Nov 23 2009

Showcase of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

Everybody loves a nice bit of typography. This year we have seen some absolutely stunning typographic layouts used in print, web and game design. Using typography in web design can really help to spice things up, so take a look through these beautiful examples of typography used in modern web design to help inspire you when it comes to producing your own typography based designs for the web.

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Nov 22 2009

50 Amazing Realistic CG Portraits

3-D computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most eye-catching and incredible effects, and that’s why we love it. The extent to which 3-D CG can replicate human characteristics is simply unbelievable, It can generate graphic details that could easily be mistaken for live photography.

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Nov 20 2009

50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

Microsoft Silverlight enables development of the next generation of Microsoft .NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web. Silverlight is delivered as a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in that exposes a programming framework and features that are a subset of the .NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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Nov 18 2009

50 Fresh Interactive Studio and Social Media Agency Websites

By Catalin Zorzini

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Nov 17 2009

Calligraphy and Handwriting Showcase

By Steven Snell

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Nov 15 2009

Web Design Trends: Testimonials Design

Testimonials from happy clients are an important part of any service business’s website, lending trustworthiness and experience to a business. Showing those testimonials in their best light is important, as you want visitors to see them without allowing them to dominate your site’s design.

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Nov 13 2009

The Ultimate Ugly Showcase of Current Government Websites

Something a little different today: a showcase of government websites. The biggest difference between this showcase and others you see here at Noupe is obvious; the majority of the web ‘designs’ (if you can call them that) in this showcase are tremendously awful and poorly coded. And, well, let’s be honest here: butt ugly!

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Nov 12 2009

20 Free Mac Apps For Web Designer’s Toolkit

Professional web designers on the Mac platform rely on commercial heavy-hitters like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and InDesign for their graphic design needs. And when it’s time to slice and dice, some depend on the excellent Dreamweaver CS4 for WYSIWYG design/development; while many Mac code jockeys swear only by editors like Coda, BBEdit or TextMate. Others prefer to mix, match or blend.

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Nov 11 2009

60 Dazzling Panorama And Vertorama Photos

Our post here today is on panorama and interactive panorama photos. A panorama is any wide view of a physical space. Some digital cameras have features that help you to take multiples photos in sequence that can later be manipulated into a large panoramic image.

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Nov 10 2009

Ultimate Guide To Grid-Based Web Design: Techniques and Tools

Grid-based layouts are generally more aesthetically pleasing and balanced than those not based on grids. While there are definitely great designs out there that don’t use a grid-based layout, they are more difficult to create and often end up falling into some sort of loose grid structure anyway. So why not just design based on a grid in the first place?

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