Dec 24 2008

30+ Incredibly Beautiful Custom Designer Toys


Only talented designers have the ability to create incredibly detailed works of art to represent the heart and soul of their creativity. Today i wanted to showcase something different and unrelated to web design, may be that’s because i am in a good mood for the holidays. So today i wanted to showcase some of the best Custom Vinyl toys to highlight designer’s creativity in using both design and color.

In this post we are presenting over 30 beautiful and impressive Vinyl Toys. Hopefully everybody will find some inspiration at least in some of the works showcased below.

Beautiful Custom Vinyl Toys

1. 123KLAN Toys

Vinyl Toys

Vinyl Toys

2. Angry Little Monkey

Vinyl Toys

3. DCTO Jibun

Vinyl Toys

4. Chaos Monkey Hand made Custom

Vinyl Toys

5. Road to Revenge

Vinyl Toys

6. Group of Mouse vinyl toys

Vinyl Toys

7. Robolitoboy

Vinyl Toys

8. Custom Toys

Vinyl Toys

9. Miao

Vinyl Toys

10. Dead the Head

Vinyl Toys

11. Teenage Werewolf

Vinyl Toys

12. Juju the Pygmunny

Vinyl Toys

13. Koralie

Vinyl Toys

14. Timidina, Malandrino, and Tortellino

Vinyl Toys

15. Rusty & Dworkin

Vinyl Toys

16. SUG H.60 (Green)

Vinyl Toys

17. Sabochan

Vinyl Toys

18. Kitty as a Clown

Vinyl Toys

19. Droplet Vinyl Toys

Vinyl Toys

20. Trick or Treat!

Vinyl Toys

21. Mummy Munny

Vinyl Toys

22. Dunny Shroomy

Vinyl Toys

23. Bob Dob’s Luey Vinyl Toys

Vinyl Toys

24. Lub King

Vinyl Toys

25. Minigoddead

Vinyl Toys

26. Funny vinyl toy

Vinyl Toys

27. Self Destructive Nature-(wip)

Vinyl Toys

28. GOSHO Vinyl Toy design

Vinyl Toys

29. Panty Pirate Dunny

Vinyl Toys

30. Officer Tedlington and the evil proffesor!

Vinyl Toys

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Comments and Discussions
  • Honour Chick, 24 December 2008

    wow… all awesome toys :)

  • Jeff, 24 December 2008

    I can’t help but wonder what kinds of vinyl toys Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Otl Aicher had on their desks.

  • joyoge designers' bookmark, 24 December 2008

    nice toys:)) thanks..

  • Danny Outlaw, 24 December 2008

    Wow. I just did a post on this yesterday! 40 Super Creative Vinyl Toys

    • Noupe, 24 December 2008

      Hey Danny, love your collection! I guess we never get old for this stuff :)

      • Danny Outlaw, 26 December 2008

        Yeah.. You should see my desk. Its covered with this stuff!

  • David Sparks, 24 December 2008

    check out my flickr page for my custom toy designs:

  • buzu, 24 December 2008

    I like the mummy! so cute.

  • Yuuzaa, 25 December 2008

    This is very extraordinary, amazing stuff !!

  • avilio, 25 December 2008

    Hi.. love those desings… but can you help me? Im looking for a folk art web designer for a blogspot site (my site). thanks for the information… if I don’t answer in the comments… send me an email please @ info at aviliojimenez dot com

  • Skracanie linków, 25 December 2008

    Great collection. Merry Christmas!

  • Viktar, 25 December 2008


    This is terrible.

  • David, 25 December 2008

    1) these are not toys

    2) these “things” are horrible

    3) I’m concerned about the mind that crafted these awful things

    • Helena, 25 December 2008

      1. Oh, stop being so technical.
      2. Depends on your aesthetic.
      3. More than one mind, friend. Some of these toys are by Tokidoki; others by recreational customizers.

  • Helena, 25 December 2008

    I love vinyl toys! I have three so far in my collection and a book about them (hard to collect when you’re a non-rich teenager). By the way, the monkeys, rabbits, and mice are Munny, Dunny, and Labbits, respectively. (Another is Fatcap, which I have one of)

  • Wolfie Rankin, 26 December 2008

    I’ve seen a lot of these things lately and they fail to raise my interest above zero. what’s so appealing about these dead ugly little toys?

    BTW: “Dunny” is Aussie Slang for an outhouse.


  • actec, 26 December 2008

    estan muy chidos exelentes y muy originales

  • Alex, 26 December 2008

    I feel in love with designing and creating these things a while ago when I realized how affordable ( compared to say a Rembrandt. ) and accessible they make art. I like the paint jobs here, but there are SOOO many more creative original designs out there too than repainted Munny and Dunny’s. My Plastic Heart is an awesome site for them.

  • Val, 27 December 2008

    I believe that photo #6 is actually a collection of Labbits, not mice!

  • Frankie, 27 December 2008

    wow, verty beautifule,Thanks

  • Vincent, 27 December 2008

    Thank you! Very interesting post.

    • divya, 30 December 2008


  • jadism, 28 December 2008

    i like vinyl toys. most people dont understand the following. its more urban art than an actual “play” toy… BTW………..shroom dunny is BAD.

    if you dont understand it, its just not for you…

  • Alex, 28 December 2008

    awesome stuff, just got my hands on a dr destruction this week,

    any idea where number 28 is for sale? i neeeed him

  • insicdesigns, 29 December 2008

    this is awesome.

  • Enrique, 29 December 2008

    Great toys, great design

  • Valerie, 29 December 2008

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting my Halloween photo (#20)-I am honored you have chosen to include it in this fantastic grouping! Some background info… they are vinyl Uglydolls (Cinko and Tray) created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. These are just their “costumes” this year for my Halloween set on Flickr-not really a custom design, but I think the stickers worked well! Thanks again! :)

  • Page Gardens, 31 December 2008

    Like the mummy.

  • Brad Mahaffey, 01 January 2009

    Nice list, most those artists are at BSV, very cool =)

  • Davor, 03 January 2009

    My favorite is: Officer Tedlington and the evil proffesor! haha

  • Conservatories, 10 January 2009

    the detail on all of them is fantastic, awesome stuff

  • K.Fish, 24 January 2009

    “Only talented designers have the ability to create incredibly detailed works of art to represent the heart and soul of their creativity.”

    I disagree. I believe *everyone* has the ability to create art and to represent their own creativity. How can you even say otherwise? There are so many people out there who are not talented designers, or even designers at all, who can create art and are perfectly capable of expressing themselves.

    Next time you should open your mind to other types of people and art and talent. That is what art is about. Freedom of expression, regardless of who you are.

  • David, 07 February 2009

    Awesome toys!, asittingduck is looking to release one this year!.

  • Wendy, 29 October 2009

    I really Like the “Angry little monkey”.Especially its nose and eyes are so realistic that I feel it is a real monkey rather than a toy.

  • Turo DG-BM&P, 31 October 2009

    It’s amazing toys. The Desing is so creative and aplication of color is so good (:.
    Increibles juguetes. El diseño es muy recreativo y la aplicacion de colores es buenisima.

  • mohaddeseh, 05 June 2010


    are Bautiful


  • Emily, 29 July 2010

    Absolutely love them!

  • noskill1343, 11 November 2010

    great collection, thanx

  • Marcos Zanona, 28 November 2010

    very nice, for more inspiration you can also check out this book:

  • jose osuna, 05 January 2011

    i would like a custom figure of my wrestling character n how much

  • ???????, 25 January 2011

    amazing .Nice toys and Very interesting Toys

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