Sep 03 2010

40 Awesome Works of Art Made From Paper


Paper is a humble medium. It’s often cheap and you probably have some within 20 feet of you right now. Most of us just use it for jotting down ideas, writing notes or doodling but some resourceful artists out there use it to create stunning works of art.

Often referred to as papercraft, this art form take the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary. Many artists use nothing more than paper to create anything from exquisite cut outs to the most detailed and realistic models. Today we present 40 Awesome Works of Art Made From Paper that will inspire you to take a second look at the often over-looked material and re-think its possibilities.

Wataru Itou
This astounding paper model looks amazing with all the little lights illuminating it. Be sure to hit up the link for more pictures of this masterpiece.


This life-sized paper model of Link is amazing. Can you believe it’s just paper? Click on the picture to see videos of the build.


Cláudio Dias
This detailed train was designed and built by Claudio. It has over 400 parts and you can download the plans for free to build your own.


Another of Claudio’s paper model designs. This Back To The Future Delorean even has a detailed cockpit. Click the picture to download the plans for this model for free.


Brian Chan
This Origami work was based on the Mensa logo. No cutting or gluing here – just folded paper.


Amazingly, this fiddler crab was created by folding just a single piece of paper.


Sher Christopher
Sher Christopher collects paper from all over the world to create unique works of art. This piper is intently focused on his subject.


This masked woman has great style. The curled paper hair looks awesome.


Peter Callesen
Peter’s pieces often have a thought provoking effect on the viewer. This one is no exception. Great original concept and flawless execution.


I love the idea of this one. It almost has a life after death feeling to it.


Ingrid Siliakus
This symmetrical design is really impressive and full of little details.


This insane paper model takes the idea of the pop-up book to a new level. Truly remarkable.


Bovey Lee
Bovey Lee produces some extraordinarily detailed paper cut-outs. This is a close-up of a larger piece that will blow your mind.


Wow. I can only imagine the time invested in this intricate piece. You should definitely visit Bovey’s site to see her other works.


Zim and Zou
A tribute to old school handheld gaming, this Gameboy almost looks real at first glance.


Speaking of old school, these Snow Walkers are awesome. You can even print out the plans and build them yourself.


This little origami penguin is a folded dollar bill. The white beak and the swirl for the eye is really impressive.


This artist’s uncanny ability to perfectly line up artwork on the dollar bill to become details of the final product is amazing. The head of the fish couldn’t be more perfect if he painted it on after the fact.


Helen Musselwhite
This stylized 3D papercraft is simply beautiful. I love the depth and perspective it has.


Another stunning vision in 3D papercraft with clean lines and lots of details to discover.


The simplistic and clean design of this piece is awesome.


I really like the 3D quality of this artist’s work.


This insane paper model not only looks great but actually features a moving fan, crankshaft and pistons. Click the picture to see a video of it in action.


This paper model has a crazy amount of detail. Even the tracks are made of paper.


Michael Mash
It’s hard to believe someone could design and build such an amazing scale model of a ship just using mostly paper.


Transformers’ Bumble Bee never looked so good. Can you believe this is just basically paper and glue.


This paper model looks real enough to be used in a movie. Notice all the details. I can’t find anything that gives away the fact that it’s not real.


This cargo ship has clean lines and some great colors.


This super-cool paper Predator come with his own set.


Another awesome papercraft model from Loenf with its own scene and background. This one has great looking textures and detailed terrain.


This fighter jet is full of authentic details including missiles docked just under the wings. check out the other pictures for even more detailed shots by clicking on the photo.


The space shuttle with an opening bay door and robotic arm ready to deliver its payload. Amazing.


This old school bi-plane with a spinning prop is wonderful.


Yulia Brodskaya
Yulia’s work is truly outstanding and inspiring. I love the flourishes in this one.


This design is full of wildlife in vibrant colors.


Beautiful topography and great colors make this design really pop.


Bert Simmons
Bert Simmons creates 3D models of people then flattens them and prints them out to be assembled. The end result is amazing.


This piece is actually a wearable mask. Check out the artist’s site to see a video of someone wearing it. It looks like a real-life bobblehead.


Sue Blackwell
This stunning papercraft is made from cutting up a book. It has lots of movement in it. You can almost hear the wind rustling in the trees.

This awesome book-cut sculpture depicts Alice and the Mad Hatter’s tea party.


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About the Author

Tim Mercer is a photography enthusiast, graphic designer, artist and blogger. His blog offers free resources for the digital artist and graphic designer, as well as tutorials, artist interviews, inspiration and more.

Comments and Discussions
  • ??????, 03 September 2010

    yea very cool
    i hope i had my own creativity mind so i can do such things :(

  • GFXBD, 03 September 2010

    These are very artistic, crafty and have good notch in the work. Not too easy for someone but need good skill. These artwork really impressive and I am very amazed to find this post.

  • Sunalini, 03 September 2010

    Truly fantastic…..although I am concerned about the wastage of paper but the concept and creativity are amazing.

    • Gigi, 03 September 2010

      Maybe they used recycled paper….focus on the art, the passion and the talent rather than the waste. Their artistic ability is worth more than that.

      • Sunalini, 05 September 2010

        I agree. I think you misunderstood. Please read comments carefully and analytically before commenting back :)

      • sara johnson, 11 September 2012

        yea they may hvae very well used recycled paper and they can recycle it again

  • agustin, 03 September 2010

    that´s a very creative and impressive work.

  • Spyros, 03 September 2010

    I am truly stunned by this. Things like this make you realise how great our abilities as humans are. I cannot manifest into words how moving this is…wow

  • Caroline, 03 September 2010

    really nice job. I love it!

  • Duncan, 03 September 2010

    The delorean is incredible. if I wasn’t so pron to stepping on things it would definitely be getting built

  • olybop, 03 September 2010

    Wonderfull ! Thesere works are amazing :)

  • Aken Bosch, 03 September 2010

    Even that those works are not art, they are outstanding!! Amazing work!!

    • Chris, 03 September 2010

      Aken, those works are art, in every sense of the work, just look at the castles. And I agree that they are amazing.

      • Aken Bosch, 05 September 2010

        Chris, they’re an awesome display of skill. But the beauty of those works and incredible execution doesn’t make them art. They’re not art by any mean. Well, maybe Peter Callesen’s work could be art, but lately, ppl inmerse in design (and a lot of ppl in general) started calling all beautiful things “art”. It kinda bothers me a bit the misuse of the “art” concept and its undiscriminated application to everything that looks beautiful.

      • TMaddox, 29 September 2010

        Why are these not art? “Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, !sculpture!, and paintings. …”

      • Aken Bosch, 07 October 2010

        That is such a fragmentated way to describe art that doesn’t even say the most important thing in art: Its signficance.

        That definition (a lame wikipedia one) is such an outdated concept. “Arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions” That is so wrong. Under that definition, a soap opera could be called art… Art has more to do with complexity and significance, and of course with a validation among its own circle of power.

      • Jen, 13 January 2013

        Aken. Really???? Art is in the eye of the beholder and no amount of “explinations on complexity and significance” is going to make me believe that a white canvas with a black stripe is ‘art’. Goodness you sound like an art student who doesn`t apprieciat that ‘art’ is for everyone.

  • Raelin, 03 September 2010

    Shocked into silence.. awe- inspiring.

  • Saifur, 04 September 2010

    This post SUCKS. I have seen it so many its on so many blogs and even on your previous post too.

  • imran khan, 04 September 2010

    very cool indeed!!! my boss made loads of this kinda stuff…

    Good show! =)

  • Sarag Lynn, 04 September 2010

    Absolutely love Yulia’s work. It was in O magazine a few months back and really caught my attention.

  • Lee Gustin, 04 September 2010

    Awesome post :)

    I actually did a post on the artist that did the dollar bill ones you showed:

    thanks for a great inspirational post

  • HELL LORD, 04 September 2010


  • Scott, 05 September 2010

    Great collection, you wouldn’t think that alot of these were made out of paper.

    • Amr Kozbari, 12 November 2011

      i know right

  • GraphicsFuel, 05 September 2010

    these are wonderful collection of paper art work. I really like the tanker and ship artwork.


  • Robyn McIntyre, 05 September 2010

    I absolutely wouldn’t have the patience. BTW – the picture under Sue Blackwell is wrong. It shows the work of your first artist, Ito.

  • Anthony, 06 September 2010

    just goes to shows, you can create art out of anything and everything. this is pure inspiration!

  • Herbug, 06 September 2010

    this is trua an inspiration
    makes my want to try it

  • Ben Lopez, 07 September 2010

    I was really surprised at how such intricate works can be made out of paper. This really takes some doing !

  • Brian, 29 September 2010

    Very cool. Check out Eric Standley. He does incredible work with paper as well.

  • Mary, 03 January 2011

    Holy Crap! Those are freaking amazing! The hardest thing i can make out of paper is a paper crane that flaps its wings.

  • ea.gknwae/lkg, 08 March 2011


  • rajina, 26 May 2011

    fantastic paper work really amazing,this moment i am thinking that how could a man has this kind of creativity.

  • Amr Kozbari, 12 November 2011

    awesome but all the stuff is really made from paper cause it looks like it has strings and stuff. so its 100% paper.

  • Viveka Nand, 27 January 2012

    Awesome work, going through the work, is really a breath holding experience….

  • taiwo, 07 August 2012

    wow! these are fantastic works,simply the bomb. keep the good work up guys.

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