Nov 13 2008

25+ Cinema 4D Tutorials for Spectacular Animations


Cinema 4D is a high-end 3D graphics application capable of procedural and polygonal modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, and rendering. Its easy to use interface has gained popularity among film and motion graphic artists.

There are many things you can do using its endless features. You need to discover them and decide how to use them in new and innovative ways to create the creative, beautiful and realistic 3D Graphics. In this article, we look at Cinema 4D as one of the best tools for designers to create realistic objects, 3D models and animation.

Below you’ll find over 25 Cinema 4D tutorials and animations that teach you how to create beautiful realistic objects and 3D models.

1. How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4d

In this tutorial you will walk through steps to bring alive the word “collide.”

First you will create 3d text in Cinema 4d. Then create an explosion using displacement maps and exploding 3 different copies of your pyramid. The most challenging part of this is getting the displacement the way you like it. Experiment with different patterns and different projection methods for the material.

2. 3D Abstract Tentacle

Cinema 4d

Tutorial on how to make tentacles using cinema 4D

3. Create 3D objects in Cinema 4D from vector art

Cinema 4d

This is a video tutorial on taking vector art and importing it into Cinema 4D to create a 3D object that can be animated, textured, and manipulated in 3D space.

4. Making of Super Snail

Cinema 4d

This work is fully modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D, Bodypaint and Photoshop.

5. How i do my Materials

Cinema 4d

Learn how to create your materials like the ones in this amazing tutorial.

6. 3D Toys Animation

Cinema 4d

Learn the animation basics and looping in Cinema 4D.

7. Fire & Smoke Animation

Cinema 4d

Smoke and Fire is one of those things that can be modelled in numerous ways to achieve a desired result. This tutorial shows you one of those ways, using a Particle Emitter and PyroCluster to achieve a smokey fire.

8. Ghosting

Cinema 4d

Ghosting, also known as onion-skinning, is a technique from traditional 2D animation which allows you to analyze a series of frames of animated objects before and after the frame you are currently viewing.

9. How to Make an Icon in 3D Using Cinema 4D

Cinema 4d

A nice tutorial on how to make a 3D icon in Cinema 4D and then how to get that art into a usable working .ico resource.

10. Creating a ball bearing using arrays

Cinema 4d

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a ball bearing using an Array Object. You will also learn about the use of the Taper object, Fillet option and Bevel function

11. Modeling a car using blueprints

Cinema 4d

In this tutorial you will learn how to model a car using blueprints, points and the bridge tool

12. Tutorial-C4D-Array Lighting

Cinema 4d

A nice lighting effect.

13. Simple Pen in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4d

This tutorial is going to show you how to create a simple pen. The colours on the materials can be changed to your own choice.

14. Gravity Tutorial

Cinema 4d

This tutorial will show you how to make a ball bounce using Dynamics in Cinema 4D

15. Making an hourglass

Cinema 4d

This tutorial will teach you to make a great sandglass, which you can use for plenty of purposes.

16. Basic introduction to Cinema 4D

Cinema 4d

17. On/Off Switch

Cinema 4d

Enable or disable multiple objects at with one click. Increase viewport speed and animation playback.

18. Modeling a Zebra

Cinema 4d

Here’s the Zebra 3D modeling tutorial for Cinema 4D. And the Great thing is, you can download his 3D model for FREE !

19. The “UV-Map Dirtmap Baker” Tutorial

Cinema 4d

An interesting handy tutorial covering the following topics: How to get a “clean” UV – Map?, How to calculate a Dirt – Map?, How to work with Baker?

20. Cinema 4d Materials Tutorial

Cinema 4d

21. Xtreme C4D tutorial

Cinema 4d

An advanced cinema 4d tutorial.

22. Creating A Car Tyre

Cinema 4d

Learn how to create a car tyre in a realistic way.

Cinema 4D Video Animation

23. Water in glass animation in Cinema 4d

Cinema 4d

Nice animation with c4d, using splines, lathe-nurbs ,primitives and some light.

24. Water made in cinema 4d

Cinema 4d

25. Cinema 4D (Logo Animation)

Cinema 4d

26. Cinema 4d animation

Cinema 4d

27. Cinema 4D Renders

Cinema 4d

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