Apr 26 2011

Showcase of Amazing Paper Made Artworks and Sculptures

Paper is a medium that most of us only use for jotting down our ideas and writing down notes, and think that there is no other use of paper except writing. However, some imaginative artists out there have created spectacular pieces of artwork out of paper. They refer to it as Paper Craft or Paper Artwork.

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Apr 25 2011

50 Effective and Creative Call to Action Buttons

“Call to Action” is a term commonly employed in the field of web design and user experience (UX). It refers those elements in a web page that plead for an action from the visitor. The most common demonstration of call to action in web pages appears in the form of clickable buttons. These clickable buttons perform predefined action when clicked.

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Apr 22 2011

Inspirational Showcase of Type-Based Logo Designs

A logo is the visual representation of the company that reflects the company’s business or products, all the while building up the credibility of the company. An effective logo design is one that aesthetically satisfies the target audience and possesses the potential to penetrate customers’ minds as a selling agent.

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Apr 21 2011

Free HTML/CSS/PSD Template: TemplatesBox

Getting the right look for your client’s projects, as well as your own, is one of the key make or break elements to your website creations. When users land on a site, an immediate impression is made, and we always want to make sure it the right one. Pulling this off on a budget is not always the easiest of tasks, which is what makes pre-made themes, both free and premium, a huge design time saver and arsenal must.

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Apr 20 2011

A Huge Compilation of 80 Free Illustrator Brush Sets

Adobe Illustrator is an indispensable designing tool but at the same time very difficult to master. Having a high quality set of Illustrator brushes always come in handy and always make the designers work a bit easier.

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Apr 19 2011

Showcase of Excellent Graphic Email Newsletter Designs

Sending email newsletters is an effective way of marketing and communicating with your clients and customers, and can serve you best when designed properly to attract potential customers, as well as the attention of your existing customers. Email newsletters are a powerful medium to maintain an extra connection with your audience beyond just the reach of your website alone.

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Apr 18 2011

A Crash Course in Typography: Pulling It All Together

In the first three parts of this series, we covered a lot of information about the anatomy of a typeface, and what kinds of things to look for when actually combining two fonts. Here, we’ll tie it all together.

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Apr 15 2011

Improve Your Illustrator Skills

There are countless tutorials available on the net to learn the basic skills of Adobe Illustrator. Some of them are of very basic, while some help you with learning the more advanced skills. Adobe Illustrator is an amazing design tool with such depth that exploring its many possibilities can take ages. But if you are interested in learning some new tricks and AI skills then you have come to the right place! Let the exploration begin.

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Apr 14 2011

50+ Beautifully Designed Free Themes and Widgets to Enhance your Tumblr Experience

Tumblr is getting popular day after day because of its flexibility, power and simplicity. Tumblr is a blogging platform through which you can share your content, images and videos with the world even when you are on the go. This is because it empowers bloggers to post and customize their content from a web browser, email or phone.

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Apr 13 2011

60 Useful iPhone Applications

Owning an iPhone is a dream for most people nowadays. And why not… it’s equipped with smart apps and softwares that leaves mouths wide open in astonishment. To continue this legacy of the iPhone, we’ve searched for even more applications to make your iPhone your best friend, navigator and adviser.

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