May 17 2009

40 (NEW) High-quality and Free Icon Sets


Icons are everywhere on the web. In most modern designs it is used to not only complete our design but also to attract the user’s eye. Designers use Icons to create breath-taking designs and decorate their desktop as well. Today we’re going to take a look at 40 most beautiful icon sets that were freshly created.

Some amazing Icon Sets are missing? Let us know!

Kung Fu Panda

Fresh and Trendy Icons

4 icons of funny creatures.

Hello Kitty

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Super-cute icons based the mega hit from Japan. This collection contains 9 individual icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard.

Star Trek

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Official icons for the new Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams. This collection contains 15 individual icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard.

15 Free Origami Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Origami Free Set is a set of 15 icons. The icons are available in 5 different sizes (16px, 32px, 48px, 128px, and 256px) and come as Windows ICO and 32-bit transparent PNG files.

Function App Icon Set

Fresh and Trendy Icons

A beautiful free set of social media icons by WeFunction.

Coquette Part 4 Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

This playful free icon set contains curvy and colorful free icons made with one goal, to get all the affection and playfulness to your projects. “Coquette” free icon set contains 50 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

20 Free Blockie Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Here is a set of 80 icons (available in four different colors). The icons can be used for Windows desktop softwares and general web applications such as blog themes, forums, and eCommerce sites.

Grungy Aesthetica Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Designed to fit into your grungy-styled websites, blogs, applications, etc. “Grungy Aesthetica” icon set contains 181 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency in PNG file format. They come in 32x32px; 48 x 48px; 64x64px and 128 x 128px size.

Grace Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

The soft shades of black and white selection of colors makes this icon set graceful, unique and extremely stylish. The icon structure consists of snow white leaves, flowers and swirls. This free icon set contains 80 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px and 256x256px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

Block Creatures

Fresh and Trendy Icons

4 icons of funny creatures.

Canon 400D + Lens 17-85

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Flavours Icon Set And Cute Tweeters Icon Set

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Social Media Icons Pack

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Social Media Icons Pack could come in handy when integrating social media sites to your blog.

Leopard iPhone Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

18 replacement icons of Mac OS X Leopard Folders in iPhone Icons Style.

Baggy Icon Set

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Baggy Icon Set contains 5 high quality icns. Having 3 different formats (.ico, .icns and .png) and 6 sizes: 512px-16px (except .png).

Project Icon Set

Fresh and Trendy Icons

This icon set, contains 18 beautiful icons related to project management. The set includes the icons address card, bar graph, calendar, clock / time, conference device, contact, documents, draft, mail, marker, milestone, notes, portfolio, project plan / gant chart, search / find, sitemap / flowchart, todo and user / resource.

Hand-drawn vector arrows

Fresh and Trendy Icons

This pack includes 120+ hand-drawn arrows and other elements.

Construction Sigma Style

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Revolution for IconTweaker

Fresh and Trendy Icons

WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Social Bookmark Sketchy Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Realty Icons

Fresh and Trendy Icons


Fresh and Trendy Icons

Onebit free icon set of 50 icons. These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times.

Web Injection

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Web Injection is an Icon Pack for webmasters and web developers. The set includes 26 stylish icons.

Free icon set from CSSGlobe

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Exclusive vector icons available in AI, EPS, PDF, XAR file formats.

Pole Stack

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Exclusive vector icons available in AI, EPS, PDF, XAR file formats.

Islamic Icon

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Office Space

Fresh and Trendy Icons


Fresh and Trendy Icons

Metal Chrome

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Web Blog Icon Pack

Fresh and Trendy Icons

48 icons for use on the front and back-end of the site.

GP iCons

Fresh and Trendy Icons

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

Fresh and Trendy Icons

The Cute Critters Icon Pack is a free Icon set with 13 painfully cute critters.


Fresh and Trendy Icons

Handycons is a free, hand drawn social media icon set that contains 20 icons. Package contains Facebook, Blinklist, Feedburner, Flickr, FriendFeed, Furl, Gmail, Google, Heart icon, Last FM, Linked IN, Magnolia, Newsvine, PayPal, Skype, Sphinn, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo and You Tube icons. All icons come in four sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 and 12x128px.


Fresh and Trendy Icons


Fresh and Trendy Icons

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  • Bartek, 17 May 2009

    Incredible collection! Thank you

    • Hercules, 18 May 2009

      I agree, this just a great collection!

    • Bronson, 20 May 2009

      This is a really sweet collection of icons – those Block Creatures are my fav, but the level of detail in most of these sets is insane.

    • Honey Singh, 17 November 2009

      I visited few icons on various sites like wefunction but having 40 different at same page saves lots of my time.
      I just need to repeat “Incredible collection”.

  • Brandon Cox, 17 May 2009

    Do you not care at all about my raging icon addiction? Awesome collection.

    • Noupe, 17 May 2009

      Brandon, Of course i care :) What do you think?

      • ali, 16 June 2009


  • Serkan, 17 May 2009

    thank you great collections.

  • Janko, 17 May 2009

    What a roundup, I must admit there are some I haven’t seen before. Great work.

    Thanks for including Handycons2!

    • Noupe, 17 May 2009

      Thanks Janko for your handycons2 collection. Couldn’t miss it!

      • tetra, 19 May 2009

        agree ;D quite awful icons!

  • ENSA, 17 May 2009

    Great Set Thanks

  • Brian Cray, 17 May 2009

    What a diverse selection of Icons! Thanks so much for bringing them together :D

  • Gonzalo, 17 May 2009

    Excelente, yo también hice una recopilación de iconos, pero de café.


  • Husien Adel, 17 May 2009

    Great Collection, Really cool I like The Islamic Icon :) very nice thanks for sharing

  • Tyler, 17 May 2009

    Loved this round up. Thanks for the going through the work of finding all these!

    +1 suscriber

  • art2code, 17 May 2009

    Awesome collection! thx

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  • lee, 17 May 2009

    fantastic – thanks so much!

    have you seen ? it also has a very nice collection of free icons – for personal and commercial use & no backlinks required.

  • Great collection. Thanks!

  • bali4all, 17 May 2009

    great…icons… will collect them all soooonnnn…..

  • Mr. CRAPIC, 17 May 2009

    This post is a bowl full of awesome with a little bit of rad sprinkled on top. Thanks for putting this together!

  • Supun Sudaraka, 17 May 2009

    WOW! what a huge collection! thanks…

  • doabarrelroll, 17 May 2009

    Not to nitpick, but “icons is everywhere on the web”? Haha. And also some of these are reasonably old.

    Don’t mean to be too critical, icon posts are always appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks!

  • Jake, 17 May 2009

    Awesome collection, I like the little animals. You never know when they can add a personal touch to a web project :)

  • Ryan Glover, 17 May 2009

    Great collection. Definitely can use some of these. Thanks!

  • Laura, 17 May 2009

    Stay away from the kitty ones, Sanrio bites anyone who dares to have kitty in their sites

  • burnz, 17 May 2009

    Nice collection of the icons to add into my own collection.. :)


  • Fantastic collection thanks for doing this! I saw this post on Twitter and retweeted. Great job. You have a new blog fan.

  • These lists are getting longer and longer! Well done Noupe.

  • John, 17 May 2009

    Great list as usual!

  • PepperOrient, 17 May 2009

    Hello Kitty ones are cute. I am using them :)

  • Marcus, 17 May 2009

    Awesome collection, absolute spectacular. Simply the best collection EVER! Really fabulous! Keep up the fantasic work.

  • Sujhon, 17 May 2009

    Very nice round up!

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    Thank you for the nice and useful collection.

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    very cool, lots of new icons never seen before – thanx a lot!

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    Very wonderful. Thanks a lot !
    See more icons in my blog:

  • tekkie, 18 May 2009

    Absolutely fantastic set of icons! Many thanks to all the artists for the hard work and endless hours of vector work.

  • Evan, 18 May 2009

    wow awesome set, keep up the good work m8.

  • Andrei, 18 May 2009

    Very nice stuff in here! There’s a very high quality set for the final cut & adobe suit i would recommend:

  • stelt, 18 May 2009

    Really nice.
    /me hopes to find SVG versions

  • Alex Vorn, 18 May 2009

    Very nice, but not all are so new.

  • BeyondRandom, 18 May 2009

    Very nice! I have been looking for some new social icons. thanks for sharing

  • ibdreamy, 18 May 2009

    Awesome post. Thank you for collecting and sharing.

  • Nagy, 18 May 2009

    M@@@@@@@@@@@h pretty

  • Sarah, 18 May 2009

    Thank you very much Noupe…

  • J0hn, 18 May 2009

    Nice variety of icons. Thanks

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    very nice icons. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!

  • Catherine, 18 May 2009

    Amazing, awesome timesaving collection! THANK YOU!

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    great collection! Thanks

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    nice collection… the baggage icons are a little weird… but good collection over all

  • bitlimakina, 18 May 2009

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  • AJ, 18 May 2009

    Great Collection !! Thanks

  • Lookaloop, 18 May 2009

    Sorry but can some1 explain how i can make these icons work on my desktop?

  • Tobbi, 18 May 2009

    Great collection, thank you.

  • tabiji, 18 May 2009

    The Hello Kitty icons aren’t high quality.

  • Neil, 18 May 2009

    Realty Icons are not free nor available for download.

  • Dan Hill, 18 May 2009

    Amazing collection! Some really great icons.

  • Martin Gonzalez, 18 May 2009

    great icon

  • Kerwin, 18 May 2009

    Very nice! thanks a lot for sharing this one.. i like the animals and the critters as well just what i need.

  • Orchida, 18 May 2009

    Thanks so much for including DryIcons’ icon sets to this list.

    Best regards!

  • Peter Fabricius, 19 May 2009

    Great set, thanks

  • Sanchit Thakur, 19 May 2009

    Nice icons.. Many of them usable. Thanks for sharing.

  • Blue Blots, 19 May 2009

    Nice icons. :) thanks for sharing

  • Stan Rozenraukh, 19 May 2009

    Thanks for these. They’ll definitely come in handy.

  • Rahul, 19 May 2009

    Thanks for the links shared. Really cool.

  • sean steezy, 19 May 2009

    Realty Icons is a really nice looking set of icons, props to who did that set! super detailed

  • ForgetMeNotz, 19 May 2009

    What’s the point of realty icons when you can’t use them on a commercial site?

  • divyasharad, 19 May 2009

    Aaaaaaaaaaah! so many varieties. Awesome.

  • Jamie Allsop, 20 May 2009

    What a fantastic collection of icons. I really like using icons in my designs as they can add so much detail to your designs and you can use them to make important information stand out.

    • Avangelist, 20 May 2009

      Some seriously good scouting going on there to find all that stuff.


  • Berbagi iLmu, 20 May 2009


    Thanks !!!

  • David Baldaro, 20 May 2009

    Excellent collection – neah, fantastic. Nope awesome! Will keep these handy.

  • Excellent selection. Very good work. Thank you!

  • nufzam, 21 May 2009

    awesome icons collections… thanks…

  • Webhome, 21 May 2009

    I’ve seen these icons before. But they still good!

  • Dennison Uy, 22 May 2009

    The realty icons are very high quality unfortunately it is not free.

  • vitalevel, 22 May 2009

    Ma shaa2 Allah

    u r the best

  • Matthew Anderson, 22 May 2009

    I love these icons, especially the social media ones/

  • Haitham Ali, 26 May 2009

    The Islamic Icons are great! Thanks from Saudi Arabia!

  • srinivas, 26 May 2009

    Wow really a good one. nice job

  • Alex, 27 May 2009

    Really nice sets. Great variety for future webdesign-projects.

  • Shobhit, 01 June 2009

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    Yes! Really cool stuff…. I can use them for many designs… Very Very THANK YOU!!!

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    Thanks for sharing so many icons , can i put them on our chinese web sites.

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    Thanks to the authors of the collection who share this valuable collection of pictures.

  • Paw hellegaard, 26 June 2009

    Thanks for sharing this collection, it rocks! damn it is so wild!

  • Eddie Gear, 27 June 2009

    Hi there,

    A good collection on Icon set indeed. This would prove a good resource for web designers. Thanks for sharing.

    Eddie Gear

  • Rana, 05 July 2009


  • vivian p, 14 October 2009

    Really amazing collection.great work by creator as well by collector.

  • Cara Dixon, 20 October 2009

    This is a great collection of high quality icons! I love the ‘Twitter’ ones! Will come in handy in the future! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ahmet ERTEM, 30 October 2009

    Thanks for sharing… i hope, i’ll use this icons.

  • SWP, 01 November 2009

    The Star Trek ones rock!!!!

  • shawnp4h, 05 November 2009

    Very Helpful.

    definitely I will use for my website designs…

  • Maninder Pal Singh, 06 November 2009

    Awesome collection!!! Thanks.

  • Web Design Manchester, 09 November 2009

    Great icon sets here that will be used in the future for sure. Thanks for posting

  • Travis, 17 November 2009

    Thanks for putting together such a great compilation. Some of those look like a lot of time was spent in making them.

  • Ali, 21 November 2009

    l like this bec very good and love reality pack. well done

  • Sam Smith, 23 November 2009

    These are great list , Bcoz great creativity

  • graphic design classes, 16 January 2010

    I think those block creates are my favorite icons in this set. They are so detailed very amazing illustration work.

  • sunil, 31 January 2010

    Hey one of my friend referred this site to download free high quality icons i checked it really amazing set of collection. Just go grab those icons…… Cheers…………….

    • max, 05 March 2010

      Thanks dude.

  • A.D.K., 16 February 2010

    awesome, what else :D

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    Awesome Stuff. Thanks a bunch.

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    ooo I love the hello kitty ones :D

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    Thanks……..for great collection.

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