Jun 08 2012

Dream Catchers: Showcase of Ethereal Photography


Photographers are powerful artists, whose manipulations of the images they capture, if not just the images themselves, can be so breathtaking and dream-like, that they almost exist in another world. Images that feel like amazing moments stolen from someone’s slumber, rather than were taken in the same reality that we all inhabit. This kind of ethereal photography is what we are here to showcase today.

Below you can take a walk through worlds so light and airy, created by a range of talented artists who have crafted these dreams and captured them to inspire others. We hope that you will get a boost from the creative energy flowing from this collection of ethereal photography.

Dream Catchers

Offering to the Sun by Nelleke

Tree Spirit v.4 by brenditaworks

Frenzy by Hengki24

Tree Swing by GaiusNefarious

Beneath the Stars by Dee-T

untitled by oprisco

crack by haksek

Time for Rain by sternenfern

Juliet IV by KayleighJune

Like You Said… by Khomenko

King Canute’s Throne by Ian-Plant

Friendship by nairafee

lose it by ultramaryna

Was it all a dream by Grasmaayer

Entity by lostknightkg

Ice Princess by kameolynn

The Creek by Nelleke

Twilight by Hengki24

Beneath Moonlight by Dee-T

infinity by oprisco

Her Choice by nairafee

Blue Gate by GaiusNefarious

Under the Sea by kameolynn

The Cauldron of Life by Ian-Plant

Silver Icing by Emily Soto

San Francisco, Golden Gate in fire chamber by alierturk

The quiet cold of inner darkness by livetoregret

a moment of silence by Ronaaa

land of the lost by arbebuk

I wore my soul as face by INeedChemicalX

if you believe in magic by LuizaLazar

The Oath by Nelleke

Child of Nature v.3 by brenditaworks

Sawarna by Hengki24

Home Sweet Home by Dee-T

closer by oprisco

Wedding day by Khomenko

My Dreams by nairafee

Sporeling II by Grasmaayer

Creation by Ian-Plant

Time to Wake

And now the dream is over, but only temporarily. Feel free to share your favorites with us in the comments, or even point us to some ethereal shots that we didn’t get to fit into this collection.


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Comments and Discussions
  • wow so nice collection

  • titlap, 08 June 2012

    What a wonderfull set !!!

  • All the images are awesome. I like specially the instagram effect.

    • Jay, 08 June 2012

      Instagram effect!?! what the … you sir. are a douchebag.
      instagram is photo effects for the masses, things here are pretty classy.

    • Travis, 08 June 2012

      Hahah yeah… that was a pretty stupid addition to your comment I myself are a major violator of great photography because I only use my phone and edit it either on my phone or occasionally in PS, but these photos above took some serious skill and you wouldn’t get this result with Instagram….

  • india Dekho, 08 June 2012

    nice pictures !
    i like all & want to save in my images gallery.
    thanks a lot

  • Source Canvas, 08 June 2012

    Yup these are looking so great! I love Noupe’s collection of photography showcases. Very high quality media.

  • carrie, 08 June 2012

    Just brilliant! I love your this photography collection – well done!!!

  • Drupal Web Designer, 09 June 2012

    WOW this is really amazing images which you have posted.I loved all the images they are simply great. Thanks for this wonderful images.

  • Roger, 09 June 2012

    An absolute eye candy!!

  • sharad, 09 June 2012

    Noupe’s collection of photography its so beautiful…

  • Larthan, 10 June 2012

    I see there’s even a poem written by the photographer Nelleke, and the picture fits in the poem pretty pertinently. What a sparkling abode glutted with so many talented artists! Can’t wait for the moment that I’m in the flaunting parade.

  • Kursad, 13 June 2012

    Nice pictures. +1

  • juliemarg, 13 June 2012

    Great collection! I feel like i am on the other world… Thanks…

  • kalizamar, 13 July 2012


  • jonah, 01 October 2012


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