Feb 16 2011

Remarkable Résumé Designs

When applying for a job, a designer’s résumé is of utmost importance. This is precisely what should be attention-grabbing and creatively designed. This portrays the level of creativity and also aids in standing out from the rest who also happen to be applying for the same position. We hope that these creative résumés will inspire and encourage you to think out of the box and redesign your application papers with sucess.

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Feb 15 2011

Showcase of Very Creative 3D Artwork

Three dimensional artwork always tends to mesmerize the human eye. This is the main reason behind the popularity of 3D artwork. With the help of 3D tools, you can create unbelievably realistic artwork. If you happen to have a good command of 3D tools, you can give 2D objects more deepness and thus bring them to life with just a couple of clicks.

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Feb 14 2011

Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design

One of the greatest things about having access to the Internet, is the educational opportunities that it affords the public. People in all professions have the ability to expand their knowledge base through the wealth of information being shared via the Internet, and the same holds true for those who are studying graphic design.

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Feb 11 2011

Make Your Valentine’s Day Special With These Photoshop Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since it take places only once a year, most of us try our best to explicitly show our loved ones how much they mean to us. And so it remains to be, graphic designers are very much occupied with work this time of the year since each agency wants to reach a different approach with their products as well as remain unique.

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Feb 10 2011

Dark Wallpapers for Bright Inspiration


Desktop wallpapers are one of those things that inspire all of us once in a while. Therefore, we tend to have developed the habit of changing our desktop wallpapers according to our moods and surroundings. In this post we’ve collected some nice dark wallpapers to show you that black does not always have to represent gloominess but it can also serve to be a color of luminous elegance and style.

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Feb 09 2011

Tips and Tricks On How To Become a Presentation Ninja

Making a great presentation is not easy. It’s something that requires hard work, thought and practice. And did I mention practice? As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!” So in other words: You won’t turn into Steve Jobs over night from reading this article. He has developed his amazing presentation skills over years and years of practice.

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Feb 08 2011

Eye-Catching & Clever Print Ads


Advertisements don’t really have a second chance to make a first impression. They should be well thought out and catchy enough to influence the viewer’s opinion. Thinking out of the box is the key here that leads the design agencies to survival. Designing print ads is more challenging than some may think since there is no direct communication with the target audience.

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Feb 07 2011

80 All-You-Need Photoshop Brushes

Brushes for Adobe Photoshop are known to be one of the most used add-ons since they don’t just enhance your designs, but also help give your works a new, fresh and stunning look. Those of you who have a love for brushes may probably know a number of them listed in this post. Nevertheless, new brushes are being designed for Photoshop and hence, you will surely find ones you’d like to try out without any delay! Enjoy!

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Feb 04 2011

Digital Artwork Inspired by Geometry


In this exclusive roundup, we have compiled some very creative digital artwork inspired by geometric shapes. These shapes have always been a great tool for designers and artists to create their artwork in a simple yet aesthetic way. This type of digital art which includes geometrical shapes looks stunning and visually alluring. Some artists have combined two or more shapes to add more details into their designs. Let us know what you think!

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Feb 03 2011

The Price is Right: Breaking Down the Design Process

Like with most creative fields, there are those who operate outside them who do not necessarily understand all of the time and energy that goes into the design process, and as a result, they tend to undervalue our contributions and imaginative creations. The design community is not at all immune to this treatment as we regularly come across a client or potential client who views our work through this sort of devaluing lens.

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