Sep 07 2010

The Ultimate Photoshop Toolbox

For years now, whenever designers have been asked about their go-to program for image editing and creation, one of the top answers that comes back, is Adobe Photoshop. Its generations of evolution has centered around the growth of any number of digital imaging professionals and has made this software giant a staple in the graphic design community. Since so many of us find this tool in our design arsenals, we thought we would put together a post that would have you get the most out of this dynamic imaging program.

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Sep 06 2010

The Ultimate Round-Up of iPad Wallpapers


Everybody is talking about the iPad. We see more creative applications designed for the iPad, and we see more magazines and publishers experimenting with the new medium. Also, we see more users interacting with the tablet, and integrating it in their daily routine. And because you may be spending more time with your iPad, you probably want to customize it, make it a bit more personal and that means put a nice iPad wallpaper on it.

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Sep 03 2010

40 Awesome Works of Art Made From Paper

Paper is a humble medium. It’s often cheap and you probably have some within 20 feet of you right now. Most of us just use it for jotting down ideas, writing notes or doodling but some resourceful artists out there use it to create stunning works of art.

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Sep 02 2010

30 Fantastic and Splendid Digital Painting Tutorials

We all have our spirit of imagination from our childhood — we give a shape to our thoughts by drawing image on school yard, on a piece of paper or on a digital tablet. Photoshop, Wacom and Illustrator are beautiful tools that help us transform our imagination into beautiful drawings. Today we present useful tutorials teaching us techniques for digital drawing and painting.

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Sep 01 2010

Beautiful Beach and Palms Wallpapers for Your Desktop


We love to spice up your desktop with nice wallpapers, and sometimes with nature photography. It all depends on your mood. In this post, we’ll be showcasing Beautiful Beach Wallpapers. You’ll get to see the detail, skill, and dedication that go into creating these incredible wallpapers, and how they help fuel our daily lives with inspiration and beauty of nature.

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Aug 31 2010

Print Tutorial: Creating A Magazine Cover

Graphic design in a print environment can be a nice change for someone who normally does web design. It’s a slightly different skillset, but still incorporates a lot of the same concepts. Print projects can be an exciting new challenge, something that lets a designer stretch their creativity a bit and even recharge if they’re getting stressed out by too many web design projects.

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Aug 30 2010

Promoting Yourself To… GASP!… Live People!


A friend of mine started an organization named “Creative Connect,” a twice a month get-together for anyone in the creative field. He said it was to, “get people away from their computers and to get them talking at least twice a month.” Mostly designers, programmers, illustrators and photographers with a spattering of marketing and management types show up and it’s something I look forward to attending in the light of day. Twice a month I gnaw through my own leg to escape the shackles of my computer and speak with real people…live…in person. It’s important to deal with the real world from time to time.

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Aug 27 2010

40+ Elegant Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates from 2010

Today we present some useful free CSS/(X)HTML templates which are available for free download and use. You may want to consider using them for your next projects or build upon them, creating more advanced themes from these basic templates.

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Aug 26 2010

45 Free Applications For Designers And Developers

By Callum Chapman

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Aug 25 2010

50 Stunning Examples of Photo Manipulation Art

Now almost everyone knows that Photo Manipulation is art with which you can create digital miracles. Yes, you got me right! If you know how to manipulate your pictures, you can do whatever you want. Photo manipulation is one of the most creative art forms today, but it requires skills and precision. Here we present some examples of photo manipulation related to nature, photography, objects, illustrations, HDR, abstract and fantasy-related concepts.

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