Nov 08 2010

30 Latest Wallpaper Design Tutorials

Designing wallpapers in Photoshop is mostly admired among designers. And why shouldn’t it be? You are free to decorate your desktop any way you like. You can go for abstract, nature, typography, simple, contemporary or any other style you want. Besides this, designing wallpapers is also a fulfilled way to master new techniques. Today’s post provides you a compilation of the techniques available in Photoshop; for beginners as well as for experts! So take your time and have a look at these tutorials — and take your creativity to the next level!

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Nov 05 2010

Inspired by the Dark Side of the Force: Darth Vader Variations


For over thirty years one iconic villain has reigned in the dark corners of so many hearts mdash; and not just of those who proudly parade beneath the banner of sci-fi junkies. Darth Vader has transcended the page and screen to live on in ways most characters will never achieve; but then again, most characters do not have command over the power of the force like the dark Sith Lord does. So when you are looking for a dose of inspiration from the darker areas of the imagination, turning to the artwork inspired by the face of the dark side is a fantastic way to go.

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Nov 04 2010

50+ Excellent Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks is a somewhat unnoticed but very useful member of the Adobe Creative Suite. It is used for multiple purposes such as to create vectors, design application interfaces, digital artwork, and create rapid prototypes of websites. There is a lot more you can do with Adobe Fireworks, including generating PDFs, exporting CSS based layouts and a variety of other things that you can explore.

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Nov 03 2010

Getting Ready for Your Job Interview

As web designers and/or developers we have a certain luxury afforded to us with the location and times; where and when we work. Ours is an industry that allows us to sit at home and work at whatever times (and in whatever conditions) are convenient to us. However, in today’s economic times it can be harder to find enough contract work to support a comfortable lifestyle.

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Nov 02 2010

The Fantasy Artwork of Magic


In the early 90’s, the gaming landscape was forever altered by a revolutionary new card game that hit the community and has been making noticeable waves ever since. With millions of players across the globe, this fantasy role-playing game has inspired so many with the often breathtaking artwork that comprises its gameplay library.

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Nov 01 2010

The Ultimate Illustrator Toolbox

In case you have missed them, recently we have been going through the Adobe Creative Suite and putting together posts that would assist our readers in creating their own personal toolbox of resources. We hope we have managed to help you get a handle on the various programs and get the most out of them through hundreds of helpful add-ons.

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Oct 29 2010

Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Brushes, Actions and Styles

Every designer aims for high quality resources to use for their work. Usually, this takes a lot of time to search for and collecting the best ones isn’t always easy. In today’s post we’ve prepared a roundup of a showcase of over fifty different Photoshop brushes as well as a couple of actions and styles. We hope that this ultimate collection inspires you to be more creative and — don’t forget to share your favourites! We’re always happy to read your comments and suggestions!

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Oct 28 2010

45 Creative Typography and Mosaic Portraits

Typography is an integral part of any design. Therefore, an attractive web design or logo is incomplete without the adequate typography. In today’s post we have collected some artworks which demonstrate the use of typography in a totally different perspective. You must want to have a look at this one!

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Oct 27 2010

Halloween Special: 40 Spooky Wallpapers


Halloween is just around the corner and so is the eve of All Hallows Day. It’s HALLOWEEN season again – the time when ghost stories, horror movies, extrasensory phenomena and the supernatural, mystical prevalence everywhere. Keeping this festivity in mind, we have come up with a roundup of forty mysterious looking wallpapers to give you the actual feel of Halloween.

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Oct 26 2010

How to Integrate an Efficient Backup into your Workflow

High scale enterprises with a large number of employees have their own regular backup routines that are obligatory to maintain. Especially these firms face a high risk of losing valuable data; we are all familiar how prone computers are to crashes and that they have to be well protected against viruses.

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