Aug 18 2010

50 Remarkable Free Icon Sets Released In 2010


Today we present a refreshing collection of free icon sets. In the past, we posted a huge collection of icon sets and due to the increasing users’ demand, we decided to showcase a yet another collection. Everyone knows that a suitable icon can help users with nice metaphors (if used properly). This is the reason why many artists and designers pay attention to icons that they use in their designs. Feel free to suggest and share more icon sets in the comments section below.


Outstanding Free Icon Sets

This is ART Iconss


44 Icons for web design and software


The Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set (750 icons, incl. PSD sources)
An extensive pack with over 750 free icons (48×48px) for designers and Web developers. The .PSD-sources are available for free download as well. The set consists of web application icons, user interface icons, e-commerce icons, general use icons, desktop icons, blog icons, smiley icons, button icons, keyboard icons, national flags icons, popular online services icons and many others.

Iconset Addictive Flavour

Icon Pack: 256×256 Business Icons
This icon set contains 26 Business themed icons. Each icon is available in 256×256 .png format. Included in this set are User icons, Warning & Alert icons, Chat & Email icons, Maps & World Icons, and several other icons that are appropriate in business settings.


Amplifier Music Player Icons
512×512, 256×256, 128×128 Px, Png & Icnc & Ico


Iconorama 7 Pack


This is ART 2


Alias Badges
Badget Replacement Icons


House Management Icons
12 House Management Icons


Paradise Cherry Icons
Free for personal non-commercial use,


Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set
There are 18 “normal” sized icons at an overweight 105×67px (.PNG) and being the sporting chaps that we are, we have even included a set half the size as well as a .PSD file you can mess about with.


Weather icons for web
This icon set contains basic icons of weather conditions 24×24 sized and made in web 2.0 style.


Designer’s Portfolio Icon Set (12 High Quality Icons)
The set contains icons related to avatar, portfolio, brushes, mail / envelope, color palette, colored pencils, tablet, laptop computer, moleskine notebook, DSLR camera, easel with canvas and coffee cup.


Sketchy Web Icons: 30 Hand Drawn Icon Pack
This Icon Pack includes 30 Hand-Drawn Web Design Icons.


Favorite Monsters
Set of 9 icons in form of funny, friendly monsters in different sizes.


All default iPhone/iPod Touch icons. – Some 3rd party app icons. – Total of 40 icons (+11 alts) – Wallpaper, Dock, Pageindicators, Badge, closebox and info.plist.


ERP General Icon Set
Free for personal non-commercial use, Includes a link back to author site


Picasso: A Free Social Media Icon Set
Feel free to use them in any commercial or personal project. The size of each icon ranges from 512px to 16px.


Glow|be 2 + Safar


Imperial Porcelain: Free Icon Set
A set with 5 beautiful original icons in .png (160×160px), It can be used in various settings — for instance, on hotel and restaurant websites, in e-commerce-sites or even on food-related blogs.


Camera Sony Alpha 380
Size available in 512×512, 324×324, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 58×58


Daft Punk Helmets v2.0


Apple Fruit Logo
Apple Logo 512×512 – 256×256 – 128×128 – .Icns and .ICO


PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set
66 Icons for Webdesign and Softwares


Car Icons Project


Nikon D90 Icon


Exclusive Google Buzz Icons
This set includes 24 beautiful icons in raster and vector formats.


Moleskine Icon Set
They come in 2 sizes each 512px and 256px and are in PNG format. They are free to download, share and use in all your personal and commercial projects.


Social icon set moleskin style
Amazing social icon set inspired in the classic moleskin journals


Camera icons
A tiny set of photography related icons, very useful for your photo applications


Twitter vector icons massive icon set


Payment method icon set


The ‘Free Style’ Social Media Icon Set
Both of the icon sets contain 28 icons that cover all of the major social media services and applications, they are all in .PNG format and they come in three sizes: 24x24px, 48x48px and 60x60px.


Mobile Icon Set
Mobile Icon Set includes Phone Call, Photos, Messages, Calculator, Wireless, Calendar, Settings, Contacts, Notes, Map.


Sketchy Social Media Icons Freebie
Every icon is a .PNG (making them easy to edit) and packaged together, The set includes four sizes for each icon: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 57×57, It also includes two sizes for each icon next to its type mark: 32px tall, 57px tall.


NIXUS Icon Pack: 60 Beautiful Premium Icons
Each icon comes in transparent .png format in 64x64px, 48x48px, and 32x32px.


New exclusive icon set: Copenhagen
The 25 icons cover many of features shown on web app sites, which include icons for client, payment, download, secure, email and many more.


Glass icons
The set contain 11 type icon with total 42 icons.


Content Management System Icon Set
A set with 12 high quality icons in 48×48px, available in the .png-format. The set was designed to be used in content management systems, but can also be useful for other user interface designs.


Oxe Icons Set
18 64px PNG Icon Set


Applications Icons and Extras
Png and Icns


Pos Machine Icons


Payment Method Icon Set
This icon sets download package contains the six icons, and include a choice of eight different sizes: 12px, 16px, 24px, 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px.


IronMan Icon Pack
Pack Content : 2 Helmet Classic and silver, 512×512, 256×256 and 128×128


OLED social icons
Every icon is 16x16px OLED display, glowing dots & stuff.



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  • Web Icon Set, 18 August 2010

    Thanks for including Mobile Icon Set in the list. You can also find some other free icons as follow:

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    its amazing… thks for posting

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    Wow!! I can’t believe my eyes. What a collection man!! Superb!!!

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    Best collection I’ve seen in a while, thanks!

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    Awesome stuff!

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    That’s an amazing list / set of icons – thanks for sharing!

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    simply Thank you!

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    Amazing collection!

  • Humming Bird, 18 August 2010

    Wonderful Collection. ‘This is Art’ series is really great. Thank you for compiling this list.

  • Hastimal Shah, 18 August 2010

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    ThAnkS such a LiSt

  • Dinesh Thakur, 18 August 2010

    Thanks for sharing the information !

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    So nice, good icons

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    Awesome set of icons!! The Payment Method Icon Set is in there twice, just to let you know. However, it is that good :)

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    Amazing collection!!

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    Wonderful sets! thanks…

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    Great list, great share.

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    Hi, thanks for collecting. Although, some are not good and some are listed twice. Please, try to push the limits. There are so many sites repeating stuff all day. Be different — BY PUSHING QUALITY! ;-)

  • Stephan Wehner, 19 August 2010

    I think this one occurs twice:
    “Payment Method Icon Set”.


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    These are truly milestone icons for a designer/web designer. I am a student and I found these quiet useful for me as well. I admired the great effort of yours. I inspired a lot. Thanks! Keep it up!

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    What a wonderful treat for websites. SUPER!

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