Feb 21 2011

Clever Logo Designs That Speak For Themselves


A creative logo design plays a vital role in portraying the brand identity of any company. It is not only the name of the company, but also the brand’s message that communicates with the customers. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is also the logo design that makes your business memorable and distinguishes it from the rest!
It is for that reason that designers put a large amount of effort and time in designing creative and unique logo designs for their clients. In this post, we present to you some very cleverly designed logos that we hope will inspire you to try out something different! Feel free to share more interesting logos with us in the comment section below.

Creative Logo Design Ideas

Pause Logo
In this logo design, the artist creatively used the universal symbol of pause as the letter “U”:


At first sight, you may read this logo design as “brella” but when examining closer, you will reveal the other two letters. Isn’t it a visual treat?


A perfect example of an effective logo design that has all the attributes of a successful logo design:


B Logo
The creator of this logo design is William Patino who creatively created the bee out of the letter “B”:


Chad 2010
This beautiful logo design was created for Chad 2010 in such an artistic way that it not only portrays a face but also creates a map of Africa:


A simple use of typographic elements to demonstrate the bipolar concept:


Steps Logo
The designer Jason Sanzone successfully managed to integrate “steps” into the actual logo:


CFO Cycling Team Logo
Nadir Balcikli, the designer of this amazingly beautiful logo artistically joined the letters CFO to give the shape of a cycling person:


Fuel Quoter
An eye-catching and visually alluring logo design that gives the impression of a gas pump:


Killed Productions
Another creative logo design that speaks for itself. This logo design shows the creative approach of the designer:


This logo design innovatively portrays the phrase “Think Tank” into a “Lightbulb Tank’:


Swing Studios
Struve creatively designed this logo for Swing Studios:


Creativity speaks for itself. Here the logo designer creatively crafts the letter “G” into the shape of a duck:


Evolution X
A simple illustration of evolution through this logo design demonstrates the creativity of the designer:


ED’s Electric
An electrifying logo design that will surely spark creativity in your mind; do notice how cleverly alphabet “E” is used within this logo:


Push The Bottle
See the clever usage of negative spacing in this logo design which clearly portrays the concept of pushing along with making the shape of a bottle:


At a first glance, it may look simple and easy but this logo design is designed with lots of experience and skills at hand that make this logo design stand out among the rest:


Eagle Song Studio
A simple and effective logo design that clearly communicates the ideology of the organization it is made for:


This logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. Here, the number 2 was integrated to show the creativeness of their ideas:


Beautiful usage of fonts that gives the impression as if “Eight” is written in numeric. A simply memorable logo design:


Foot logo design embodies the foot print that makes it a memorable and visually alluring logo design:


Moo Sleep
Another good example of a minimal logo design that clearly communicates the message of the company it is made for:


In this creative logo, the word “Fish” forms the shape of a fish:


83 Studios
It may look as a simple “8” at a first glance but when you look closely at this logo, you’ll spot that “8’ reads “3” within it:


See the creative approach of the designer that uses the “O” and “C” to make an 8. In music theory you know that an octave has eight notes:


Pencil v2
Another good example of simple and effective logo design. See how a simple but creative touch can bring life to the design:


Food Writers
Another good example of negative space that not only portrays the food element but also the writing element:


Mike Erickson makes use of a zipper rather than the letter “I” in “Zip”:


Maritime Law
A simple, effective and memorable logo design with clear representation of law and justice:


Horror Films Logo
Creative and interesting representation of horror through this logo design that was created by Siah Design for Horror Films:


Ant Logo
A beautiful ant shaped logo design created by Alberto William:


See the creative use of letter “G” to create a guitar. A perfect example of simple and effective logo design:


Poker Hills Tournament
This logo design was designed for Poker Hills Tournament that innovatively represents the concept of the tournament:


This logo design clearly communicates the ideology of the organization it is made for. The name of the company is portrayed with the rocket which is blasting off and leaving the smokes behind that forms the shape of a guitar:


Night Golf
This creative logo design not only portrays the moon which gives the feeling of the night but also gives the impression of craters:


An impressive logo design that defines the complex ideas in a very simply and effortless manner:


Precision Networking
You will notice how creatively the letter “E” is used as the metrics of a ruler in this logo design. This embodies the creativity and skills of the designer:


This logo design has been created on the concept of “Less is More”. Simple yet powerful logo design:


Time Watch
This is truly a hard to forget logo design because it embodies the time as you see in your watch. Simple unique and creative concept:


Look Logo
A great example of a simple and memorable logo design created by an Indian designer Zain Zayan:


This logo design explains what the illusion is and how you can use this technique to communicate with your customers:



About the Author

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog webdesigncore.com, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

Comments and Discussions
  • steffenbew, 21 February 2011

    Thanks for that collection. I think this one is genius, too, though it’s not new: http://logofaves.com/2010/01/spartan-golf-club/

  • NooN, 21 February 2011

    Just amazing
    Love the collection, thanks for sharing ;)

  • thebettertwin, 21 February 2011

    These are really good. Inspired design in a lot of the examples.
    Very clever.

  • Dezine Weblog, 21 February 2011

    You are right, just see the logo and you understand what the logo is all about :)

    Great compilation.

  • Daniel, 21 February 2011

    Thanks for including Chad 2010 logo. How do you like two others that also fit this showcase?:

    1. Biz eagles

    2. oceans coffee

  • Satish, 21 February 2011

    Excellent collection…

  • Eric, 21 February 2011

    Great article and some amazing logo!

  • Stacey, 21 February 2011

    Amazing list

  • Theraisa K, 21 February 2011

    I never noticed the face in the Chad 2010 logo before! Its amazing what can be hidden away in a design if you look deeper into it.

  • Steve Ollice, 21 February 2011

    It’s logos like these that push the envelope of logo design!

  • Karim, 21 February 2011

    Awesome post.

  • Andy, 21 February 2011

    Night golf is cool.

  • Charles Lauller, 21 February 2011

    It’s absolutely amazing how much a good logo can elevate a design. Conversely a bad logo has the same effect…


  • Chris Amling, 21 February 2011

    A great collection of logos. I think the RockIT and “B” Logo are my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  • John Doe, 21 February 2011

    Creative logos fascinate me

  • Nima Heydarian, 21 February 2011

    Inspirational. Thanks

  • demotivationals, 21 February 2011

    the killed logo is legendary

  • Marty, 22 February 2011

    Definitely needs the spartan golf logo – but a great collection!

  • Sharyn, 22 February 2011

    They’re all great and I love the “B” and bipolar logos, but my favourite is the Horror Films logo, it’s so simple and expressive.

  • Rana Mukherjee, 22 February 2011

    Nice logos,Aquil great collection!

  • Josh, 22 February 2011

    Check out Phil’s Stock World in the URL. I like THAT logo.

  • Qamar, 22 February 2011

    Brilliant Collection.

  • James Williams, 22 February 2011

    This is very good post for the new developers. Attractive designing is very important for the site the user easily attract. Nice color combination using pictures or animations make the web-site more attractive.

  • Chand, 22 February 2011

    Some really creative and clever logo designs here. Mostly all of them work really well. I don’t think you would even need the name of the company repeated in some cases as the design icons speak for themselves.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Kheys, 22 February 2011

    B Logo and Fish are my faves.

  • Nayka, 22 February 2011

    Beauuuuuuuuuuutiful ! Thanks !

  • Theo, 22 February 2011

    Inspiring collection!

  • Oflife, 22 February 2011

    These are excellent and very creative. I wonder if we should submit the logo for our forthcoming project at http://www.lifemachine.com

    (I’ll drop Noupe a line.)

  • Martynas, 22 February 2011

    Thank you, authors of logos, for good mood:)

  • Designerist, 22 February 2011

    Thanks a lot for collecting them all and sharing the inspiration!

  • Adriana, 22 February 2011

    This is a really awesome collection of smart logos. I really enjoyed scrolling down and taking a close look at every logo design. Thanks for sharing ;)

  • Nuno Bispo, 22 February 2011

    Amazing! Absolute genius. Thanks for sharing

  • Stucky, 22 February 2011

    Simplicity rules!

  • ezra, 22 February 2011

    great for inspiration

  • Ravikumar V., 22 February 2011

    Wonderful collections… food for thought – in a single word :)

  • Aliana Rateanu, 22 February 2011

    Simplicity is the most common characteristic of these logos. This collection is amazing, because we can see listed here, logos that are memorable, smart and effective.

  • lvacs, 23 February 2011

    These are amazing collections of simple and effective logos! Thanks for sharing!

  • Maria Black, 24 February 2011

    Wow, this puts my logos to shame. These are great. Really help one see how much thought went into them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robert Shelley, 25 February 2011

    Conceptual, clean, to the point.

    Nice work.


  • steve, 25 February 2011

    Okay, this is very inspiring and what awesome ideas were used. Thank you for the post!!

  • Rob, 26 February 2011

    Really great collection! Very nice inspirational logo’s.

  • birdy32, 01 March 2011

    Absolutely awesome! Great list – I’m starting to think of a new logo that really speaks out…

  • Gary chew, 07 March 2011

    Thanks for included my eagle song studio logo. And great collection!

  • Techno Lab Design, 14 March 2011

    Truly inspirational logo designs!

  • fathima, 28 March 2011

    Woah! Blown away by the incredible creativity and intelligence of these logos! Would love to see the thought and development processes behind them.

  • Balazs, 06 April 2011

    Excellent, genius, superb, fantastic. Just loved them all. Such high level of communication!!! Wow!

  • mark wholey, 18 April 2011

    Good strong solutions for some very good names.
    Many stand out as tops. The one that knocks me out is the
    bipolar logo. Simple. Brilliant.

  • Sandeep, 22 July 2011

    Really Nice Collection…..

  • John Miller, 12 March 2012

    Killed logo killed it!

  • LunarEuphoria, 19 July 2012

    Brilliant! Love the simplicity of design.

  • Pooja, 15 March 2013

    Awesome Collection…. HATS OFF!!!

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