Jun 07 2011

Sunsets and Color Palettes Inspiration


Photographers often turn to sunsets to capture some spectacular and vibrant color palettes painted across Mother Nature’s canvas. The sky turns so many different shades as the sun sinks behind the horizon, that you find many saying that sunset is a time of inspiration. As designers, we can turn to these amazing photos not only to inspire but to capture some of those color palettes for our own work.

That is why we have this post working double duty for our readers. We have collected some wonderful photographs of sunsets and arranged them in a gallery to inspire you. And we have generated color palettes from the photos that we have included in the post so that you can save them and use them later in your future designs.

The Goods

Sunset at Ger Tor by Alex37

A cold sunset by Johnny Deluxe

Sunset on Goulais Bay by spisharam

Sunsets by Mohamed Malick

Sunset by Neils Photography

Sunset by Brian Forbes

Sunset by sudarshan vijayaraghavan

Sunset at Chitwan National Park Nepal by Worldizen

Sunset by halfrain

Sunset by luvjnx

Sunset by Don Dearing

Sunset tree by jsogo

Sunset by AntiSpy

Sunset by S-moon

Sunset by onlyphoto

Golden Sunset by XipnosS

Sunset by aiyoshi

Sunset by yakushkin

Sunset by theotherdude

Sunset by MaraDamian

A Sunset by metagore

Sunset in Oporto by nfp

Sunset by Neils Photography

Fisherman and Sunset by WindyLife

Lupins Sunset by Xavier Jamonet

Shore Sunset by robcherry

at sunset… by WiciaQ

sunset by sultan-alghamdi

Hawaiian Sunset by andrewmcconville

Sunset by ak87

Lake Sunset by 777ultimate

a Boat at the Sunset by jjuuhhaa

Sunset VIII by norfold

Red Sunset by Mariposita1

Sunset blaze – Brampton by wildplaces


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Comments and Discussions
  • inspirationfeed, 07 June 2011

    Different, but creative article!

  • AijoDesigns, 07 June 2011

    What a great idea. It’s amazing how many different color palettes can be made from the same sky! These are gorgeous images! I will have to bookmark this article and be sure to come back and use some of these palettes!

    Thanks for the share!

  • Bratu Sebastian, 08 June 2011

    Great examples of color palletes. I think it’s not only about the colors, it depends a lot of the contrast too, you can use the same pallete but if the contrast is not right, the pallete is worthless.

    Thanks for this!

    • Robert Bowen, 09 June 2011

      So true. It is about more than just having the right colors.

  • Rana mukherjee, 08 June 2011


  • Neha, 08 June 2011

    Good Job . Something very different

  • Hubert, 08 June 2011

    Awesome share, thanks a lot

  • Barbara Loyd, 08 June 2011

    Thank you for this gorgeous combo of sunsets and palettes of color! I would love to post this on my blog.

    Do you have another with sunrises? I wonder if cooler colors might make up the palettes for that time of day?

    • Robert Bowen, 09 June 2011

      Thanks for the kind words and interest.

      Don’t have another with sunrises…yet. ;) That was actually something under consideration after we put this post together. Originally we thought of doing both sunrise and sunsets in a single post, but found so many great photos of sunsets that it would have just been too much in a single post. But keep an eye out, for as the sun sets, so must it rise.

  • Dave, 08 June 2011

    The colors of summer are all around us. This time of year always gets me to notice the vibrant colors around me.

  • Mondo Print, 08 June 2011

    Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robert Bowen, 09 June 2011

    Thanks so much for all the kind and encouraging words. We are glad that so many people find the post different and useful.

    Noupe Editorial

  • Lasantha, 14 June 2011

    Great article… I really like the palette “Sunset in Oporto by nfp”, coz most of its colors are earth colors and it’s suitable for a site where users visit frequently and spend long hours.

    Anyway thanx Noupe for sharing the article. Hope to use the same technique when choosing color palettes in my future designs… :) :) :)

    • Robert Bowen, 14 June 2011

      Thanks, Lasantha, we appreciate the comments. I agree, that color palette would work well for long hour exposure on a site.

  • goclou, 18 June 2011

    Fantastic Pictures, however I’d highly recommend paying attention to the use of the amount of colours which is a great deal in almost every case, especially in design.

    The site COLOURlovers does this and J. Itten also ephasises this in his book.

    Great post anyways!



  • art176, 22 June 2011

    great post, and the selection of picture really does the job,
    yet I always find that using 5 colors is a little too much
    I would rather go with 3 colors, that work 2 by 2
    the white, black or grey can come help if 3 is really too few…

  • Jay, 08 July 2011

    Great article!

  • Don Dearing, 13 September 2011

    Robert, I am honored to have my images included in your article and to be considered on par with the excellent images you have used to make your poignant point.

  • Vidya Sudarsan, 20 November 2011

    Beautiful!! stunning!! thank you! enjoyed the blog very much!

  • ricci, 21 November 2011

    incredible photos, will share the link

  • Sheila, 30 December 2011

    Gorgeous plethora of natural color palettes – nature does it best! It will be a challenging but fun decision to make. Thank you for posting – definitely sharing this post! @isq

  • arslion, 30 July 2012


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