Oct 14 2009

Free Slideshow, Gallery And Lightboxes Scripts


For Web design projects, you may find yourself sometimes scrounging around for a simple yet useful image gallery and slideshow. But imagine having a huge collection of AJAX, JavaScript, Lightbox, CSS and Flash-based image galleries at your fingertips. Hopefully, this post will do the trick and provide all the resources you might need.

Free Slideshows And Lightboxes Scripts

Polaroid Gallery v.1.01
Polaroid Gallery v.1.01
Polaroid Gallery is a free open-source Flash gallery developed by Christopher Einarsrud.

Active Slideshow Pro
Active Slideshow Pro
Create dazzling multimedia presentations, slideshows and banners with Active Slideshow Pro. This extension builds on the success of Active Slideshow and gives you new spectacular effects and optimal control over your slides, texts, transitions and sounds.

PicLens Slideshow
PicLens Slideshow
Take your favourite images full-screen. This template is based on PicLens and combines the power of PicLens and Media RSS technology to give you an easy way to add immersive multimedia slideshows to your own website. The exported Piclens gallery can also easily be used as a complete Web page.

Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A Web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool, everything you need to share your images with the world.

Shadowbox is an online media viewer application that supports all of the Web’s most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customizable.

PhatFusion Slideshow
PhatFusion Slideshow
Transition between images.

Galleriffic was inspired by Mike Alsup’s Cycle plug-in, but with performance in mind for delivering a high volume of photos.


FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, HTML content and multimedia in a Mac-style Lightbox that floats over top the Web page.

Auto Generating Gallery
Auto Generating Gallery
If you are creating a fairly small gallery, hand-coding a grid of thumbnails will probably do. But for larger galleries or doing a lot of adding, editing and swapping of photos, you will probably want a better solution. And that solution is: an automatically generating photo gallery!

Dynamic Image Gallery and Slideshow
Dynamic Image Gallery and Slideshow

Barack Slideshow
Barack Slideshow
Pretty much everyone has seen Barack Obama’s website by now, which is clearly one of the most attractive ones done by a presidential candidate. Not only is it an example of state-of-the-art design, but it’s also nice to navigate and interact with.

jQuery Multimedia Portfolio
jQuery Multimedia Portfolio
This plug-in for jQuery automatically detects the extension of each media file and applies the right player.

(E)2 Photo Gallery
(E)2 Photo Gallery
(E)2 Photo Gallery is a open-source gallery built with MooTools JavaScript Library in a compact, modular and object-oriented framework. Tell the (E)2 Photo Gallery what folder your images are stored in, and it will automatically load them using PHP.

Flickrshow is a lightweight, cross-browser JavaScript slideshow, giving you an easy way to display Flickr images on your website.

ProtoFlow is a coverflow effect written in JavaScript. It uses Prototype and Scriptaculous to do the bulk of the work, and it uses Reflection.js to do all of the image reflection stuff.

Flip 3D Flash Slideshow
Flip 3D Flash Slideshow
A very nice Flash-based template. Each image that flips to the next casts a subtle reflection on the ground. The size of the images can be easily adjusted by editing the template files. And adding a background image is a piece of cake.

Imago is an AJAX image gallery focused on simplicity and ease of use. It’s in plain JavaScript and builds on the mature AJAX library MooTools. No server-side scripting is required! Neither is Flash. Whether your photos are on Flickr, SmugMug or your own server, Imago can show them.


A free Web application that displays Flickr and Picasa images on websites and blogs.

jQuery Gallery
jQuery Gallery
Here is an image gallery with smooth transitions, thumbnails and pretty reflections.

PostcardViewer is a free customizable Flash image viewer. The interface looks like a set of postcards shuffled on a table.

Spry is a JavaScript-based framework that enables the rapid development of AJAX-powered Web pages. Not a JavaScript guru? No problem. Spry is designed to feel like an extension of HTML and CSS, so anyone with basic Web production skills can create a next-generation Web experience by adding the power of AJAX.

3D Curve Photo Gallery
3D Curve Photo Gallery




Lightbox Photo Gallery and Slideshow for Picasa
Lightbox Photo Gallery and Slideshow for Picasa
This template uses the excellent Lightbox JavaScript by Lakesh Dakar.

Vista photo gallery
Vista photo gallery
Vista Photo Gallery is a photo album builder that allows you to create and publish rich, interactive photo galleries for your website.

UvumiTools Gallery Plugin
UvumiTools Gallery Plugin
The UvumiTools Gallery allows you to display fancy photo galleries on your website without requiring you to be a master programmer, thanks to the powerful MooTools JavaScript framework. Just include a couple JavaScript and CSS files.

Parallax Gallery
Parallax Gallery

TiltViewer is a free customizable 3-D Flash image viewing application.

jQuery plugin – Easy Image or Content Slider
jQuery plugin - Easy Image or Content Slider


DevKick Galleria
DevKick Galleria
Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery written in jQuery. It loads images one by one from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image is loaded. It can create thumbnails, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped, inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by CSS.

FrogJS Javascript Gallery
FrogJS Javascript Gallery
FrogJS is a simple unobtrusive JavaScript gallery. It’s not a replacement for other thumbnail galleries such as Lightbox JS, but is a different way of showcasing galleries. It is best for page-by-page galleries, such as photo stories.

jQuery virtual tour
jQuery virtual tour

Featured Content Slider
Featured Content Slider

Flash image gallery, video gallery, MP3 music player, updatable Flash website with advanced navigation… all in one!

JQuery flickrGallery
Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

prettyPhoto a jQuery lightbox clone
prettyPhoto is a jQuery-based Lightbox clone. It supports not only images but video, Flash, YouTube and iFrames. It’s a full-blown media Lightbox.

Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa
Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa


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    Yes, that’s a really nice collection of slideshow plugins! May i post mine too: http://code.marceleichner.de/project/jquery.slideShow/ also very easy to use and simple sourcecode!

  • Webstandard-Team, 14 October 2009

    Nice collection, if you need some more jQuery-Scripts for Image-Galleries, don’t miss Creative Image-Galleries by jQuery or ImageFlow – The animated Image-Gallery!

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  • Robin, 15 October 2009

    I actually use SimpleViewer Pro a lot. I’ve got the script set up in Photoshop, so just a few steps and I have an quick gallery. It’s also very customizable, which is something I like.

  • Fedeweb, 15 October 2009

    Wow! Cool galleries. But what about this one?

  • spirit, 16 October 2009

    You could add to the list clearbox (http://www.clearbox.hu/) and dfgallery (http://www.dezinerfolio.com/freebie/dfgallery-10). Anyway, nice collection.

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