Feb 10 2008

70+ Visually Impressing Header Graphics


We were inspired by Smashing Magazine’s Header Graphics Contest to create a small showcase of more than 70 outstanding header graphics with excellent use of visual elements and interface design.

Feel free to comment upon these selected header graphics as nothing is more important to us than your opinion.

1) Sam Tech

2) Gotocss3

< !–more–>

3) Split Dadiz

4) DaleHarris

5) alisa

6) Alegodesign

7) Bnweiss

8 ) Philippe Plaideux

9) Squawk Design

10) Radiant Plumbing

11) Biola Undergrad

12) J R Velasco

13) Explore Cascadia

14) Next2 Friends

15) Casio Exilim Lab

16) Meomi

17) Spinvox

18) Evanescence

19) The Horizontal Way

20) Swiths

21) Malir Gruner

22) Sacha Greif

23) Shinobi Cat

24) Satsu

25) Hrasti

26) Colorzent Entertainment

27) Cow and Monkey

28) In Memori´am

29) Paul Enderson

30) Tattered Fly

31) Spunk United

32) Art Skills

33) OKB

34) Open Doors Student Site

35) Happy Cog

36) Cotton Seed Oil Tour

37) Neftys World

38) Designyou Trust

39) EllisLab

40) King Of The Blues

41) Fluid Book

42) Simply Fired

43) Joyent

44) Hugo Create

45) Kikipost

46) Creavation

47) Smoothie Land

48) Drew Wilson

49) BaliwThemovie

50) Art Zen

51) Qwertcity

52) Gotaqua

53) Kit10designs

54) bienbienbien

55) The alamobasement

56) Tonda

57) Der Vigilant

58) Go To Clubbers Community

59) Juxtinteractive

60) Carrienewcomer

61) Scoutingforgirls

62) Tickledpinkdesignz

63) Interag

64) Designbstudios

65) Backstreetmania

66) Katrinwegmann

67) Magicka Studio

68) Zinaz

69) Madpotato

70) FreePeople

71) Blog What Design

72) Dizzain

73) Cult Foo

About the Author

The jungle is alive: Be it a collaboration between two or more authors or an article by an author not contributing regularly. In these cases you find the Noupe Editorial Team as the ones who made it. Guest authors get their own little bio boxes below the article, so watch out for these.


Comments and Discussions
  • H@med, 10 February 2008


  • Gabe, 10 February 2008

    Great inspiration. These headers have a great variety of styles, and I love that they’re deviating from the “web 2.0″ look (I didn’t see one reflection!) It seems that the trend is moving toward a “busier” image with more things happening, plenty of eye-catching elements. Good stuff!

  • fedmich, 10 February 2008

    Nice list. Very inspiring :)

  • Jermayn Parker, 10 February 2008

    A good collection, would be so much better however if there were examples that were not ALL the same as each other!

    Headers are so similar these days!!

  • Phil, 10 February 2008

    I just found a new site the other day look through a CSS gallery. http://www.joshtilton.com has an interesting header.

    Thanks for this list! These are some beauties!

  • Kelly C., 10 February 2008

    Wow. These are nice. Thank you! I am always a bit disheartened though, when the crux of the design is a stock image with no major deviations from the original file. I saw a few on here right off of istock. I love the idea of supporting stock artists, but make your designs your own.

  • Franck, 11 February 2008

    Nice. Maybe you forgot Webdesigner Wall

  • Frank, 11 February 2008

    Så många!
    Så olika!
    Nu finns det inte fler headers, alla är gjorda!
    Amazing list!
    Very inspiring!

  • 3kolone, 11 February 2008

    Great list! Bookmark ;-)

  • Noupe, 11 February 2008

    Thanks so much, guys.

    Very true Gabe. I think many designer these days are working away from the “web 2.0″ style, I don’t think that the typical ‘Web 2.0 Look’ is a bad thing at all; they just need to be used in moderation and with care.

  • CFA Level 1, 11 February 2008

    Very good collection of header designs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jon, 11 February 2008

    Pretty good list. I have a pdf I made that has all cool websites I come across.

  • Joe, 11 February 2008

    Great list! Thanks.
    This site has a great header graphic:


  • Chris, 11 February 2008

    Nice Job!

    Here is one I recommend adding to the list:

  • Anton, 11 February 2008

    Thay are all in the same awful style. Like the 60′s gone rotten. Not my cup of tea.

  • Fubiz, 11 February 2008

    Amazing selection :) Good work.

  • Gis, 11 February 2008

    Beautiful selection :D I’ll have to add it to my delicious for some amazing inspirational guide!!!

  • Denver Web Design by Shycon, 11 February 2008

    Very inspirational work here! The header image has the best chance to grab attention, so make it memorable.

  • Chad Mueller, 11 February 2008

    This is a great post of inspiration of web 2.0 trend header graphics. A lot of characters, illustrations, gradients.. all good brilliant colors.

  • kishore, 12 February 2008

    This is what called WEB 2.0 style.
    Excellent work. Good Inspirational work.

  • Martin & Miglena Papazovi, 12 February 2008

    Hey ! Thanks for featuring our work – hrasti.com !

  • Tom, 12 February 2008

    Great post, I really like some of these headers.
    Well done.

  • Jose, 12 February 2008

    Thanks :-) okb.es

  • Umer Tahir, 12 February 2008

    Great headers !

  • Shibani, 13 February 2008

    Fantastic collection…thanx :)

  • Jake, 13 February 2008

    Wow.. These are simply wonderful list!!! The designs would really make you say “WOW!” :) Fantastic…

  • Dominik Lenk, 13 February 2008

    Thanks for featuring me and the added inspiration.
    On the debate of Web2.0: I might be talking for myself here, but I do not think that the majority of the sites listed here fit the description of this style. (Some of them are simply not shiny enough;-)
    However, just like Noupe already said: The web 2.0 style is not necessarily bad. Just don’t overdo it.

  • john, 14 February 2008

    Nice work

  • Glooria, 16 February 2008

    You’re forget the exelent http://www.monsieur-alex.com/club-club/

  • Bride, 18 February 2008

    Nice Graphics. Thank you…

  • Inspiring collection. However, smoothie land = uses graphics off istockphoto.com

  • Nefty, 20 February 2008

    thanks for the add, indeed all these are inspiring!

  • SE7EN, 20 February 2008

    I like office,desk style header like this site

  • Robin, 22 February 2008

    hahaha.. These are simply wonderful list!!! The designs would really make you say “WOW!good enjoy…

  • Witzulu, 27 February 2008

    Most of these are too busy. they only cater for one type of visitor.

    I find that when a site tries to “sell” itself with a lot of bells and wissels the content is usually weak.

    Distracting a user from the content is not usually the best way to go.

  • Lukas Labryszewski, 28 February 2008

    Very Inspiring… thanks for this list.
    Added to my del.icio.us bookmarks.

  • Chad Mueller, 29 February 2008

    Amazing use of colours with all of these headers, they do all the right things right, they all serve their purposes in the right way.. Another great posts

  • Matt Rossi, 04 March 2008

    awesome post. lots of great inspiration on there. way to go!

  • Ralph, 06 March 2008

    Oh amazing… so much great ideas in this list.

  • Maciej Rakowski, 06 March 2008

    + mine :p http://www.k4lab.info cheers hehehe

  • Paul Enderson, 07 March 2008

    Thanks for the header love guys! Great looking blog you have here yourselves too… :)

  • Ellie, 16 March 2008

    I love this site’s header: http://www.missweblash.com. The jeans theme is to die for.

  • Ellie, 16 March 2008

    Oops, my bad. Typo in URL. Correct URL: http://www.missweblash.com

  • Shane, 28 March 2008

    Amazing list! Very inspiring.

  • dugward, 01 May 2008

    Visually impressIVE?

  • Adelle, 06 June 2008

    Nice choices! Really like this post – great job!

  • butter, 10 June 2008

    great collecion. no matches for them. cant get any better

  • taquito, 27 July 2008

    Hi, you use a Illustrator , i need tips, and tricks, .. and free host to my site….
    HELLLLLLP please

  • Cleverson, 31 July 2008

    Have you some css tutorials using images?


    Cleverson Junior

  • umesh, 21 August 2008

    great works[:)]

  • Jam, 29 August 2008

    This showcase is really amazing!. I spent all evening just enjoying the view. I apologize for my english since is not my mother language, and I will talk about this post in my blog. Guys you really ROCK!. ;)

  • Jim B, 02 September 2008

    Very nice creative designs. Thanks! :)

  • jennifer, 16 September 2008

    thats desinger must be a crazy …I dont now…this thems amazing

  • Steve, 02 October 2008

    The beach scene no.60 with the spinning plates , brilliant . Over all a good collection.

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