Feb 02 2010

Stunning Infographics and Data Visualization


Information graphics, or infographics, are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. The graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as on signs and maps and in journalism, technical writing and education. Today, infographics surround us in the media, in published works both mainstream and scientific and in road signs and manuals. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form and act as a visual shorthand for everyday concepts, such as “Stop” and “Go.”

Creating an effective infographic requires both artistic sense and a clear vision of what to tell the audience. The following are some cool infographics we have collected. Some are colorful, some are simple, but all are informative and visually pleasing. Not only do they provide information in a format that is easy to understand, but they are also artistic creations in their own right.

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Beautiful Infographics And Data Visualization

37 Minute Bus Ride

Population of dead

Feel Good

Hospital Aleman: Tree

Infographic - Hospital Aleman: Tree

Pink Floyd Timeline 1960-2000

Genealogy of Pop and Rock Music


Feel Good

Digital Podge

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

Twitter Territory

Digital Nostalgia
A set of infographic posters documenting the progress of technology and some of the social events that have been influenced by it.

‘Simpsons’ comedy tree

Overnewsed but uninformed

Knot Tied

Jules & Jim: Entropy of Love

Feltron: 2009 Annual Report

Ouch? The Largest Commercial Fine In US History

Nonsense Chart No.6 by 1chord & a fib.

Infographic - Nonsense Chart No.6 by 1chord & a fib.

The Profile of Italian Poverty

High-Speed Trains

Days of the week

Infographic -

Josef Muller Brockmann, Style Typographique International

The Modern Listener’s Guide
A series bringing together the previously disparate worlds of indie-rock and information graphics, for reasons that still aren’t immediately clear. Large-format limited screenprints, the first of which being a lyrical and statistical analysis of Destroyer’s Destroyer’s Rubies.

Felicidade para Todos

Infographic - Felicidade para Todos

Marian Bantjes: influence map

Infographic - Marian Bantjes: influence map

Felicidade para Todos

Infographic - Felicidade para Todos

Seeking Refuge Infographics

Smart/Models Infographics

Infographic - Smart/Models Infographics


Infographic - STATES UNITED

On Currency: The Latte Exchange


The Hall of Mascots

How Much Sofia Dirt Costs

Infographic - How Much Sofia Dirt Costs

Mapping prep 2

Infographic - Mapping prep 2


Infographic - Storage10

Digital Media Weights and Measures

Infographic - Digital Media Weights and Measures

Codes of Design

Editora Moderna

Infographic - Editora Moderna

Italians social condition – Poverty -

Infographic - Italians social condition - Poverty -

Flickr Photo Download: Boiling Ocean

Infographic - Flickr Photo Download: Boiling Ocean

Geological time spiral

Infographic - Geological time spiral

(285) Length of My Toes, From Ball of Foot to Tip (A Bar Graph)

Infographic - (285) Length of My Toes, From Ball of Foot to Tip (A Bar Graph)

data visualisation with processing

Infographic - data visualisation with processing


Infographic -

Where is Everyone?

Infographic - Where is Everyone?

Haga clic para continuar

Infographic - Haga clic para continuar

Cool Infographics: How Long Will It Last?

Infographic - Cool Infographics: How Long Will It Last?

One week of earthquakes (showing hypocentric depth)

Infographic - One week of earthquakes (showing hypocentric depth)

Infographic -

Dear Gretchen

Infographic - Dear Gretchen

Beatles Infographics

Infographic - Beatles


Infographic - Olympics_colorTIGHT1


Infographic - NATURE

Frederick Engels Biography

Infographic - Frederick Engels Biography

Wide Choices

Infographic - Wide Choices

Complex Data Visualization

The Medal is a World

Crisis has toppled some of the world’s major economies

Cost of Ownership

Forever Young

Fifty Years of Exploration

The Big Questions of Climate Change

How Long Will It Last?

The Killing of Puerto Hurraco

Lord of the Gorillas

Which Professionals Are Happiest?

The Feltron 2008 Atlas

Expiry Date

Infographic: Park Ranger Handbook

Sources And Resources

You’ll find many more amazing infographics on the following websites:

  • Info Graphics Flickr Group
    Charts, graphs, facts, anything that is about information or visualizing information.
  • InfoVis Flickr Group
    Information Visualization: The creation of something visual from something abstract. Graphs, maps, charts, numbers. The compression of data and the expansion of meaning. Scientific, creative, useful, worthless.
  • Milestones of Data Visualization
    Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization
  • visual-literacy.org
    A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

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Comments and Discussions
  • Designzzz, 02 February 2010

    Great Collection. thanks for sharing

  • insic, 02 February 2010

    Well Done! Stunning indeed. A very nice source of inspiration.

    • Hidayat Sagita, 02 February 2010

      a hundred percent agree!

      • zzh_my, 03 February 2010

        agree too!!!

      • Danny, 03 April 2012

        I also have to agree. It’s a very nice selection..

  • Webstandard-Blog, 02 February 2010

    Awesome collection, but don’t miss visualization-applications like the HTML DOM Visualizer or Wikiopole!

  • James Pearce, 02 February 2010

    They all look beautiful.

    It’s a shame that so many of them use circles or pie charts for plotting relative statistical data though. These may look wonderful … but generally poorly articulate the phenomena under study.

    I for one can’t actually *understand* the data in ‘Population of the dead’ – although it does look lovely.

  • James Pearce, 02 February 2010

    While I’m at it…

    A crash course in reciprocity is required for ‘The Latte Exchange’: using the volume (or perhaps even height?) of a liquid to describe the cost of a fixed volume of the same liquid?

    I’ll be inspired by the design, but not the mathematical rigour of some of these :-)

    • Alain, 02 February 2010

      I agree. They should have kept the volume constant and made the price change (and converted to U$).

    • Adam Nieman, 02 February 2010

      Give it another go, it is rigorous after all and is rather neat in the way it provides insight into a rather subtle statistic.

      It’s not comparing the cost of a fixed volume of liquid (although the cost is there for reference). Rather, it’s showing how much coffee you get for a fixed price. The fixed price chosen is the cost of a coffee in the US. This is a rather neat way of revealing the additional spending power of the US dollar (over and above the exchange rate).

      • James Pearce, 03 February 2010

        Fair enough!

        I guess the fact they are labelled with price (not to mention in different currencies) makes it baffling enough for my simple brain.

        After all that, it turns there isn’t actually much difference in coffee price around the world anyway, so I wonder if it wasn’t rather a pointless infographic in the first place.

        Personally, the strength & quality of coffee is more important than volume ;-)

  • Lee, 02 February 2010

    Simply wonderful.

    Some breathtaking examples of an under-appreciated artform.

    Thank you.

  • Tyler Wainright, 02 February 2010

    Love it – great work in putting these all together.

  • Eddie, 02 February 2010

    Some real works of art there. What package do you reckon most were created with – Illustrator? Photoshop? Something else?

    • Duncan, 03 February 2010

      I’ve done a couple of infographics–nothing quite as detailed as these–and I’ve found Illustrator to be perfect for it. Small files for big images and clean lines with full zoom on the PDF.

  • @brett2point0, 02 February 2010

    Finally: something for those of us with visual learning styles!

    Data visualization is definitely gaining momentum. Thought leaders want reliable insights so they can act quickly (and confidently).

  • sean steezy, 02 February 2010

    wow. great post, awesome collection, and just in tim eto start thinking about designing the annual reports…

  • Socar, 02 February 2010

    Amazing collection…….

    Please more tuts about infographics…


  • level09, 02 February 2010

    would be nice to talk about the tools that produced these charts as well !

    • Clifton, 05 February 2010

      I’d assume most were done in Illustrator. That’s how I make all of mine, but I rarely use the program’s built-in chart tools. If I do, I make sure to touch up the charts so it isn’t obvious what I used.

  • Matthias Matz, 03 February 2010

    nice article good stuff

  • Sarah Lynn, 03 February 2010

    I admire the originality behind this post. Beautiful collection of infographics. Like others said, I’ve never seen anything like this floating around the internet before. So kudos! Some of these are tough to make out since they are so small, even when you click on them to enlarge. I really enjoy the more simplistic charts. The stats they compare make more of an impact when there is less information and design elements surrounding the key points.

  • Jordan Walker, 03 February 2010

    Love how data can be visualized to help interpretation.

  • Dayne Shuda, 03 February 2010

    This is a great collection.

    I love infographics as they make it easier for simpletons like myself to comprehend the meaning of data.

    I prefer the simpler graphics like the Pfizer rather than the extremely complex and overpacked images.

    Is there a rule in designing infographics that states: “Make one point and make it simple.”

    Thanks for collecting these.

  • FJ Solutions, 03 February 2010

    I love the “Lord of the Gorillas”! Great design!

  • Catherine Azzarello, 03 February 2010

    One of the most conceptually and visually stunning collections. Ever.

    Thanks for putting this together!

  • Brandi, 03 February 2010

    What a fantastic list! It must have taken forever to generate this list. I especially love the Simpson’s one! :)

  • Rodney, 20 March 2010

    Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.

  • surda, 27 May 2010


  • Russian Sphinx, 07 June 2010

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    ManyEyes is user friendly so you do not need to spend a lot of time to create good chart or map, but I am not sure if it is good solution for me. I need good charts and maps for my blog. Interactive maps looks perfect but I am not able to place them as interactive on my blog, so I just post normal image and add link to ManyEyes. Maybe it will be a bit annoying for my visitors and I will have to focus on static maps.
    I also use Tableau Public.

  • Sluff, 24 June 2010

    This is really a good compilation of infographics. Great inspirations here… *thumbs up*

    • Minh Tri, 01 November 2010

      yeah, 2 thumbs up !

  • ranfirefly, 14 December 2010

    Truly Great collection.
    If you would like to boost your design process in seconds. Check out this info-graphic design template: http://bit.ly/World-infographic

  • VisEngine, 23 February 2011

    Really nice graphics!

  • Prabhat kiran, 23 April 2011

    Real Good Collection!
    Thanks for Sharing..

  • Finn Fitzsimons, 18 May 2011

    You should check out numberpicture.com – a site that crowd-sources new ways to visualize data. People make templates by typing Processingjs code and then anybody can use them by copying and pasting from excell – worth a look at – so cool!!

  • Thoriq, 04 October 2011

    I second to Sarah Lynn, I’ve also seen many interesting infographic post but not one as impressive as this. I’m so inspired so that I made one my self on my blog http://creatiface.com/design/creative-infographic
    thank you for the share.

  • graemetw, 26 July 2012

    Awesome dude. Just what I was looking for!

  • Richard, 27 September 2012

    Another nice range of infographic examples, many of these are stunning, thanks for sharing!

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