May 14 2008

High Quality Photoshop Brushes, Resources and Tutorials


It’s time for another dose of related Photoshop material. Today we’ve got you marvelous set of more than 45 high quality Photoshop brushes along with some great tutorials to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next brush set, how to use brush tool and a list of top resources where you an get your favorite brush set.

You might be interested to check our first post in the Photoshop Series for some inspiration:

You’ll find links to all kinds of amazing free Photoshop brushes below.

Grunge Brushes

Massive Splatter Pack

Worn Photoshop Brushes For High Resolution

Grungy heart

Grungy Wings

Vector-Grunge Brush Pack

Spraypaint Photoshop Brushes

Free Hi-Res Spraypaint Photoshop Brushes Set Two

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint

Dots Brushes

Dotty Brushes- Use these Photoshop brushes to create dotted effects similar to applying the Color Halftone filter.

Dotty Brushes- Use these Photoshop brushes to create dotted effects similar to applying the Color Halftone filter.

Texture Brushes

Texture Photoshop Brushes- A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various texture brushes.

In Obscuro Paper Brushes for Photoshop

Floral Brushes

Suddenly Spring brushes


Green Lotus Brushes

Flowers Part I

Foliage Brushes

Vector Foliage-Plants Brushes

Japanese Foliage

Space Brushes

Nebulae Brushes

Circle Brushes

Brush Set 05

HighTech Circles .2.


Radon Brushes

Ropes -n- Chains Brushes

Skull brushes

Abstract-Vector CS SUPERPACK

Water Brushes

Photoshop Creative Magazine

Life Brushes

Photoshop Creative Magazine

Reborn Brushes


Rough Edges – Photoshop Brush Set

fractal IV

Glitter & Sparkles
Photoshop Brushes
- A set of Photoshop brushes made up of glitter and sparkles of all kinds!

Foliage Swirls
Vector Photoshop Brushes
- A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various foliage and swirls in vector designs.

Abstract Brushes 13

Dreaming PS Brushes

Banner Brushes No.07

Baroque Borders

Evolution Font psCS Brush Pack


Beautiful Buggers

Brush Tutorials

1) Installing Custom Shapes and Brushes in Photoshop- If you’re new to Photoshop, you may not be familiar with installing new custom shapes or brushes. In this tutorial, David Leggett will show you the ropes so you can start using them straight away.

2) Creating grunge brushes- A great tutorial by Veerle on how to create 2 types of brushes that can be used to create the grunge effect.

3) Photoshop 101: The Annoying Phantom Brush

4) How To Install brushes, save brush sets, Making grunge brushes and more!

5) Installing Photoshop Brushes This tutorial will walk you through installing and using brushes from this site, and should be very similar to the procedure used to install brushes from just about anywhere.

6) Photoshop Brush Tutorial Here’s a tutorial on some of the ways you can use Photoshop’s brushes

7) Make realistic leafy foliage Tutorial- Explore how a custom brush can be used to make realistic leafy foliage.

8 ) How to install Brushes in Adobe Photoshop CS3

9) Painting Tools-A very neat tutorial by David Leggett showing how to use the paint tools. Worth Checking!

High Resolution Brush resources

  • 2xgu
  • PSbrushes
  • DevianArt
  • 2xgu
  • Brusheezy
  • 2xgu
  • MyPhotoshopBrushes
  • DesignFruit

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    Comments and Discussions
    • Gabe, 14 May 2008

      Always looking for more PhotoShop brushes. Even if I might never use them all!

    • Eli, 14 May 2008

      Rather an extensive roundup here. Good job!

    • T9 David, 14 May 2008

      Great roundup of brushes here. Some of those texture and “Life” brushes are definitely going to find their way onto my PC =)

      Thanks for mentioning our tutorial on installing brushes. Not sure if it’s an exact fit, but I’ve written an article that teaches all about the Brush tool (and other painting tools) as well.

    • Drupal Museum, 15 May 2008

      Nice list. Thanks!

    • Noupe, 15 May 2008

      @ Gabe, @ Eli
      I am glad you liked it :)

      @ David, I am not sure how i missed your tutorial about using the paint tools, i added it. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Razvan, 15 May 2008

      Thanks for the great list!

    • Andrew Gregory, 15 May 2008

      I’ve also got 10 free hi-res distressing brushes available for download on my blog: Enjoy!

    • Owen, 15 May 2008

      Useful and great!

    • DeeGee, 17 May 2008

      Can’t really miss the site that offers 48 (and counting) Hi-Res Photoshop brushes for Free (even for commercial use too) :)

    • Mihai, 17 May 2008

      Hey , that is a great collection u got there. Thanks for sharing !

    • lea, 17 May 2008

      This is a great list. usually these ‘collations’ of the so called best resources in clude any old rubbish, but you have really found some quality stuff , some of which ive not seen before. I must add for more really good brushes. One of the sets from there i recently spotted on a telepizza box! (international pizza chain – look out for it!)

    • adelle, 17 May 2008

      Nice roundup of brushes. I recently did a post of over 89 Resources for photoshop brushes just incase you need even more! I know it’s alot to go through. You can check it out here:

    • Dan, 20 May 2008

      You have a very nice list here and if you allow me I would like to complete it with few more useful links:

      GfxFever and Photo Shop Brush


    • Qbrushes, 31 May 2008

      great list, featured some of them on qbrushes.

    • Ardis Creative, 02 July 2008

      Thanks for sharing these!
      We’ve just come out with a few sets of Photoshop brushes and other freebies available on our Download page and free to use, of course:

    • Celso Garcia, 25 July 2008

      What a Great List of photoshop brushes !
      I recommend you to get it here: it’s a website full of adobe photoshop brushes, also gradients, icons, and much more. For me it’s one of the greatest site, a great collection and updates all the time. Enjoy it !

    • Thomas, 07 August 2008

      I just My new Brushes collection in the comment list :

    • afino, 14 January 2010

      Green Lotus Brushes – Excellent!

    • flights to blog, 10 March 2010

      these are very nice brushes and good tutorial thank you

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