35 Useful jQuery Plugins for Slideshows, Graphs and Text Effects

February 18th, 2010

By Angel Wardriver

jQuery can empower a developer with the tools required to create a rich user experience. The way in which we display images, text, charts and graphs can enhance functionality for the wide range of users. Let’s take a look at 35 powerful and effective jQuery plugins and techniques for slideshows, graphs and text effects.

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jQuery Galleries and Slideshows

GalleryView jQuery Plugin
GalleryView jQuery Plugin is a content-gallery plugin capable of displaying any HTML content in an animated gallery view. It comes with lots of many options for customization. GalleryView does require the jQuery Timers plugin to facilitate timing of animation events.

GalleryView jQuery Plugin

Jquery Plugin MopSlider 2.4
MopSlider is the slider box can contain any item that is set height and width. From 2.2, MopSlider can be put 2 in the page. A CSS file isn’t necessary.

Jquery Plugin MopSlider 2.4

jQuery Image Scroller
Making use of jQuery’s excellent animation features, this image scroller will be completely autonomous and will begin scrolling once the page loads. The finished widget will be completely cross-browser compatible and perform as expected in the latest versions of all of the most common browsers. The tutorial helps build in some interaction by adding controls that allow the visitor to change the direction of the animation.

jQuery Image Scroller

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
All of these sliding box animations work on the same basic idea. There is a div tag (.boxgrid in my CSS) that essentially acts as a window where two other items of your choosing “peek” through. From this basic idea we can play around with animations of the sliding element to either show or cover up the viewing area, thus creating the sliding effect.

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

Full Screen Image Gallery Using jQuery and Flickr
By using jQuery, this full screen image gallery automatically scales the image while using Flickr as the search engine. It comes with thumbnail preview, preloader, captions, and more. The results are extremely impressive.

Full Screen Image Gallery Using jQuery and Flickr

jCarousel Lite
jCarousel Lite is a jQuery plugin that carries you on a carousel ride filled with images and HTML content. Put simply, you can navigate images and/or HTML in a carousel-style widget. It is super light weight, at about 2 KB in size, yet very flexible and customizable to fit most of our needs.

jCarousel Lite

Galleriffic | A jQuery plugin for rendering fast-performing photo galleries
Galleriffic offers fantastic performance in delivering a high volume of photos. This is a useful jQuery plugin that will render fast photo galleries, while both impressing and improving your user’s experience.

Galleriffic | A jQuery plugin for rendering fast-performing photo galleries

jQuery plugin: Wilq32.RotateImage
This is the final product of a Wilq32.PhotoEffect Snippet. You can use this simple and tiny script to get an effect of rotated images directly from client side, such as user generated content, and then animate them using functions.

 jQuery plugin: Wilq32.RotateImage

jQZoom Evolution
JQZoom is a javascript image magnifier built at the top of the popular jQuery javascript framework.jQzoom is a great and a really easy to use script to magnify what you want.

jQZoom Evolution

Resizable Image Grid with jQuery
Image grids that smoothly scale at the simple drag of a slider are no longer confined to desktop apps like iPhoto or Picasa. Thanks to some clever CSS and the jQuery UI, fluid image grids are now surprisingly simple to implement on the web.

Resizable Image Grid with jQuery

jQuery plugin: Tooltip
This jQuery plugin tooltip can help you use bodyHandler to display footnotes, an image with a tooltip, or block tooltip. Also is helps links to have no delay with tracking and fading, or with extra content with extra classes. It’s useful for different tooltip styles on a single page like an image map with tooltips and testing repositioning at viewport borders.

 jQuery plugin: Tooltip

Charts and Graphs with jQuery

jqPlot Charts and Graphs for jQuery
jqPlot is a plotting and charting plugin for the jQuery Javascript framework. It’s strongest feature is its pluggability. Computation and drawing of lines, axes, shadows even the grid itself is handled by pluggable “renderers”. The plot elements are customizable. The core jqPlot code allows custom event handlers, new plot types, and more.

  jqPlot Charts and Graphs for jQuery

JS Charts – Free JavaScript charts
JS Charts is a JavaScript chart generator that requires little or no coding. JS Charts allows you to easily create charts in different templates like bar charts, pie charts, or simple line graphs.

JS Charts - Free JavaScript charts – Google Charts GUI with jQuery
This jQuery is a basic frontend GUI to be used with Google’s charts API. - Google Charts GUI with jQuery

jQuery Text Effect Plugins

Airport – Information board text effect jQuery plugin
Airport is a rather simple text effect plugin for jQuery. It emulates the style of those flickering information boards you sometime find on airports and train stations.

Airport - Information board text effect jQuery plugin

Editable (jQuery Editable Plugin)
This is a real customizable jQuery editable plugin. Currently it can convert any tag (span, div, p and …) to text input, password, textarea, or drop-down list. You can easily extend it by adding your own input type using its editableFactory object.

Editable (jQuery Editable Plugin)

jQuery Plugins
Some of these plugins have been merged into jQuery core in one form or another. These include the ability to batch results into an array, a resolution for IE z-index issues, auto-expand text areas, dynamically create configurable gradient to the background without using images, implement the over label technique, live query and many more helpful plugins.

 jQuery Plugins

Jquery Elastic 1.2 Demo
This page contains a couple of demos of the Jquery plugin Elastic. Elastic makes your textarea change its height dynamically.

Jquery Elastic 1.2 Demo

Stephane Caron – No Margin For Errors ¬ Pretty comments
Here’s a small jQuery plugin that allow textareas to stretch as content is put in. If the content goes over the defined height of the textarea, the textarea will grow as needed.

St+éphane Caron 'À

ToggleVal gives you the option to populate the default text of form fields in a few different ways. It will then toggle the default value when the field receives and loses keyboard focus.

ToggleVal :: jQuery Plugins by Aaron Kuzemchak

jQuery sIFR Plugin
The jQuery sIFR plugin is an addon for jQuery that makes it easy to replace text in a web page with flash text (sIFR) using the internal jQuery API.

jQuery sIFR Plugin

jQuery Spoilers Plugin
Spoilers is a jQuery plugin which implements a feature first seen on the web site. The pages using this plugin to show “Spoilers!” text, but when you mouse over that text, "Spoilers” disappear and the underlying text is revealed. The intention is to keep the casual reader from inadvertently reading details which he might not want to know. By mousing over them, he can reveal the details.

jQuery Spoilers Plugin

jTruncate – Text Truncation for jQuery
jTruncate allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the truncation operation. It provides simple yet customizable truncation for text entities in your web page.

jTruncate - Text Truncation for jQuery

Further jQuery Resources

List of Useful jQuery Plugins: jQuery, JavaScript
This is a huge masterlist from the jQuery plugins in the jQuery plugins repository. These are some of the best and most practical. The truly exceptional plugins are marked with “EXCELLENT.”

List of Useful jQuery Plugins: jQuery, JavaScript

Lazy – The on-demand jQuery plugin loader
This jQuery plugin is an on-demand plugin loader, also known as a lazy loader. Instead of downloading all jQuery-plugins, that you might or might not need, Lazy downloads the plugins when you actually use them. The major difference between Lazy and it’s competitors is it’s size.

Lazy - The on-demand jQuery plugin loader

jQuery Callout Plugin
This jQuery Callout Plugin is based entirely on CSS, so no images are required like in the static text below. The rounded corners come courtesy of the excellent jQuery Rounded Corners plugin.

jQuery Callout Plugin

Guapo – jQuery copy plugin
We all know that in IE we can easily copy text to clipboard. It is, however, not such an easy in FX. This plugin uses a SWF file to achieve this; the SWF file’s default location is the same to the plugin. If you move it to another location, it changes in the plugin source code.

Guapo - jQuery copy plugin

Moosture is a mouse gesture library written solely in javascript with power and flexibility. Implemented on Mootools following the Object Oriented standards, the library is aimed to set out a future framework for mouse guesters for any browser including modern mobile devices.


Gritter for jQuery (Growl) (Demo)
A jQuery Growl look-a-like plugin, a notification bubble/popup that appears in the top right of your layout. Think of it as calling the alert() function in JavaScript, only it’s subtle and looks nice.

Gritter for jQuery (Growl)

jGrowl – Unobtrusive Notification System for jQuery
jGrowl is a jQuery plugin that raises unobtrusive messages within the browser, similar to the way that OS X’s Growl Framework works. It has the ability to create multiple container instances, allowing a developer to raise and create various notifications in various location on the user’s screen.

  jGrowl - Unobtrusive Notification System for jQuery

Add a favicon near external links with jQuery
External links should always be marked distinctly in order to see them easily. An even better idea is using the favicon.ico of the external site, if it is available of course.

 Add a favicon near external links with jQuery used jQuery plugins
OurSignal is a awesome visualization that displays the popular stories from Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Yahoo! Buzz and Hacker News in single page. Developed by Stateless Systems, it is nicely implemented with jQuery Plugins. used jQuery plugins

UI.Layout Plug-in
This plug-in was inspired by the extJS border-layout, and recreates that functionality as a jQuery plug-in. The UI.Layout plug-in can create any UI look you want – from simple headers or sidebars, to a complex application with toolbars, menus, help-panels, status bars, sub-forms, etc.

UI.Layout Plug-in

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