Jun 23 2014

Filter Forge 4: More Than 10,000 Filters for Photoshop Aficionados (Win Your Copy)

If you professionally use Photoshop as your favorite image editor, chances are, you’ve heard of Filter Forge more than once during the last few years. Filter Forge is a software and a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and other image editors with the same plugin technology. With Filter Forge you are able to create your own filters visually. This is great, of course, but even greater is the growing collection of community-made filters, ready for you to use. More than 10,000 are available at the time of this writing, with more being added daily. Filter Forge is not a free software, though. Today we teamed up with the great folks behind this equally great piece of software, to give three of our readers the chance to win them a license of Filter Forge 4 Standard, worth 249 USD. Come in and find out…

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Jun 20 2014

Social Media Marketing: Finding Influencers to Support Your Brand

It doesn’t often enter into our thought process, but every purchase we make is affected by an agent of influence. We’re constantly persuaded, motivated, and moved by media. Our daily choices, preferences, and leanings are all subtly pushed one way or the other, by the random bits of media we digest on the regular. It’s akin to mass hypnosis really.
So who’s the man holding the watch?

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Jun 19 2014

Solid: 30 Free GUI, Icons and Website PSD Templates Featuring Contour-style Graphics

Trends in web as well as in mobile design tend to come and go like fashion. Truly devoted UI designers only catch on those that are worth it. Nowadays flat style runs the show. Microsoft’s Metro UI started the trend, while Apple’s iOS7 gave it the real boost.  Designers all over the world give preference to plain shapes, simple graphics, minimal coloring, bold typography and the absence of various lavish effects when it comes to prototyping website and mobile app interface designs. Flat style involves the use of various elements starting at icons with long shadows and not ending up at line-style graphics.

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Jun 18 2014

Art of Photoshop: 40 Impressive, Digital Paintings for Your Inspiration

The following collection is dedicated to the talented, digital artists who are able to transform Photoshop into a canvas and a brush. These people are able to create masterpieces of art from nothing but their own fantasy. You’ll find brave warriors, bulky monsters, starships, robots and mixes of all of that. It’s not untypical that some of these artworks show a slight sense of humour, while others delve into the dark regions of anyone’s souls. There are only two things, these pieces all have in common. They were created in Photoshop and they will surely inspire you.

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Jun 17 2014

June 2014: 20 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes of The Month

We are back with our second month in a row, where all the new entries to the WordPress theme stage are being designed responsive. As you may have already heard, Google is going to penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile rather sooner than later. Now is the right time to not build your brand-new project on a non-responsive theme. Don’t say we haven’t warned you, if you do anyway. For another month we went out into the wild to search for the newest and coolest WordPress themes available. In the following article, we introduce you to our findings.

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Jun 16 2014

Resources Galore: Win a One-Year Unlimited Download Subscription of Medialoot’s Massive Collection (Giveaway)

There are giveaways, and then there are giveaways. Today we teamed up with Medialoot to bring you one massive giveaway. One that’s definitely worth the effort of participation. We are giving away five one-year unlimited download subscriptions, each valued at 99 USD. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Wanna know the details?

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Jun 16 2014

Time to Give Your Website Some Spring Cleaning – 7 Reasons for That Redesign

Take a very close look at your website. Is it delivering the results you are looking for? Are the conversion highs your website experienced in the recent past being replaced by terrible lows? Is your website experiencing a downturn in traffic? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, you have an ailing website on your hands. You’ll need to arrest the creeping malaise affecting your site by cleaning it of all the driftwood. Read on…

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Jun 13 2014

CSS Framework Cute Grids: Highly Flexible Grid System for Responsive Layouts

These days it is impossible to ignore the power of mobile. So, if you’re in the process of designing a website, chances are that you will do that with mobile in mind. Most likely, you are working on implementing a fully responsive layout. The lean and clean CSS framework we want to introduce you to today, wants to help you achieve that goal easily. "Cute Grids" is highly flexible and allows for the creation of a grid-based layout with up to 12 columns. "Cute Grids" will only take care of the columns, nothing else. But it will do that in relation to the size of the browser window.

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Jun 12 2014

Is your Responsive Design Mobile Website Delivering Acceptable Load Times?

Google wants your mobile pages to load under a second! Yes, that’s how fast the load time of your website must be, irrespective of the fact whether it is a dedicated mobile site, responsively designed website or it isn’t optimized for mobile at all. So one thing is certain – it’s not enough to have a website with responsive website design that renders effectively on desktops, as well as, the smartphones and tablets of your target users. You must make sure that the site is fast and loads on their mobile web browsers in the blink of an eye. Google considers page load speed as an ideal marker for judging the user experience of a site. If your site has an acceptable load time, it is delivering the ideal user experience, which is taken into consideration when Google ranks your site.

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Jun 11 2014

Getting Started with Sketch App: 30 Free Templates and Resources

Whether you are simply obsessed with building user interface designs or standalone widgets or if you love creating icons packs, prototyping website layout templates and constructing various mockups, chances are you have already heard about Sketch App. Being created by Bohemian Coding, this lightweight, yet powerful software for Mac OS X has since its inception been considered as a rival to bigger opponents such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Don’t be too surprised about that. This app is directly targeted at designers solely. Consequently it only offers instruments and plugins needed by this specific target group. Put that way, it is not really smaller in features than the mentioned competitors, it is only much more focused with everything on board any web designer might need.

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