Jul 09 2010

40 Amazing Dual Screen Desktop Wallpapers


We are Gen Z and we live in a world where change is the only constant. When everything is changing so quickly, so why shouldn’t our wallpapers? After all, it’s the first thing we see after turning on our machines. Wallpapers contemplate your atmosphere and your mood. You will notice that people use different wallpapers if they are relaxed or if they have a tight schedule.

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Jul 08 2010

When Designers And Developers Work Together


Even in today’s fluctuating job market, one rule that still remains constant and true is to always play to your strengths. Part of this comes from having a complete and firm grasp of your own capabilities and limitations, while part of it also comes from knowing the same about those you are working with. However, as we grow in our abilities we may begin entering a comfort zone wherein wearing every hat and attempting to take on the entire task by ourselves becomes more of a viable reality. And one that we may decide to run with.

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Jul 07 2010

40 Examples Of Eye Popping Pixel Art

Pixel art was brought to the mainstream with the release of gaming consoles in the early eighties. Those 8-bit graphics we all loved back then often evoke feelings of nostalgia and take us back in time. Nostalgia aside, pixel art is a beautiful art form on its own that many of us have come to love. With so few pixels to work with, pixel artist’s have to make each one count.

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Jul 06 2010

Practicing Photoshop CS5′s New Features

Since the earliest days of Adobe Photoshop, designers and photographers have depended on it to edit images. Photoshop is perhaps Adobe’s most popular application. Professionals in our industry react with excitement and concern for every new version. They want to know about new features and how Photoshop can improve their editing and marketing (again!). The interest in Photoshop doesn’t come as a surprise, given its reputation among both the community of experts and general computer users.

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Jul 05 2010

45 Funny Examples of Photography and Print Ads

Photography has always been a challenging job and when it comes to humor photography, it gets even more challenging, yet rewarding if done properly. In humor photography, you have to take photographs with correct timing and perspectiv,e so that you can create the best shot of the day. This post showcases some of the brilliant funny photography and print ads that will make your day for sure.

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Jul 02 2010

Obsessed With Faces (Photography)

Every creature has been given a unique face and a distinguished identify. But what if you start seeing faces everywhere, even in inanimate things? Whatever you may think it is, essentially what you’ve got is an incredible concept for photography.

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Jul 01 2010

Get More Done: 10 Tips for a More Productive Web Design Process


I’m sure most web designers would love to get more done in a given day. Those that don’t probably wish they could get the work they do have done faster, giving them more free time. The good news is that you can do both: shorten your work day and get more done.

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Jun 30 2010

50 Stunning Examples of Urban Decay Photography

Urban decay photography is the form of photography that deals with the techniques of taking pictures of deserted buildings. Although the buildings have been abandoned for more than a few years or more, the expert photographers make them look absolutely stunning. After all, the magic of great photography is to make an ordinary and to expose its hidden beauty and their unique interesting qualities.

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Jun 29 2010

Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters (From 2010)

Photoshop is powerful tool that can add wings to your creativity. With Photoshop manipulation tools, you can create and edit images for Web and print. Every industry needs poster designs for promotion of their products and services. Advertisement is of utmost importance for building a brand and thus increasing the sales. So every time you have to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Below you will find some tutorials on poster design from 2010. Get inspired and inspire others.

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Jun 28 2010

40 Matte Painting Masterpieces

Matte painting is a technique often used to create landscapes, sets and scenes for movies, TV and print when building a physical set or traveling to a particular location to film is either cost prohibitive or impossible. This technique requires a solid understanding of light, exposure, color theory and composition. Artist will often use a mix of digital painting, compositing and Photoshop magic to create the wonderful scenes we all enjoy in films.

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