Feb 25 2010

Food Design At Its Best: 40 Extraordinary Examples Of Edible Art


Everybody knows you’re not supposed to play with your food but that doesn’t stop these artists from creating some rather extraordinary edible art. Far from the mountains you used to make with your mashed potatoes, these masterpieces could go on display in a museum. Mixing together a little food and a lot of talent is the perfect recipe for some mouth watering inspiration. Check out these 40 extraordinary examples of edible art to kick start your hunger.

Sakurako Kitsa
Tree Frog made with an apple and carrot.


Heron made of boiled egg.


Giraffe made of polenta and roast beef pieces.


Preying mantis made using pea pods and edamame.


Jim Victor
This farm scene was carved from butter.


A large sow and her piglets made of butter.


Another large butter sculpture.


Really cool carving of an orange.


Fish made of bok choy.


These inquisitive looking penguins are made of eggplant.


Jordana Z
My latte has a face in it!


Bear face.


The Voyager
A Dr. Suess looking character.


A few other interesting examples of latte art.





Panda sushi roll.


A re-creation of Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting made entirely from sushi.


Sushi art.


Obama sushi roll.


Akido Ida & Peirre Javelle
Mowing the lawn on a kiwi.


Road work on an eclair.


Tunneling through bread.


Mash-mellow glaciers.


Watermelon work.


Jelly Belly
Indian portrait made with over 9,000 jelly beans.


George Washington made of  jelly beans.


Rock Recipies
A gingerbread house base on a real house with lots of detail.

DSC_0923 copy (Large)

My Opera
Food fights back.

1210914146_funny_fruits_06 copy

A hand carved out of bread.

bread hand

Suicidal orange.


Watermelon carving of Marilyn Monroe.


Awesome 3D carving of a watermelon.


Relief carving of a watermelon.


Arnie Felix Magold

612 slices of toast.


Adam Sheldon
Stunning work created from 132 pieces of scraped toast.


Ray Villifan
Insane pumpkin carving of the Predator.


Three dimensional pumpkin carving of a skull.


Olle Hemmendorff
Air Max 90 created out of hamburger for Nike.


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Comments and Discussions
  • Scarlett, 25 February 2010

    Awesome collection!!

  • Retro Sweets, 25 February 2010

    AMAZING – Jelly beans, burgers, butter… who would’ve thought such amazing pieces of art could come from it!

  • Annet, 25 February 2010

    are these for sale?? if so,… where? Great work!

  • Nina, 25 February 2010

    Very funny and creative, really awesome stuff.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Duncan, 25 February 2010

    Can you make a living off this? If so then I have a resignation letter to write

  • Michal Kozak, 25 February 2010

    Amazing stuff! Suicidal orange is just the best, haha!

  • Khushboo, 25 February 2010

    This is unbelievable. Hats off !! to these wonderful artists.

    I wish I could do even an inch of it :P

  • Jordan Walker, 25 February 2010

    Apparently they did not listen when their parents told them to not play with food. Great!

  • julio, 25 February 2010

    Awesome post wow but I don’t like playing with my food lol.

  • NJ Web Designs, 25 February 2010

    Cool Round up…
    Obama sushi roll is yummy
    And Jim Victor’s Butter Art looks awesome..

  • NJ Web Designs, 25 February 2010

    Cool Round up…
    Obama sushi roll is yummy
    And Jim Victor’s Butter Art looks awesome..

  • Tinu, 25 February 2010

    Awesome..Cool Round up…
    Obama sushi roll is yummy
    And Jim Victor’s Butter Art looks awesome..

    Thanks for sharing..

  • Ignazio, 25 February 2010

    Didn’t your parents tell you “not to play with your food?”
    ;o) Just kidding.

    Great works of art!

  • bract, 25 February 2010

    Dude, this is amazing.
    I am going to share this one in my facebook.

  • Aidan, 25 February 2010

    Awesome food arts! Funny too!

  • zohaib, 25 February 2010

    i really don’t want to eat these great artwork :) awesome

  • Benoy, 25 February 2010

    Incredible, and being a food lover myself, kudos to all who put in hours of hardwork and creativity to get the final touch. Its awesome. Liked the Jesus-toast work. What detailing. Wonder how it was done!!

  • Loveish, 25 February 2010

    All I can say is that its a yummy list :)

  • Shevaa, 26 February 2010

    Very Nice…. Especially Fish made of bok choy.. Hard Work…

  • Jay, 26 February 2010

    Love it all.Perhaps this is why I love food so much, so versatile?

  • Leisha, 26 February 2010

    I love these! The predator pumpkin is awesome, but I also love the praying mantis made of beans – those creepy mantis eyes.

  • Vegeta, 26 February 2010

    OVER 9,000 JELLYBEANS!!!

  • Susan, 26 February 2010

    How much fun! Love the imagination involved.

  • Kåka, 28 February 2010

    hahaha coooool yoba!!!

  • Grace, 28 February 2010

    FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! LOVED ALL OF THEM! I love watching the pumpkin carving contests on TV at HALOWEEN

  • Yoni R, 02 March 2010

    Adding some of my own

  • USJOCK, 10 March 2010

    I love food and I love what these talented people did with the food!

  • Babar, 17 March 2010

    hahaha…its really amazing

  • Brandon, 17 March 2010

    these people are really talented…genius

  • Orlando Web Design, 22 March 2010

    that’s some really good work!

  • Gourmet India, 18 May 2010

    Fantastic designs , we do have some on our site as well. Do drop by.

  • Jorn, 29 June 2010

    Food Design At Its Best: 40 Extraordinary Examples Of Edible Art – Noupe

  • joh, 30 December 2010

    I like these ones from Japan which have anime themes

  • small fri, 21 January 2011

    this is a talented person!!!!They are also super creative!!!You have to take you time on that and you have to have a goood pic to do too.THIS PERSON HAS GOT THE STUFF!!!!!

  • Orlando, 19 August 2011

    That shoe burger looks good haha.

  • Orlando Design, 29 September 2011

    mmm.. Pokemon sushi. haha

  • Cindy Daniels, 07 May 2012

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  • Mohit Chouhan, 18 September 2012

    thatz really very N!cE…

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