Jul 28 2010

Awesome Examples of Bridges Photography


This post features some beautiful photos of bridges. A creative photographer has the ability to bring life into a lifeless object with his experience and expertise. Have you seen some of these bridges already? What other beautiful architectural masterpieces can you think of? Let us know what you think in the comments to this post!

Beautiful Photos Of Bridges

Silicon City – San Francisco


The mouth of ny harbor


Golden Gate HDR


Runcorn Bridge at Twilight (11,000+ views)


Bridge at Multnomah Falls. Winter Ice formations.


Hennepin Avenue Bridge




Illuminated Kintai Bridge(Kintai-kyo Bridge)


MacArthur Bridge, Belle Isle


Singapore Undercover Bridge


The drunk bridge / Il ponte ubriaco


Ponte di Calatrava al casello autostradale di RE


Dubai Space Bridge


The Shelby Street Bridge


HDR New River Gorge Bridge


Clifton Suspension Bridge on River Avon


Bridge to Nelson


Langkawi sky bridge


Zubi zuri y torres isozaki


Far: Seri Wawasan Bridge


Nocturno / Nocturnal (Amsterdam, Holanda)


Sydney Harbor Bridge


Millennium Eye


Lisboa, Ponte 25 Abril Bridge, Lisbon


Stockton Infinity Bridge Early Evening


Hohenzollern Bridge, Köln, Germany


Rust and Surf # 2 – San Francisco


I had to do it, too…:)


Downtown Minneapolis from I-35W


Golden Gate, by Moonlight [2]


The reflection


The Dam and Bridge 4-19-09


Juan de Fuca Trail: Suspension Bridge


Forth Rail Bridge – Night View


Mathematical Bridge


Chine Shanghaï


Miami Lights


Chicago’s Moving Bridges over the Chicago River


Tokyo Water Front


Sydney 2009 New Year Fireworks II


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Comments and Discussions
  • Josh, 28 July 2010

    How can you do an article on beautiful bridge photography and not include the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC?

    (shameless self-plug)

  • Aamir, 28 July 2010

    amazing, Thanks for sharing!

  • hoko, 28 July 2010

    You missed The Bosphorus Bridge which connects Europe and Asia :)

  • Alisa Roberts, 28 July 2010

    Awesome Collection!

  • fearloathing, 28 July 2010

    Wow, these are incredible.

  • abdul, 28 July 2010

    Amazing Bridge and road

  • gagan, 28 July 2010

    great !

  • Heesa Phadie, 28 July 2010

    These are awesome!

  • Peter, 28 July 2010

    well i love the “drunk bridge” and “Langkawi sky” and i really wish that i could be there anytime….

  • Sunny Kumar, 28 July 2010

    Amazing Photography…

  • sundeep reddy, 28 July 2010

    illuminated kintai bridge…whtz wrong wid it :P

  • Prisha, 28 July 2010

    awesome photography ………it must be of some professional photographer

  • Ted Thompson, 28 July 2010

    Great photos. The Kintai Bridge is a cute looking bridge. Excellent photo of the Clifton Suspension bridge as well.

  • Zeeakz, 28 July 2010

    I have always been a big fan of photography and these are some awesome clicks, I just love em all. ?

    Cheers :D

  • Project Center, 28 July 2010

    Amazing shots and art here. Had not heard of the “drunk bridge” until looking at this collection.

  • krazykorean, 28 July 2010


  • Jafar, 28 July 2010


  • JohnnySuperb, 28 July 2010

    Very beautiful bridges!!!

  • ritika, 28 July 2010

    Amazing pictures.Loved the The drunk bridge / Il ponte ubriaco photo.

  • Ram, 28 July 2010

    Really an excellent collection. Wonderful….

  • Sarah Lynn, 29 July 2010

    These are incredible shots! I especially love the Singapore Undercover Bridge. Awesome color and angle! Our bridges in US aren’t nearly as contemporary looking as some of the ones found around the globe. Really great designs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sir Francis, 29 July 2010

    Thanx for adding my bridge to this awesome collection.
    Strangely enough, the picture selected is not the one Im most proud of but an average one (at least in my own opinion).
    If you want to see my other bridge photos please log on to:
    flickr.com/pacocanker and then choose the “Lighthouses and Bridges” set (including Bosphorus, San Diego, Amsterdam or Brisbane amazing bridges).
    Cheers everyone
    Sir Francis Canker Jones

  • Paco Cabeza-Lopez, 29 July 2010

    Excellent shots.
    Glad mine has been chosen among this collection of fabulous bridge shots.
    Paco Cabeza-Lopez

  • Todd Steel, 29 July 2010

    Some beautiful specimens…several of them look more like roller coasters at first glance. No pictures of Snake Bridge included?


  • Jim Boud, 29 July 2010

    Thanks for adding my photo of the Langkawi Sky Bridge….it was a truly amazing place!

  • Dan, 29 July 2010

    Another bridge that I like: http://www.203photography.com/2010/05/derby-shelton-train-bridge/

  • Web design portfolio, 29 July 2010

    these are grat! thanks. Don’t know why but I love the chicago one the most!

  • Rallfgg, 30 July 2010

    I miss the ErasmusBridge ( the Swamn ) Rotterdam here :)

  • Paul J, 31 July 2010

    Nice to see the New River Gorge Bridge on here, though the picture doesn’t do it justice (it’s amazing because how ridiculously high it is). I actually whitewater rafted not long ago on the New River. good trip. you end up below the bridge at the end.

  • iTechRoom, 31 July 2010

    Mind Blowing, I wonder if they really exists..

  • Govind, 02 August 2010

    You Should add : Howrah Bridge – http://i1.trekearth.com/photos/38565/howrah__bridge.jpg

  • mike, 02 August 2010

    se olvidaron del puente lanoria

  • ara, 09 August 2010

    Amazing collection!! Thankyou

  • Ricardo, 09 August 2010

    Hi, I’m really impressed with your photos, and when looking at that i had the following idea.

    I want to go to every bridge, knowing the local costumes and if possible taking MY photos of the same place, so we can have other point of view. =)

    I think that was cool if you put the coordinates, (from google maps) from the places that you visit.


  • Chris Beesley, 18 August 2010

    Thanks for including my night shot of the Widnes/Runcorn bridge in this great collection!

    Cheers, Chris

  • elke, 04 September 2010

    Beautiful pics!! awesome!! wonderful!! This is thruthly incredible!! Congrats!!

  • deng linlin, 05 October 2010

    certainly I genuinely as with your current publish retain active in the data I will liable pop in a lot of multiple other cause to start appraisal a number of a lot more merit per ton.

  • Erin Conn, 27 October 2010

    Awesome briges

  • takis, 27 February 2012

    you missed RIO-ANTIRIO GREECE in the night is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernice, 15 October 2013

    love it all….!!!

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