Mar 30 2011

Album Covers with Eye-Catching Typography

It is hard to imagine the design world without typography since it has undoubtedly influenced the major development and establishment of design trends today. This post includes thirty inspirational examples of famous CD album covers that will surely inspire you with their excellent typography.

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Mar 29 2011

State of Web Design in Greece

Most people know Greece because of its glorious past during the ancient years. Nevertheless, present times are quite stressful for the vast majority of its population due to global recession. But let’s remain optimistic and take a look at the past times of Greek tradition in art and design and then see the state of Web design — an area where things keep evolving.

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Mar 28 2011

A Crash Course in Typography: The Basics of Type

Typography could be considered the most important part of any design. It’s definitely among the most important elements of any design project. And yet it’s often the part of a design that’s left for last, or barely considered at all. Designers are often intimidated by typography, which can result in bland typographical design or a designer always using one or two “reliable” typefaces in their designs.

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Mar 25 2011

Architecture Sources of Inspiration

Architecture surrounds us everyday, and because of that we sometimes overlook it as a potential source of inspiration. But architecture and interior design can inspire us for virtually any project. There are dozens of architectural styles out there, both formal and informal, to appeal to almost every taste.

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Mar 24 2011

When You Freelance, How Do You Know You’ve Been Fired?

It’s easy to figure out you’ve been fired from a staff position. Either your boss or a human resources person has told you to your face, you are met at your desk and walked out, or security guards drag you out, one on each arm and leg. The hints are fairly obvious. When you freelance, it takes time to realize you have been fired and will no longer be working for that client.

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Mar 23 2011

45 Stunning Steampunk Artworks and Gadgets

Here is a type of science fiction that will surely catch your eye. Steampunk is mostly associated with fantasy stories and is related to an era when steam engines were widely used. It is an attempt to merge steam motorized objects and machines with contemporary themes and technologies. Today we’re featuring a good number of artists who have created some really amazing steampunk digital artworks and gadgets to spark your imagination.

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Mar 22 2011

How to Create a Cute Piggy Bank in Perspective with Adobe Illustrator

Many people have difficulty in drawing objects in perspective. Most of the time it helps if you have that particular object in front of you, but we still need our imagination.The most important aspects of perspective are size and distance. If you increase the distance between you and the object you are observing, you need to decrease the size of that object. That way you can achieve a nice depth effect in your illustrations.

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Mar 21 2011

Design Charts for Better Typography and Color

We’re designers, so it makes sense that a lot of us are visual learners and do better looking at charts and graphs than reading an article or listening to a podcast. Typography and color are two great topics that are perfectly suited for infographics, charts, and other graphical learning tools.

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Mar 18 2011

Free HTML Newsletter Templates

Choosing a well designed newsletter can provide any marketing campaign a great deal of success. Here are excellent examples of some of the best free HTML newsletter templates that you can use without spending a fortune. No matter how you’d like to update your customers about a particular product or simply want to share some information with them, you can do so effectively by contacting them with a pleasant template in your email. Enjoy!

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Mar 17 2011

Less is More: Creative and Inspiring Minimalist Print Ads

We’ve all become aware of how important advertisements can be to help put any company’s message across. Many ads contain a lot of content as well as colour even though this is not a must. In fact, a simple ad can also do wonders — given that it carries a particular strong message. Take a look at these ads and share with us your opinions on minimalist designs!

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