasing the best WordPress themes this summer has brought up so far. Some point design in future directions and can be very well used as inspiration, even if you are not explicitly looking for WordPress themes at the time. Some themes come with exceptional features, maybe pushing you into finding the perfect one for your project, even though you definitely wanted to design it from scratch this time. Well, there’s always a next project…

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  • 13 Free WordPress Themes, Released in June 2013

    Now that June is over, it is time to take a look at some of the best free WordPress themes that were released during this month. Most of the themes that were released during June were meant for personal blogs or corporate and portfolio websites. Quite surprisingly, there were not many based on Hybrid Core framework this time; though Twitter Bootstrap and _s did find representation. WordPress 3.6 is just around the corner, so expect the number of themes to rise in the coming month! Until then, have fun browsing through this collection!

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  • At A Glance: How To Secure Your WordPress Site [Infographic]

    Securing your self-hosted WordPress site is absolutely essential. That’s the reason for our continuous coverage of this particular topic throughout the years. With WordPress becoming more and more dominant as the motor of today’s web, the topic stays at the top of our advice list. Throughout the last four years, the number of WordPress blogs having been hacked has more than doubled from 81,000 to over 170,000 per year. The fresh infographic by WPTemplate.com aggregates everything you need to know to properly secure your site and gives you a decent hint sheet to always keep your eyes on.

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  • Developer Thoughts: Four Lessons We Learned While Creating our First WordPress Plugin


    Building our first plugin wasn’t an entirely smooth process – anyone thinking of doing something similar should consider several things before they get started. Below are the lessons we picked up.

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  • 11 Free WordPress Themes: April 2013 Edition

    Demo | Download

    Another month lies behind us and here is April’s edition of free WordPress themes for self-hosted websites! April did not see many new free themes being released — there were several older ones that were updated, though. This can be attributed to the fact that WP 3.6 is just around the corner, and developers might be waiting for the final version to be released, before plunging into their coding pools and churning out newer themes. Yet, whatever small number of themes that were released this month — they surely did not disappoint!

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  • Improving the Default Search Experience in WordPress

    *Image Credit

    No matter what the genre or niche of your website is, the search functionality forms an integral part of your site. In fact, it is almost impossible to think of the internet without the search function. A search bar helps your visitors to easily locate content on your website and as a result, plays a crucial role in converting casual visitors to regular subscribers. Sadly, the default search functionality in WordPress leaves a lot to be desired. Agreed, WordPress offers out of the box search function and you can easily add a search bar to your sidebar using widgets, but the overall performance of the WP search mechanism is below par, to say the least.

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