May 17 2014

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Now More Free Than Ever


Publisher Five Simple Steps ceased to exist. Before they vanished, they took the friendly move to transfer all the rights on the books published back to their respective authors. Val Head, author of The CSS Animations Pocket Guide immediately put up a page on her personal blog and started to offer the guide along the lines of the "Pay what you want" model which includes getting it for free, too.

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Cover

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Cover

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

The small ebook by Val Head claims to consist of more than 60 pages. And while this is certainly true, you shouldn’t expect to actually get over 60 pages crammed with content. A lot of the pages are just nice fillers with big letters announcing the nest topic and even the pages with actual content carry a font-size and line-height, which can only be called generous. If you format the content down to what would be industry standard (250 words per page), you’d get a book with a little more than 32 pages of actual content.

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Lots of Unused Space

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Lots of Unused Space

The pocket guide consists of five parts, covering aspects of CSS animations, including dedicated properties, easing, looking into common animation tasks and making sure, performance is at least acceptable. The book is written in comprehensive language. Even readers with weaker English skills should be able to read it without the need for an Oxford Dictionary.

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Page Example

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Page Example

Val offers the pocket guide for download here. She suggests a price of 5 dollars, while you can also range the price up to 20 or down to one dollar. If you don’t want to pay a single dime, you can also download the book for free.

Whatever you decide, the download will contain the pocket guide as a PDF and in the ebook formats .epub and .mobi. As I already said, The CSS Animations Pocket Guide aims at the beginner and will not be of much usefulness to experienced designers. Anyway, I’d say, these five dollars would be spent well.

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