Mar 07 2011

Footer Designs For Your Inspiration


The days when Web elements were thought to be unimportant and were mostly neglected, are over. Web designers have discovered how important a website’s footer can be to successfully catch any visitor’s attention when only given a bit more thought.

Here are just a few examples of some pretty impressive website footers that have redefined the purpose of footers at the bottom of any Web page. Feel free to share any other sites you know of that also have creative footers in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Creative Footer Designs

Nuevo Aurich
A creative footer design with simple and attractive illustrations. This design has a straight-to-the-point approach that helps to wrap visitors’ minds around:


Exceptional, innovative, simple and effective are all the words that can be used to explain this footer design. The overall site is impressive as well:


Amazing art work and creative lighting effects are incorporated in this footer design to attract the visitors’ attention:


Another creative example of footer design that improves the look of the website while ameliorating the site’s usability:


Bcandullo’s footer design is a simple and attractive one that brings forward simple functions and provides useful information:


This is a perfect example that describes how to arrange your blog postings, comments, RSS feed and other social networking icons within your website footer:


Blog Amuki
If you want to learn how to interact with your visitors using your website footer, then do give a close look at this footer design:


Webdesigner Wall
Web Designer Wall with its unique and soothing design elements has successfully created a beautiful and really unusual WordPress blog design:


So many colorful elements with beautiful illustrations that have all been incorporated into this one footer making it a visual treat for your visitors:


This footer design has a family of octopuses and an umbrella on the ground conveying the great concept. Very attractive footer:


This footer design is very much similar to the overall layout and still very artistic:


To what extent the creativity can takes us is portrayed in this footer:


This website design conveys much information and so does the footer. The perfect use of footer design in order to communicate something creative and very personal:


Great footer design with simple illustration and useful information:


This footer design proves that one has to be bold sometimes if they want to get across creativity for their website by putting the footer design to full use:


Edgepoint Church
This unique and retro-based footer design represents how you can enhance the usability of your website through the footer:


Yuru Inspires
A truly creative and unique footer design that not only looks great but makes navigating the site a fun activity:


Bits & Pixels
This creative and unique footer design perfectly communicates the name and meaning behind the website:


Urban Pie
This footer design includes a family of delicious pie and a search box on the ground. Check it out:


Bristol Archive Records
This beautifully designed footer not only attracts visitors but also offers valuable information:


Sawyer Hollenshead
Sawyer Hollenshead’s footer design offers useful information and provides guidance with the help of the site’s tags:


This footer design successfully portrays the amazingly unique illustration that has been canvassed out on the site:


The Future of Web Apps
This footer design is creative and visually alluring, however does not offer much functionality related to the site:


Excellent amalgamation between the footer and illustrations of the website. Check it out:


Launch Mind
Launch Mind has taken a close and detailed look at what users’ perspectives are and designed the footer accordingly:


Story Pixel
The design elements and color palette of this footer design effectively collaborate with the overall website design that makes it a bit more alluring to the eyes:


This footer takes the creativity to another level by incorporating functionality with twitter updates and other useful features:


Captivate your visitors by showing them the world beneath us with the help of your footer design:


Simply a knockout footer design with a waterfall and water ground:


Another creative example of footer design along with attractive illustrations:


This beautifully designed footer makes use of simple and attractive illustrations to attract visitors and then point them to the right direction. Simple and effective design:


This footer design is simply remarkable in terms of the illustrations that are truly self-explanatory:


This design takes care of the smallest details that make this footer hard to forget. The theme and color contrast fits perfectly to the site design:


This is a somewhat colorful footer in this collection with some icons. The design fits perfectly well to the overall design of the website making it simply alluring to the eyes:


What is most captivating about this footer design is the admirable application of white space:


43 folders
This footer combines different crucial aspects of Web design:


So much information all in one place including the ‘Most Popular’ posts, ‘Latest Content’ and ‘About the Author’ sections. Check it out:


Another impressive footer design that has lots of place to incorporate plenty of data in an effective manner:


Besides the design elements, the designer put the site menu and much more within the footer:


This footer design is full of different features. Simple yet very creative:



About the Author

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

Comments and Discussions
  • Ralph, 07 March 2011

    Your collection is amazing. There are so much ideas to create interessting footer design. Unbelievable. Some of them are so creativ…

  • Vim, 07 March 2011

    I always think I let my designs down when it comes to the footer. But these are top examples of interesting footers and great inspiration.

  • Idragons, 07 March 2011

    nice collection, what do you think about our footer?

  • Dutch, 07 March 2011

    You should’ve included footers without illustrations. They are nice, but you cannot use these kind of footers for all types of websites.

    • Tugi, 07 March 2011

      Completely agree with u, I specialise in desiging company websites and they need to have a serious design rather than casual. These footers are very creative but not suitable for all types of websites.

  • Gabriel Ortiz, 07 March 2011

    It’s a great collection, shows that with all sorts of colors and textures can be obtained excellent results

  • Skill-guru, 07 March 2011

    Nice ones.
    Would like to find some of the affordable web designers who can create some nice UI.

  • Purple'S Theory, 07 March 2011

    great designs but are they available for use? and how?

  • smear, 08 March 2011

    I think this site has a nice footer:

  • Kai, 08 March 2011

    amazing collection and great inspiration. thank you

  • Rana Mukherjee, 08 March 2011

    Nice works. But these types of design take a lot of time… Unfortunately, companies don’t give us time.

  • Ravikumar V., 08 March 2011

    nice collections

  • Grün Weiss, 08 March 2011

    nice links for inspiration thx

  • Brad, 08 March 2011

    Thanks for the feature :)

  • stum450n, 08 March 2011

    I saw a lovely example a while ago at which seems to change depending on the season/event which is a nice touch!

  • Greg Rickaby, 08 March 2011

    Wow! I’m inspired!

  • otomotiv, 08 March 2011

    I think this site has a nice footer:

  • Allmyapps, 15 March 2011


    We also have an amazing footer on our blog over at Allmyapps!

    Check it out at

  • Kat, 15 March 2011

    There are some really fun yet functional examples here, thanks for posting.

    The illustration on Estebanmunoz reminds me of a site Copious (the agency I work for) designed for McMenamins Pubs & Breweries in Portland, OR — also with a really sweet footer:

    Great to see McClanahan Studios on the list. Did a shoot with him in Iowa a few years back and very impressed by his work and demeanor.

  • carl, 05 April 2011

    I think this site has a nice footer:

  • Sugar-Ad., 01 August 2012

    Great Stuff – thanx for the inspiration.

  • Asad, 16 September 2012

    amazing and very interesting collection.

  • ana haber, 05 October 2012

    very nice design, thx.

  • Eayon Dong, 03 March 2014

    Finally, finish open and view each website links!!
    I only can say it’s amazing (not including the website cannot be opened!) !!!!!!!!!

    Besides, I found a lot good resources from other developer / designer ‘s blog links.

    At last, thanks for providing nice / beauty / creative web samples ~ : )

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