50+ Excellent Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

November 4th, 2010

Adobe Fireworks is a somewhat unnoticed but very useful member of the Adobe Creative Suite. It is used for multiple purposes such as to create vectors, design application interfaces, digital artwork, and create rapid prototypes of websites. There is a lot more you can do with Adobe Fireworks, including generating PDFs, exporting CSS based layouts and a variety of other things that you can explore.

In today’s post, we have collected some useful and fresh tutorials on Adobe Fireworks that will let you renew your love for this amazing member of the Adobe family. Enjoy!

Useful Fireworks Tutorials

How to Create a Magazine Cover with Fireworks CS5
This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a magazine cover with Adobe Fireworks.


Web Site Design Tutorial
In this tutorial, the artist will show you how he created a beutiful web layout using Fireworks.


How to blur background in Adobe Fireworks
In this tutorial you will learn how to blur the background of digital photos with Adobe Fireworks in a non-destructive way.


Creating a Web Site Top Menu with CSS
A detailed and interesting tutorial in which we learn how to create a web site top menu with CSS Fireworks.


How To Create a Stylish Navigation Bar In Adobe Fireworks
The artist has created this simple yet modern navigation bar in Fireworks, and will walk you through the steps necessary to create something similar. In case some windows and panels should not be able to be seen on your computer, simply go to the ‘Windows’ menu and open them.


Interaction design and rapid prototyping with Fireworks
In the following four short video presentations, David Hogue demonstrates how to use Adobe Fireworks CS4 for information and interaction design and creating interactive prototypes quickly, and how you can use Fireworks as a design tool that fits into your complete design process, from concept to development.


Prototyping for the Apple iPhone using Fireworks
This tutorial shows you how to use a few scripts to make your Fireworks prototype work for the Apple iPhone.


Designing An Effective Gaming Clan Logo in Adobe Fireworks
In this Adobe Fireworks tutorial, you will learn how to create your own gaming logo for your website using Adobe Fireworks.


Tech Orb Interface Video
This Adobe Fireworks tutorial teaches you how to create a tech orb interface. Artist will show you some techniques on how to create a different kind of glossy button/orb and add some extra touches to the design. Although this is just a portion on a web interface / application skin.


Create a rope
Learn how to create a rope in Adobe Fireworks.


Build a Promotional iPhone App Website Wireframe in Fireworks
In this tutorial, we’ll cover the design process of creating a wireframe for an iPhone application website in Fireworks.


Adobe Fireworks Tutorial – Creating A Candy Button
In this Adobe Fireworks tutorial, you will learn how the artist created those nice looking icons ( twitter , rss , mail )


Dot Matrix Effect


Fireworks CS5 with Device Central
This brand new feature in Fireworks CS5 allows users to prototype an interface with mobile devices.


Design a Layout in Fireworks CS4
In this tutorial you will learn how to design the below layout using Fireworks CS4


Create a Slideshow in Adobe Fireworks CS4
Create a stunning slideshow gallery in Adobe Fireworks CS4 within a few minutes! Click on the image below to view the finished slideshow gallery.


Create a Collage by Fading Images in Fireworks CS4
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful header collage of 4 different pictures in a few simple steps using Fireworks CS4!


The Abduzeetles Rockband Website in Fireworks
In this tutorial we’re going to use nice commands, and what is really cool is trying to test other values on each step, other colors, other shapes, always exploring the whole potencial from every tool.


How to make items and people stand out
How to make items and people stand out through a photo manipulation.


Antique skeleton key with compound shapes
This video shows you how to design an antique skeleton key with compound shapes in Fireworks CS5.


Creating A Fading Line Effect Using Adobe Fireworks CS4
One of the most overlooked tools in Adobe Fireworks is the Eraser Tool. It is a neat tool especially if you want to manipulate bitmaps. Vector paths with fills have options to use fill colors that are gradients , or semi transparent colors.


Creating a Glass Button in Adobe Fireworks CS4
Using Adobe Fireworks, the artist shows you how to create a glassy style button/icon you might find on a mobile device or as a social media button.


Text Glow effect
A small tutorial to create a simple text-glow effect:


Fireworks CS5: FXG Files to Catalyst
The FXG file format allows for documents to be moved from one Creative Suite application to another with ease.


Creating graphics for custom wallpapers and backgrounds.
In this tutorial we are working in Fireworks CS4 creating graphics for custom wallpapers and backgrounds.


Gradient Text Logo Tutorial in Adobe Fireworks
The gradient text logo tutorial is a very easy tutorial in Adobe Fireworks, and helps you create a quick text based logo for your website in just a few steps. This technique is used in most popular websites today.


Creating a fancy text effect in Adobe Fireworks


Water Drops
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create water drops through effects from the Photoshop Live Effects and Masking.


How to Create a Page Curl in Adobe Fireworks


Masking in Fireworks CS4
Tom Green covers the basics of using bitmap and vector masks in Fireworks.


How to fast prototyping
In this tutorial, the artist goes over some of the features that help with fast prototyping, like the fit canvas button and the optimizing panel.


Creating AIR Applications with Adobe Fireworks
In this tutorial, Tom Green shows how to design a simple Flex application and export it from Fireworks.


Photoshop Image to Web using Fireworks CS4
Tom Green shows off how to bring a Photoshop image into Fireworks and exports it as a html document.


Create a Vibrant Digital Collage Mixing Buildings and Vector Shapes on PaperS
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Fireworks CS3 and Illustrator CS3 together. You’ll create some illustrative vector elements to add to the final composition. You’ll also mix in photos and light effects. Learn how to use a cool paper background and tips to improve your workflow.


Creating Fading Light Vectors in Fireworks
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create some cool effects with fading light linear vectors in Fireworks. It’s really easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Create fading lights using vectors, then convert these vectors into bitmaps, and learn to use effects from Fireworks CS3.


The Abduzeetles Rockband Website in Fireworks
We are going to use nice commands on this tutorial, and what is really cool is trying to test other values on each step, other colors, other shapes, always exploring the whole potencial from every tool.


Creating an amazing Palm Pre icon on Fireworks


Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop
In this tutorial we will use Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. Actually the whole effect will be done in Firewors, then in Photoshop, we will add some textures and a old paper background effect.


LED Cinema Display in Fireworks
In this tutorial, the  artist will teach you how to created a beautiful LED Cinema Display in Fireworks.


Twist and Fade Technique
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create some fun abstract effects using Adobe Fireworks CS4. This tutorial explains how a single Image/Vector can be converted into various Images/Vectors using the properties such as Steps, Spacing, Rotation and Opacity. The image below shows how we have applied twist and fade effects to a honey bee.


Highway Sign


Create a Night Scene
In this tutorial we will learn how to create a beautiful night scene in fireworks.


Page Curl in Fireworks Tutorial
In this tutorial artis will show you how to add a stylish page curl to the corner of your image. To start, lets get an image that we can add the page curl to.


3d Text
A beautiful tutorial where you will learn how to create a 3D Text in Fireworks.


Awesome Light Effects in Fireworks inspired by the James White’s O series
This tutorial is simple, just playing with some circles, blend modes and a bit of color!


This tutorial will show you how to create a barcode for any purpose.


Mobile workflows using Fireworks CS5 and Device Central CS5
In this tutorial Liz Myers will show you how to harness the power of Fireworks combined with Device Central in these common workflows:


Making of Darth Android


Designing a Website in Fireworks CS4
At this MAX session, XD’s Paul Dorian showed attendees how to use Fireworks CS4 to rapidly prototype websites, application interfaces, and other interactive designs, then output their designs to Adobe AIR, Flash CS4 Professional, Flex, HTML, or CSS-based layouts. Paul also shared tips on making the most of the new Fireworks user interface and core functionality, such as consistent text handling, via the Adobe text engine.


Useful Resources & Articles


Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog webdesigncore.com, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

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