Oct 19 2011

A Showcase of Infrared Photography


In almost any problem solving situation, one tends to be told to think outside the box to find a solution. Basically asking us to look beyond the ordinary to find the extraordinary. One creative field that seems to shine as a beacon for taking this approach, and seeing the world in a very different way than most of us is photography. For example, today’s showcase which takes a look at some stunning infrared photography that exemplifies the principle of looking beyond the ordinary to find the extraordinary.

Take a tour of the world in a way that most never see it. Through this surrealistic lens the world is transformed into a vibrant and often breathtaking landscape. Such an inspirational collection awaits. Enjoy!

The Works

Lost and Found by dingodave

Horses Dreams infrared by MichiLauke

Straightforward Path Infrared by ilimel

Castle Avenue infrared by MichiLauke

The Park Infrared by dingodave

Infrared Bridge by WrappedUpInBooks

Pink Tree infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared XXXI by ilimel

Infrared Trees by michiLauke

Untilted by Paula Cobleigh

Tropical Garden infrared by MichiLauke

Magical Tree – Infrared by Chaton75

Infrared Path in Montreal by Barbroute

Graveyard Infrared by rare-twinkie

Franklin Falls by Paula Cobleigh

Infrared I by Crossie

Willow Tree Infrared by MichiLauke

Dresden Zwinger in infrared by Torsten-Hufsky

Infrared Tree and Pond by YuriPanda

Infrared LI by lilimel

Spring Wolni infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared Train by fatihkilic

Infrared Tower by ilimel

Magic Tree II infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared Snowdrops by okavanga

Infrared Pond II by La-Vita-A-Bella

Indian Summer by dingodave

Laguna de Plata Infrared by otas32

Snowing In The Summer by DSent

The White Field by dingodave

Birch Infrared by MichiLauke

infrared something-scape by foodshelf

Infrared by finklenator

the beach by ComprehensiveOne

Infrared Trees by DCooper20

Clouds infrared by MichiLauke


About the Author

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


Comments and Discussions
  • Maria, 19 October 2011

    Wow! These are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Alex, 19 October 2011

    Thanks so much for sharing. This is some good inspiration for some otherworldly photo edits.

  • Rebecca, 19 October 2011

    Many of those are stunningly beautiful.

  • Orlando, 19 October 2011

    Love these pictures, but the ones with snow make me want to go up north!

  • Víctor González, 20 October 2011

    Too bad that Kodak Aerochrome Film (the one that was used to take most of the photographs in this showcase) was discontinued recently and won’t ever be available again. I ordered some of the last 120 rolls of it from Germany. Cut by hand in total darkness to proper size by expert hands, because the film was already not longer sold nor 35mm, 120 or large format. It was only sold in huge aerial rolls.
    Too bad…

  • Theo, 21 October 2011

    Great collection!

  • Alessandro, 22 October 2011

    Nice collections.. so greatful photo! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mackenzie Child, 22 October 2011

    I’ve seen this type of photography before, but I never knew it was called infrared photograph. Beautiful photos though!

  • adumpaul, 27 October 2011

    Awesome collection.Thank you for sharing.

  • Jared, 12 November 2011

    Very cool! Looks like the world is locked in a winter wonderland! Great Shots!

  • Antony milton raja, 25 November 2011

    I never saw like this method of photography.. Lot of home work.. I love it.. I love you

  • Bijuterii, 26 May 2012

    these are fantastic

  • Giacomo, 05 October 2012

    Great stuff, have a look at my infrared motion time-lapse test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt7wrmqC_Mw

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