Jun 25 2010

40 Superb Examples of 3D Robot Artworks

Robots have become popular in art because they represent the vision of the futurism. We always try to visualize future by watching 3D robotic artworks to image what will come next. In the field of technology and multimedia, robots have been a motivating power. Their designs have dramatically improved, too: examples start from Star Wars and I, Robot; Wall-E and Terminator. In this post we compiled a list of 40 stunning and fascinating 3D Robot artworks created in 3D Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D, Lightwave etc.

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Jun 24 2010

FAQ Pages: Best Practices and Examples

FAQ pages are a vital part of many websites. While not every site needs one, if you’re selling something, providing a service, or giving information about a complex subject, an FAQ can make life much easier for your visitors.

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Jun 23 2010

Fantastic Roach Paper Art by Cliff Maynard

Cliff Maynard is a 38 year old male artist from Pittsburgh, United States. He is a maestro in Chronic Art, or — to be more specific — Roach Paper Art. Unusual but true, he uses unrolled roaches for his designs. His work is very original because his concept is unique and he has experimented with portraits from Jesus Christ to Bob Marley. The result is truly remarkable. Maybe that’s the reason why his art work always seizes attention. You can find more information about the artist and his work on Cliff Maynard’s website.

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Jun 22 2010

40 Superb Photoshop Tutorials For Attractive Photo Effects

Photoshop is the basic requirement of a designer and that’s why designers all around the world regularly look for the tutorials that can help them in polishing their Photoshop skills. Since the demand for Photoshop tutorials is too high these days, we prepared a post that can truly help you in achieving amazing results with your Photoshop skills.

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Jun 21 2010

Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles

As designers, we often focus on the practical aspects of design above all else. We focus on what works, with little regard for why it works. And in our day-to-day work, that outlook serves us well. It lets us get our work done in an efficient, professional manner, and generally nets good results.

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Jun 18 2010

40 Unbelievable Sand Sculptures

We’ve all made our own sandcastles at the beach but they were nothing like the masterpieces some of the worlds best can produce. These masters of sand sculpt astounding works of art from nothing more than sand and water. Some of these sand sculptures can takes days to complete using tons of sand. Today we present 40 Unbelievable Sand Sculptures that will blow your mind. So put down your plastic bucket and shovel and check out the real deal.

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Jun 17 2010

Excellent jQuery Navigation Menu Tutorials

If you are a web designer, you will agree that to keep the interst of the visitors, design of the website must be clear and intuitive. And, of course, the key to clear design is a clear navigation, so it’s important to make it both attractive and easy to use. Today we are presenting you some of the most hunky-dory jQuery-based navigation menus. If you come across more interesting stuff do share the links with us.

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Jun 16 2010

Showcase Of Big Online Stores

By Tomas Laurinavicius

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Jun 15 2010

35 Terrifying Examples of Devilish Artworks

Everyone loves angels, fairies, cupids and other fairy characters because they are pure and beautiful and appear to be more powerful than others. This is the reason why many artists all around the world love to illustrate these kinds of creatures in their artworks. But on the other hand, there are some devilish creatures which exist, too and many artists opt to portray them in their artwork, to bring their level of creativity to the next level and to introduce the faces of devilish characters to the world.

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Jun 14 2010

Nature’s Pattern Photography: 35 Outstanding Photos

Nature is the best artist and a best source for our inspiration. Who can be the perfect artist better than the Nature? That is why we have compiled this inspirational post about the beauty of Nature. In this post, you will notice the in-depth beauty of the nature. Nature has designed everything with a great composition and everything reflect a message for us.

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