40+ Elegant Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates from 2010

August 27th, 2010

Today we present some useful free CSS/(X)HTML templates which are available for free download and use. You may want to consider using them for your next projects or build upon them, creating more advanced themes from these basic templates.


Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates

Blue Jeans (Demo | Download)
Stand out from the crowd with this cool, free template for a portfolio website based on blue jeans texture.

Blue Jeans

Portfolio (Demo | Download)
An HTML 5 and CSS based website template suitable for businesses. It has a jQuery slide show in the home page header for displaying your latest work, featured contents or can also be used to tell your visitor what your web site is all about.


High Five (Demo | Download)
It can be useful if you need to show case your work / portfolio. Most of the style elements are in the CSS including styles for Blog, Comment Template etc.

High Five

AppCloud (Demo | Download)
It has been designed with tones of blue, white and a bit grey to point out the gadgets and provide more usability that you can obtain information you need faster and more easily. You can display all gadgets you are selling.


RS 18 (Demo | Download)
This blue colored well designed template can be used by people doing business.

RS 18

Dandoot (Demo | Download)
It has been designed so that it is suitable mostly for major/indie music recording companies, bands, musicians, music products affiliates, music event organizers or simply online music stores.


Bamboo (Demo | Download)
This template will go extrremly well with suitable Blogs, Small Websites etc.


Acallia (Demo | Download)
A smart template, it can be used by service sector industries and persons like event management compnies or graphic designer firm.


Reinvent (Demo | Download)
It features a narrow, one column layout with minimum graphics, clean and legible typography.


Alexx C (Demo | Download)
This template gels well with person/firm in service sector.

Alexx C

RealOne (Demo | Download)
This template is created keeping in mind property selling/buying sites and its quite neet.


The Radio Station (Demo | Download)
As the name suggest, this can be used by FM or radio stations.

The Radio Station

CSS Heaven 1 (Demo | Download)
This template can be used for some design or lifestyle related website and it gives a contemporary look.

CSS Heaven 1

Turrion (Demo | Download)
A blue colored template, it tends to give all the necessary information to clients at one go.


Zen Design (Demo | Download)
This template can be used for websites with loads of information or which issuing articles/tutorials on regular basis.

Zen Design

Urban Gear (Demo | Download)
Great free html template for on-line shop dedicated to the urban fashion industry. Remove the slider area and use this template as a start point for your on line business.

Urban Gear

ubly (Demo | Download)
This format is most suitable for blogs related web sites.


beSMART (Demo | Download)
Simple corporate CSS/XHTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance.


CSS Heaven 2 (Demo | Download)
CSS Heaven 2 is a free CSS Template suitable for small business websites and blogs

CSS Heaven 2

Easy Slide (Demo | Download)
Easy Slide is a simple but cool css template based on the famous Coda Slider.

Easy Slide

StudioClick (Demo | Download)
Studio Click is a simple, well-structured portfolio theme that focuses on one thing: gorgeous photos, screenshots, and content. It displays works easily and stylishly using large images of your products.


Bizgroup (Demo | Download)
Simple corporate CSS/XHTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance.


Photo Pro (Demo | Download)
Photo Pro is a simple css template for portfolios and photo sites and it’s very easy to edit.

Photo Pro

Treasure hunters (Demo | Download)
This facinating template can be used by blogs and or some stock photo sites.

Treasure hunters

Shop Around (Demo | Download)
Great free html template for on-line shop. Use it as a start point for your on line business.

Shop Around

Free Nova Studio (Demo | Download)
The Blog page features a simple blog design, easy on the eyes, allowing you to express your thoughts freely and in a stylish way!

Free Nova Studio

Mondays (Demo | Download)
This template gives us a break from usual design and cn be used by service industries providing 24*7 supprts.


OWMX 1 (Demo | Download)
Color of this template is easy on eyes and is stylish.


Simple Solution (Demo | Download)
This template can be used by business sites and it is very attractive.

Simple Solution

Classic Luxury (Demo | Download)
It is clean and has a lot of whitespace and nice typography. The code is well-organized and uses standards-based HTML and CSS.

Classic Luxury

Outliers (Demo | Download)
This template can be best used to showcase your idea and ideation process.


Portfolio Template (Demo | Download)
This is a clean and professional looking template for small portfolios or business sites. Very easy to edit if you have a basic understanding of html and css.

Portfolio Template

Market Leader (Demo | Download)
It can be used to showcase the reasons to prospective clients to choose you.

Market Leader

clean-white (Demo | Download)
This is a simple but beautiful css template with lots of whitespace and a professional look. Perfect as a frontpage for small businesses or photographers.


Ninja Assassin (Demo | Download)
Impress visitors to your site with a high-quality one-page portfolio site inspired by the Japanese ninja culture.

Ninja Assassin

Kelontong (Demo | Download)
You can use use Kelontong WordPress e-commerce theme to modify your store and sell more of your products.


Small Business (Demo | Download)
This is suitable for small scale business websites that don’t need a lot of pages.

Small Business

RS 19 (Demo | Download)
Its a attractive template using combination of white & bright colors and css techniques like Box Shadows and text shadows.

RS 19


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      mmmm ! nice, but not that good, it’s, if we want, very simple .. I dare that a child with 12 years old can make one like that, u didn t use any animation ( flashplayer ), or some special scripts .. it’s somewhat primitif .. =)

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    great templates! thanks for sharing this

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    Hey, I developed a free template too, if you are interested here it is Its a minimalistic template featuring HTML5, jQuery slider and Php contact form.

  9. Michael on August 27th, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Beautiful and creative examples. My two favorites are “Clean White” and the blue jeans one.

  10. Roshan Ravi on August 27th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    thanks for adding my templates. although some of them were from 2009 (Bamboo, Reinvent etc.) and the rest of them looks great too. Blue Jeans and Ninja Assassin are my favorites.

  11. James Wade Weaver on August 27th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Love the site! Thanks for all the free templates. Any body know of a great place to have these turned into wordpress templates at a reasonable price?

    • Roshan Ravi on August 27th, 2010 at 9:01 pm

      I would recommend themelab (themelab [dot] com ) he has converted a lot of my templates into wordpress already.

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