Aug 10 2008

Adobe Photoshop: 50+ High Quality .PSD Files and Tutorials


It’s always fun to experiment different techniques and learn how to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures and make them into works of arts and masterpieces. Today we’ve got you a marvelous set of more than 50 high quality Photoshop .PSD files to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next photoshop effect.

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1-dvd Plastic Case – PSD file - by manicho

photoshop psd files

2-Cassette PSD File- by manicho

photoshop psd files

3-DVD Case+Art – PSD file - by manicho

photoshop psd files

4-Saturday PSD file- by manicho

photoshop psd files

5-iPhone PSD- by kol

photoshop psd files

6-‘Terra Nova’ Planet Resource- by *Burning-Liquid

photoshop psd files

7-Wednesday PSD file- by `manicho

photoshop psd files

8-Illustration Frames- by gimei

photoshop psd files

9-Peter’s DeivantART ID Ver1.3 - by *petercui

photoshop psd files

10-Apple .PSD - by Flahorn

photoshop psd files

11-Free Film Frame - by bobbyperux

photoshop psd files

12-Wing - by Jorsart2006

photoshop psd files

13-Web 2.0 peeling sticker - by distrus

photoshop psd files

14-Old Paper Art - by Villa-arts

photoshop psd files

15-High Res PSD Planets- by edubz02

photoshop psd files

16-openPhone - by Walrick

photoshop psd files

17-Afterglow. psd- by Phyzer

photoshop psd files

18-Buttons PSD- by el3ment4l

photoshop psd files

19-psd autumn butterfly wings set - by adaae

photoshop psd files

20-Winged by Lyastricity - by Lyastricity

photoshop psd files

21-deviantART Mascot Fella- by mick-mick

photoshop psd files

22-UNDER CONSTRUCTION - by Creamania

photoshop psd files

23-Aero Avatar and SIG - by FastNFurious

photoshop psd files

24-FREE RENDERS- by *Bobbyperux

photoshop psd files

25-53 PSD files in one month- by Grafon

photoshop psd files

26-Customizable Folders- by Bobbyperux

photoshop psd files

27-Stalker Pass II- by Chaos-kaizer

photoshop psd files

28-Vista Back-Forward Buttons- by Flahorn

photoshop psd files

29-Coversutra snapshot sleeve - by Turnpaper

photoshop psd files

30-Star Sticker- by Matu666

photoshop psd files

31-Credit Card Icon - by Sniffels

photoshop psd files

32-Watercolor Text

photoshop psd files

33-Battery .PSD - by Flahorn

photoshop psd files

34-PSD-Stock-Fear-Not- by Passionsinsanity

photoshop psd files

35-Item Coffee- by Auroradesign

photoshop psd files

36-Magnifa Pro- by Jean31

photoshop psd files

37-Render3- by Thetrance

photoshop psd files

38-FLOATING ISLAND - by Ronnyyax

photoshop psd files

39-Tech - by Ebrehestock

photoshop psd files

40-Glossy Icon Pack – 4 pieces Free PSD

photoshop psd files

41-digital flower - by Tikiglow

photoshop psd files

42-Recreate the ‘Bee Movie’ Text Effect You can download the PSD file here.

photoshop psd files

43-Easy Photo to Sketch!

photoshop psd files

44-Water Droplets

photoshop psd files

45-Nice ‘n’ Simple Subscribe Badges- A nice tutorial for creating badges, you will also find the .psd file at the end of this tutorial.

photoshop psd files

46- Stunning 3D effects in 30 minutes- A nice tutorial for creating 3D text effects, you will also find the .psd file at the end of this tutorial.

photoshop psd files

47- Login-Panel by Sundox

photoshop psd files

48-Calculations And Colorization- A nice photo effect tutorial, you will also find the .psd file at the end of this tutorial.

photoshop psd files

49-Free Fading Corner Images

photoshop psd files

50-Free Glass Number Icons

photoshop psd files

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  • Artur Kim, 10 August 2008

    Thank you for making this list. I can definitely learn a lot from these. (:

  • Mike, 11 August 2008

    Quite stunning. Not being a Photoshop pro, these resources become invaluable..

    Thank you

  • Onyeka, 11 August 2008

    Great stuff!!!

  • knoopx, 11 August 2008

    i wonder why ppl use photoshop for vector art

  • liam, 11 August 2008

    Great collection,the Hi-Res Planets are really cool. Another brilliant post, thank you!

  • Manu, 11 August 2008

    Thanks you so much for the list :)

  • Razvan, 11 August 2008

    Awesome post, thanks!

  • crazyleaf, 11 August 2008

    Excellent roundup. Some great PSD examples here.

  • Fox, 11 August 2008

    Awesome post, thanks a lot!

  • Thomas, 11 August 2008

    Great Roundup, and great inspiration too!

  • Tech Blogger, 11 August 2008

    Really great collection

  • Pooja, 11 August 2008

    thanks for sharing this amazing list!

  • manicho, 11 August 2008

    Thanks a lot for the feature :D Small world! I’m a fan of your blog. Keep it up!


  • Jason, 11 August 2008

    Great list, plan on using some of these for designs!

  • United Voices, 11 August 2008

    Awesome stuff, this article definitely deserves an A+

    Thanks for sharing.

  • pickupjojo, 11 August 2008

    Very nice stuff, thanks for sharing! :)

  • Skracanie linków, 11 August 2008

    Good stuff, I don’t have to burrow deviantart.

  • bangbouh, 11 August 2008

    Great selection of PSD’s Thanks!

  • Santhos, 11 August 2008

    Very nice! Thanks a lot!

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    great post. will certainly be useful for web design

  • kelly, 11 August 2008

    AWESOME!! Thank you!

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    Simply awesome. Dugg.

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    Good Work!! Great Designs.. Well

  • turschte, 12 August 2008

    really cool stuff, thanks.

  • Fitch, 12 August 2008

    THX!! Great List!

  • aankun, 12 August 2008

    greal list, i want more :P

  • Zhu, 12 August 2008

    Awesome! Thanks for the list, I’m always looking for new Photoshop techniques and there are so many blogs… you picked great ones.

  • Žeb, 13 August 2008

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  • Paul, 14 August 2008

    This is a great list. I’m going to use a lot of these in my projects.

    thanks very much

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    This are so fantastic! thank you very much very nice designs!

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  • NaldzGraphics, 14 August 2008

    really cool collections.i really love it.keep rocking!!!

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  • morayakizi, 15 August 2008

    ? loved those photos
    thanks everbody:)

  • projectgrafix, 15 August 2008

    WoW ! these are so nice, bookmarked this page :) Very good stuff. I hope all of them are explained with full details like brushes used etc.

  • andrei, 16 August 2008

    Great psd files.

  • Diego, 17 August 2008

    Thank you for this fabulous collection.

  • psd to html, 18 August 2008

    Wow, most of these designs are simple stunning. Thank you for taking the time to gather all these great resources!

  • The Floating frog, 29 August 2008

    Some brilliant work here

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    Thx for sharing these amazing works, Devianart has great resources really ;)
    Kind regards.

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