Apr 27 2010

The Beauty of Action Video Games: Concept Art and Illustration

Video games: children just love them, but the adventure of video games is not limited to childhood only, it is the favorite pass time for many grown-ups because video games are the perfect example of mash-ups of visual goodness and the entertainment. Here we have collected some inspirational video games concept artworks and illustrations, you will see the variety of impressive concept art of video games in this post.

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Apr 26 2010

35 Awesome Examples of 3D Landscapes Artworks

Portraying natural beauty always produces beautiful and attractive results. For example, photos of landscapes, beaches, mountains, sunset, sunrise, blue sky, green fields can be very beautiful. For this post we have collected some beautiful artworks of landscapes created in 3D applications. Let’s take a look at these photos in detail.

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Apr 23 2010

Knuckle Down and Back Up

By Melissa Scroggins

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Apr 22 2010

Zombie Inspiration: 50 Awesome Artworks

Zombies have been portrayed using all types of media, from books like H. P. Lovecraft’s ‘In the vault‘ and comic books like the ‘Bombie the Zombie’ in 1949, to movies like the brilliant ‘Evil Dead‘ series, timeless music  videos like ‘Thriller’ and more recently first-person shooter games like, ‘Left 4 dead‘.

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Apr 21 2010

How to Turn Anything Into a Website Design

Occasionally, clients might present us with inspiration for a design that doesn’t come in the form of other website or graphic designs. In many cases it’s their product, packaging, or something else closely related to their business. But in other cases, it’s something entirely unrelated that they just like the looks of. In either case, it can often lead us feeling a little puzzled. How, exactly, do you turn a teacup into an e-commerce site?

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Apr 20 2010

Amazing Portraits Drawn With… Cassette Tapes!

This post is our first of the series “Talented Designers and Artists” where we feature creative and beautiful artworks produced by designers and artists worldwide. Today we feature Erika Iris Simmons (@iri5 on Twitter), is a kind of artist that you won’t usually meet on an occasional art exhibition.

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Apr 19 2010

15 CSS Habits to Develop for Frustration-Free Coding

It’s been said that the key to a civilization’s success is mastery of the food system. Unless a group of people can effectively control the basic needs for survival, they will never achieve greatness. Likewise, before CSS skills can be expanded to an advanced level, the basics must become instinct to any CSS coder. Develop these habits and you lay a solid foundation to apply advanced CSS techniques.

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Apr 18 2010

All about Greece: 40 Gorgeous Wallpapers


Greece also known as Hellas and the Hellenic Republic (official name) is a very beautiful country which is situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula, southeastern Europe. Greece is gifted with heavenly Mediterranean islands and coastlines, and is also famous because of its best beaches which have soft silky sands and clear turquoise waters. Greece is the perfect holiday spot to spend your vacation.

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Apr 17 2010

Mindblowing Sand Sculptures from Around the World

Sand sculptures can be very creative and beautiful sources for creativity and imagination. We all have enjoyed our childhood in making sandcastles and sand sculptures on the beaches as our favorite pass time activity, but we never realized that these sandcastles and sculptures can be huge and represent our artistic nature. Let us have a close look at these creative and attractive sand sculptures.

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Apr 16 2010

Single-Page Websites: Examples and Good Practices

Single-page websites are becoming more popular among web designers, both for their own projects and for client sites. There are a lot of cases out there in which a single-page site makes a lot of sense: if there isn’t a ton of content; if the content is all closely related; or in cases where a particular stylistic element works best on a single page.

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